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Microsoft sued for $5 million in class action over Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft’s latest lawsuit over Windows 10 updates now claims the OS wiped files and broke computers.

7 Little-known facts about women’s money history

Learn some important dates in women’s financial history for Women’s History Month.

Free tax help available for the military

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program provides free tax help to military members and their families. 

Top ten adoption tax credit facts to consider

Taxpayers who have adopted or tried to adopt a child in 2016 may qualify for a tax credit. Here are ten important things about the adoption credit.

3 Ways to make the most of your tax return dollars

Make your refund work for you and your business by putting those dollars to good use.

IRS reminds taxpayers of April 1 deadline to take required retirement plan distributions

The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers who turned age 70½ during 2016 that, in most cases, they must start receiving required minimum distributions (RMDs) from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and workplace retirement plans by Saturday, April 1, 2017.

5 Ways single parents can raise debt-free, Money-smart kids

Observe Single Parents Day March 21 by learning to set a strong financial example.

Make the first stop for tax help

Tax help is available anytime at The official IRS website offers quick access to information and helpful tax tools.

How to make millions selling one simple thing

Coffee is not all beans and brew. The secret to sales success came right from demand for a single cup.

Understanding the child and dependent care tax credit

The IRS urges people not to overlook the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. Eligible taxpayers may be able claim it if they paid for someone to care for a child, dependent or spouse last year.

Why now may be the best time in years for landing a small business loan

Three major firms will remove tax liens and civil judgments from consumer credit reports, which could improve your application for a business loan.

6 Smart money moves to make in march

Avoid financial madness by managing these money tasks now

Five tax tips on unemployment benefits

Taxpayers who received unemployment benefits need to remember that it may be taxable. Here are five key facts about unemployment:

Medical and dental expenses may impact your taxes

Medical expenses can trim taxes. Keeping good records and knowing what to deduct make all the difference.

Interest rates remain the same for the second quarter of 2017

The Internal Revenue Service today announced that interest rates will remain the same for the calendar quarter beginning April 1, 2017.  

Nine common filing errors to avoid

The IRS encourages taxpayers to file an accurate tax return. If a taxpayer makes an error on their return, it will likely take longer for the IRS to process it. 

Child going to college? How to preserve your financial future

Check off these money to-do’s to avoid excessive student debt.

Are you a candidate for debt negotiation?

How to know if negotiating your credit card debt is right for you.

6 ways debt can wreak havoc with your emotions

How to avoid unhealthy interactions between finances and feelings.

Six tax tips for the self-employed

Self-employed taxpayers normally earn income by carrying on a trade or business. Here are six important tips from the IRS for the self-employed.

Use IRS free file software on smart phones or tablets

The Internal Revenue Service announced that taxpayers now may use their smart phones or tablets to electronically prepare and file their federal and state tax returns through IRS Free File.

Are Social Security benefits taxable?

If taxpayers receive Social Security benefits, they may have to pay federal income tax on part of those benefits. These IRS tips will help taxpayers determine if they need to do so.

Early withdrawals from retirement plans

Many people find it necessary to take out money early from their IRA or retirement plan. Doing so, however, can trigger an additional tax on top of income tax taxpayers may have to pay. 

It’s finally back — Verizon again offers its unlimited plan to eager customers

You win when mobile service providers compete, and your latest victory comes in the form of unlimited data from Verizon.

Keep these 5 money problems from hurting your relationship

What not to do with your debt and finances this Valentine’s Day.

Choosing the correct filing status

The Internal Revenue Service reminds employers that the due date for filing Forms W-2, the Wage and Tax Statement for their employees for calendar year 2016, is now Jan, 31, 2017.

Safeguarding taxpayer data: Create strong passwords

The Internal Revenue Service reminds employers that the due date for filing Forms W-2, the Wage and Tax Statement for their employees for calendar year 2016, is now Jan, 31, 2017.

How to protect yourself from identity theft

Take 7 steps to defend your credit from today’s biggest consumer crime 

Five reasons to choose direct deposit

The Internal Revenue Service reminds employers that the due date for filing Forms W-2, the Wage and Tax Statement for their employees for calendar year 2016, is now Jan, 31, 2017.

Reminder: Employers must file forms W-2 by Jan. 31 this year

The Internal Revenue Service reminds employers that the due date for filing Forms W-2, the Wage and Tax Statement for their employees for calendar year 2016, is now Jan, 31, 2017.

7 Ways millennials can master the get-out-of-debt struggle

How to gain control of your finances and master your worries about debt

Special rules help many people with disabilities qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit; Up to 1.5 million fail to claim valuable benefit

The Internal Revenue Service wants taxpayers with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities to be aware of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and correctly claim it if they qualify.

Are you paying off debt the wrong way?

8 poor choices when you’re trying to get out of debt

Seven reasons taxpayers should E-file their taxes in 2017

Taxpayers who still file paper returns may find now is the best time to switch to e-file. Last year over 85 percent of taxpayers filed their taxes electronically. E-file is the fastest and safest way to file.

Tax preparedness series: Tax records – What to keep

As tax filing season approaches, the Internal Revenue Service has information for taxpayers who wonder how long to keep tax returns and other documents.

What’s the best way to pay off your debt?

6 questions to ask about balance transfers and personal loans

Who will prepare your tax return?

As the start of tax filing season approaches, the Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers to start thinking about who will prepare their 2016 federal tax return. 

IRS, Security summit partners remind taxpayers to recognize phishing scams

The Internal Revenue Service and its Security Summit partners cautioned taxpayers today to avoid identity theft by watching for phishing scams that can increase around the tax season.

SplashData releases its annual list of the 25 worst passwords

SplashData has just released its fifth annual list of the 25 worst passwords, and it looks like 365 days and a great number of security breaches did little to persuade us to improve our password strength.

IRS, Security summit partners, Remind taxpayers to protect themselves online

The Internal Revenue Service, the states and the tax industry today urged taxpayers to take steps to protect themselves online to help in the fight against identity theft.

Irs reminds millions about fines for not signing up for obamacare

Even as Republicans in Congress race to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the IRS is reminding millions of Americans they still need to sign up soon for health insurance if they don't want to pay fines.

There may still be a free way to upgrade Windows 8.1, Windows 7 to Windows 10

Provided by Microsoft pulled the plug on its program offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29. The company was rather aggressive in its attempt to get everyone on board with the latest platform, causing a lot of headaches. 

Verizon says goodbye to two-year contracts, and bumps its upgrade fee to $30

CES might have grabbed headlines for the past few days — but Verizon quietly made a few changes to its upgrade fee and two-year contract that will have a more immediate impact on new and existing customers.

7 Ways to save $100 a week

Add up these tips to find an extra $5,000 this year.

Thousands of jobs lost as Apple supplier Foxconn fully automates its factories

Apple supplier Foxconn may be getting rid of its human workforce. 

Do You Know How to Escape Credit Card Debt?

iStockphoto / Thinkstock iStockphoto / Thinkstock

10 debt relief options for eliminating what you owe in 2017.

Starting a daily photo project in 2017? This app will donate $1 for each image

Can one photo make a difference? Johnson and Johnson thinks so — for every photo shared through the Donate a Photo app, the company donates $1 to a non-profit.

Surprise! Apple dominates holiday season smartphone sales once again

Every year we take a look at the performance of our favorite devices and how they stacked up against each other. This year is no different, and (surprise, surprise!) Apple came out on top.

Snap just snapped up another company, this one in Israel

Snap is starting to snap up companies.

Apple reportedly in talks to manufacture devices in India

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in talks with the Indian government to manufacture its products in India.

12 simple ways to improve next year’s finances now

A year-end checklist can streamline money management, maximize tax deductions and reduce debt

Trump meets tech industry leaders, with one notable absence

Tech industry execs from companies including Apple, Facebook, and Amazon descended upon Trump Tower on Wednesday to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. But there was one notable web giant that surprisingly didn’t receive an RSVP.

9 Holiday expenses that are easy to forget

Plan ahead for these costs so the holidays do not drive you into debt.

Top 5 social media trends for businesses in 2017

These new developments might change how you use social media.

Researchers identify ‘brute force’ method of stealing credit card information

Researchers at Newcastle University have published a paper detailing how brute force methodology could be used to figure out credit card payment information from the first six digits of a card number alone.

8 holiday spending mistakes to cross off your list

This year, plan to avoid these errors and come out ahead after the holidays.

Lack of sleep takes big bite out of world economies

Too little shut-eye can have far-reaching effects -- even financial ones, a new report says.

6 debt negotiation myths

What you need to know about debt negotiation if you are seeking help. 

Despite pledge to boost diversity, Apple’s numbers have barely budged in past year

Apple may be all about diversity on the surface, but the numbers show that the company hasn’t made strides in becoming more diverse over the last year — its leadership is still overwhelmingly comprised of white men. 

The Trump effect? Apple considers manufacturing iPhones in the U.S.

Restoring thousands of manufacturing jobs to the United States’ struggling Rust Belt communities was one of President-Elect Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises, and at least one major technology company is considering following through. 

6 tips for debt-free Black Friday shopping

How to plan a holiday shopping strategy that leaves a clean plate and a clean credit car.

Posting a picture of you drinking a beer no longer hurts your career, but this could...

New technology is helping companies screen out applicants for particular behaviors.

China to Trump: Don’t be ‘naive,’ or iPhone sales could suffer

China is taking a stance against Trump. In a piece published Monday by the state-run Global Times, the newspaper said that the incoming U.S. president would be "naive" to engage in a trade war with China.

5 ways to focus on gratitude, not spending, this Thanksgiving

How to celebrate the holiday while reducing costs, debt and stress.

Ireland will bring the fight over Apple taxes all the way to the EU Court

It looks like the fight between Ireland, Apple, and the EU is only set to escalate -- Ireland is prepared to bring that fight to EU courts. An order from the European Commission states Ireland charge Apple $14.5 billion in back taxes.

Is a personal loan right for you?

6 keys to understanding if you are a good candidate for a debt consolidation or other personal loan.

Facebook’s earnings smashed forecasts, so why did its stock suddenly tumble?

Facebook reported its latest quarterly data. Revenue climbed, profits soared, user numbers jumped, so why on earth did its stock value suddenly tumble?\

The simple life: Generation Z and millennial freelancers head to the country

Freelancers are increasing as a percentage of U.S. workers. Technology enables them to work from rural areas, a trend not lost on millennials and Generation Z, who are operating as freelancers at a greater percentage than other generations.

Apple beats fourth-quarter revenue estimates, but sees iPhone sales fall

Apple beat Wall Street expectations in almost every area for its fourth-quarter earnings. Beating expectations, however, does not mean growth, and the company's iPhone sales continue to fall.

Amid losses, Twitter reportedly planning to cut hundreds of jobs this week

As it approaches its third quarter earnings release, Twitter is reportedly planning to announce extensive job cuts this week. The company has also rescheduled its earnings report, sparking much debate in regard to what it has in store.

5 ideas for Halloween fun that won’t scare your wallet

US consumers will spend $83 each on Halloween; how not to spend more than your share.

Nissan completes acquisition of 34-percent stake in Mitsubishi

It’s official: Nissan is now the largest shareholder of Mitsubishi Motors, the beleaguered carmaker whose fortunes slid further into the gutter earlier this year when officials admitted that the company cheated on fuel-economy tests in its home country of Japan.

6 habits of millionaires anyone can learn

Do yourself a financial favor by following in the footsteps of the wealthy

Twitter takeover roundup: Who’s interested in acquiring the social media giant?

Will Twitter be snapped up by a larger corporation later this month?

T-Mobile CEO John Legere can’t stop laughing at Verizon and its Yahoo purchase

The vocal T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who's known for his opinions (and his willingness to share them) recently told Business Insider that he finds competitor Verizon's current situation with their recent Yahoo purchase "hilarious."

5 things to know about your debt negotiation partner

6 years later, consumers struggling with debt still benefit from 2010 FTC debt relief rule change

Love your co-workers? It could boost your health

Your social links with your co-workers could have a significant impact on your health, researchers say.

Better job prospects when young may pay off in better health

Living in an area where you can quickly climb the career ladder might pay dividends in boosting your health, a new study suggests.

LinkedIn now lets you find work without the fear of getting caught by your boss

LinkedIn has made it possible to look for a new job without anyone else (including your nosy boss) catching on, thanks to its new "Open Candidates" feature, which is now available globally via its Recruiter platform.

7 ways educators can earn straight A’s in money-management

For World Teacher Day, Oct. 5, how to build finances along with a teaching career.

Cord cutters may cost cable companies $1 billion over the next year

As costs for premium television subscriptions have risen by about 40 percent over the last five years, it appears as it more consumers will be cutting the cord in favor of streaming video.

9 things to know about debt consolidation loans

How you can use online lending to refinance credit card debt 

One year after allowing ads, Instagram now has more than half a million active advertisers

Instagram announced it has officially hit its next milestone in advertisers -- 500,000. This news comes less than seven months after it announced it had crossed the 200,000 mark.

Being an Uber driver is the perfect job for college students … says Uber

Uber is recruiting college kids to be drivers. The ride share company is casting itself as the “perfect part-time solution” for college students, particularly in Los Angeles, according to a recent post on Uber’s Newsroom blog. 

Not a prime deal: Is Amazon burying the best price?

Next time you're making a purchase from Amazon, you may want to look closer. A new report from ProPublica suggest the best price isn't always the one shown -- but it might be the one the retailer wants you to buy.

7 ways to prepare for a financial emergency

Give yourself financial peace of mind by preparing savings, paperwork and more.

Can Tidal stay afloat? Streaming service reportedly owes big bucks

Tidal might be gaining subscribers, but that doesn’t mean the company is doing well: Despite a gain in revenue, it reportedly lost $28 million in 2015 and reportedly has more than 100 unpaid bills.

7 ways to avoid credit card late fees

Save money, improve your credit profile, lower stress with these tips.

Facebook allows small businesses to go global with international ad-targeting tools

Facebook has updated its international ad-targeting tools to make it easier for small businesses to reach customers globally. The company has also created a new marketing handbook for business users, and is hosting online business webinars.

Do Uber drivers make more money by working longer or working smarter?

So do you quit when you’re winning or when you’re losing? That’s a basic question that applies not just to gambling — or dating — but also to how long ridesharing drivers work each day. 

This Labor Day, ensure you are making the most of your finances

Take advantage of job benefits to help get out of debt and get ahead.

Apple’s Tim Cook responds to European Commission’s $14.5 billion fine

Apple has to pay Ireland $14.5 billion in back taxes, a European Commission investigation has concluded. Apple's Tim Cook has responded via an open letter, saying the decision has "serious, wide-reaching implications."

10 of the biggest tech companies agree to bridge the gender pay gap

Recently, 29 more companies joined the White House's Equal Pay Pledge, promising to do their part to close the gender pay gap. Among these companies were big names like Apple, Facebook, Dropbox, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Is your bank overcharging you? 8 questions to ask

Take charge of bank and credit union fees to avoid going overboard with overdraft, ATM fees.

Uber has already lost nearly $1.3 billion this year

It may be one of the most ubiquitous companies around, but that doesn't mean Uber is doing all that...?well. ?At least, not when it comes to making a profit. Bloomberg reports that Uber has already lost $1.27 billion this year.

Apple and Samsung positively dominate smartphone profits worldwide

It’s no secret that the smartphone market is a brutally cutthroat one, but it’s generally assumed that smartphone makers take a roughly equitable — if disproportional — share of profits. That assumption, however, appears to be far from the truth. 

5 money rules when parents are your roommates

As record numbers of young adults live at home, how parents and millennials can find financial harmony.

Job seekers, employers agree: Face-to-face interviews are best

If you're trying to snag a job, new research suggests your best bet may be to make your pitch in person.

Instagram heads deeper into ad territory as it rolls out business tools in Europe

There are 200,000 advertisers on Instagram, and they’re all dying to be your friend. And with the app’s new business tools, they just might succeed. I

8 money questions couples need to ask

What to discuss to start off on the right financial foot.

Most companies slow to adopt new business tech even when it can help

Is your company keeping up with technology? If not, should you be concerned? 

As tablet sales tank, Apple finds iPad success from an unlikely source

Apple has long been hailed as a little more consumer friendly than the likes of Android, but as sales of the iPad tumble, it looks like demand for the tablet may be coming from a slightly unexpected source — businesses.

7 ways to take your budget back to school

How to budget for books, fees and debt-free finances as the school year approaches

Facebook’s new shopping features could boost sales for small businesses

Facebook has launched two new e-retail sections for business pages in emerging markets, and worldwide, that are tied into its Messenger app.

7 ways to say ‘Happy Birthday’ without going into debt

Here are seven ways to rein in birthday-party spending.

Facebook crushes earnings again and hits a billion daily active users on mobile

Facebook’s numbers continue to move in the right direction for the social networking giant, with users, revenue, and profit all on the up. 

Verizon buys Yahoo’s core businesses for $5 billion, Marissa Mayer staying

Internet behemoth Yahoo has been marching steadily toward the sale of its core assets for the last several months, and now, the sale is complete, with Verizon serving as the buyer. 

Let My Amazon Report tell you if you should actually be paying for Amazon Prime

Looking to save a few dollars on your toothpaste by ordering on Amazon rather than trekking to Wal-Mart? It might seem like a good deal if you're an Amazon Prime member, but is it actually worth it?

What you should know about new and traditional credit scores

6 things to know about FICO scores, VantageScore and alternative credit evaluation tools.

Business travelers stepping away from taxi lines for ridesharing services

A recent study of two years of expense reports shows a significant shift away from taxis and rental car companies in favor of ridesharing options. Costs and user ratings reflect the same market disruption.

Netflix’s latest bout of bad news sends stock plummeting — again

It’s been a rough few months for Netflix shareholders, and a recent quarterly earnings report didn’t help. 

7 ways to protect yourself financially in a divorce

How to guard against debt, and recover after a marriage ends.

Path to higher productivity is focus, not multitasking, study finds

Peek through the windows of most tech companies and you’ll likely see hordes of multitasking millennials. Conventional wisdom has been that if you hire a bunch of millennials and set them to multitasking, you can sit back and watch the smoke rise from the virtual furnace of productivity that ensues, right? 

3 reasons for Millennials to use credit cards

Why avoiding use of credit can backfire in the long run.

Self-driving cars could cost us millions of jobs

Self-driving cars bring a long list of benefits, but they also hold the potential to disrupt our economy and throw millions out of work. The potential ripple effects go far past the immediate benefits of driverless transportation.

Apple could look to snag more exclusives for Apple Music by acquiring Tidal

Despite the occasional massive exclusive album Tidal manages to snag, the streaming service doesn’t seem to be doing too well, as we’ve mentioned before. Now it seems that it may indeed have a future, albeit not the one it may have planned on.

Smart billboards will identify car models and target ads to drivers

Some day in the not-too-distant future ads you see on billboards will be there simply because of the make, model, and year of the vehicle you’re driving.

Panama Canal adds a third, wider lane 102 years later

The original two-lane Panama Canal, which opened for business in 1914 and transformed global trade by connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, has until now been limited to ships with a maximum 5,000 containers.

Can an online lender help solve your money troubles?

8 questions to ask when you are thinking about borrowing to get out of debt.

Samsung is investing $1.2 billion in the Internet of Things

Samsung has been a leader in the internet of things space for some time now, but it looks like the company is set to get even more serious about the space — so much so that it’s going to invest a whopping $1.2 billion in the U.S. over the next four years on research and development into connecting everyday devices. 

Women working in tech jobs should avoid these cities if they want more equal pay

Jobs in the tech industry require subjective skill sets and abilities, depending on the scope of work. Ideally, qualified employees are compensated accordingly without regard to any other factor. In reality, however, that is not always the case.

7 ways to declutter your debt

How to apply the art of tidying to your finances, and really clean up.

5 ways dads can hurt kids’ finances when they want to help

This Father’s Day, teach kids money savvy by setting a great example.

There’s trouble in the Nest neighborhood, so you may want to avoid moving in

When people talk or write about smart homes, one of the first brands mentioned is Alphabet’s Nest, and its famous thermostat, but if you’re thinking about “smartening up” your home, you may want to know that Nest’s future is uncertain.

6 tips for a debt-free summer vacation

How to get out of town without getting into money trouble

Own a business? Instagram just launched new tools to help you reach customers

Instragram officially unveils its new Business Tools, to be available later this year. Built around slightly redesigned profiles, Business Tools will include easy to understand analytics and simple promotion capabilities.

Apple’s legal woes continue as Caltech sues for Wi-Fi patent infringement

Apple's time in court is far from done, as the company was sued by the California Institute of Technology for possible Wi-Fi patent infringement. 

7 ways to set yourself up for a financially successful roommate relationship

Before co-signing a lease, lay the groundwork for sharing bills and space.

Facebook provides a whopping 2 billion daily text translations

Facebook is translating 2 billion pieces of text per day using its automated translation system. The social network's head of language technology has revealed that it is now planning to use AI to make more accurate translations.

Mark Military Appreciation Month with money advice for servicemen and women

7 ways for active military and veterans to improve their financial savvy

How to keep child care debt-free this summer

With summer vacation just around the corner, thousands of families are scrambling to figure out how to keep their children supervised and entertained throughout the summer. 

What mothers can teach their kids about money

For Mother’s Day, what we can learn from women about financial planning.

Do you really need to buy Premium gasoline?

Sales of premium fuel are rising, and are likely to remain high as Americans buy more small-displacement turbocharged cars. But how much do you really know about the fuel you’re putting in your tank?

4 things to know about money now, for boomers and beyond

During National Financial Literacy Month, take a close look at savings, debt and budget.

6 things Gen Xers should do now to boost their financial future

National Financial Literacy Month tips for the generation that suffered most during the Great Recession.

Facebook and Microsoft may offer equal pay, but women in tech still earn less

Facebook and Microsoft have come out and said they offer equal pay for their employees regardless of gender — but what about the rest of Silicon Valley? New data from a job recruiting startup doesn’t paint a promising picture for women in tech.

7 steps to help millennials boost their financial well-being

Millennials score low on money tests; kick your knowledge up a notch for National Financial Literacy Month.

Samsung’s next wearable could be a smart contact lens called Gear Blink

Forget Google Glass. Samsung's next big thing could be a smart contact lens. According to a new patent, It has a tiny display and a camera that you can control by blinking your eye.

Tax Tip: Must-know tips about the home office deduction

If you use your home for business, you may be able to deduct expenses for the business use of your home. 

9 steps to helping kids and teens become financially savvy

Kick off National Financial Literacy Month with ways to teach money smarts to young people.

8 steps to take if you can’t pay your taxes

What to do if tax prep leaves you battling debt

Why to start saving for retirement in your 20s (or even earlier)

6 ways to build up retirement savings even while you pay down debt.

How to purchase a home in a competitive market

8 ways to prepare yourself and your finances for buying a home this spring

Leap Day financial touchstones

7 money-managing tasks to check in on every four years.

Understand how different methods to pay down debt impact your credit profile

8 considerations for getting out of debt and rebuilding your credit.

How do you know when you are ready for a credit card?

5 milestones to help young adults learn to build credit without building up debt

How to decorate your home on a budget

9 ways to skip debt and ramp up on style for your house or apartment.

Killer robots may be on the horizon, and are perhaps more dangerous than we think

We’ve heard plenty about how robots are endangering our jobs, but now, it’s more than our careers that may be at stake.

How to build emergency savings no matter what

9 ways to add to your emergency savings when you have no money to spare

The 10 commandments of personal finance

Start the New Year right by setting money rules you can live by.

Don’t fall for scam calls and emails posing as IRS

Scams continue to use the IRS as a lure. These tax scams take many different forms. The most common scams are phone calls and emails from thieves who pretend to be from the IRS. 

Five things to know about the Child Tax Credit

The Internal Revenue Service reminds employers that the due date for filing Forms W-2, the Wage and Tax Statement for their employees for calendar year 2016, is now Jan, 31, 2017.

Things to remember when choosing a tax preparer

Taxpayers should choose their tax return preparer wisely – with good reason.

IRS, Partners urge strong passwords help protect identities at tax time and beyond

The Internal Revenue Services and its partners, in the fight against identity theft, urge computer users to strengthen their passwords.

Gaming market explodes for $91 billion in 2016, led by mobile and PC games

The gaming market continued to grow in 2016, with mobile gaming leading and PC gaming coming in a close second. Virtual reality gaming was held back by high prices of hardware and esports and video content continued to grow.

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