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Genius Foods You Can Make in a Slow Cooker (That Aren’t Stew) Video included

Picture your ideal dining lifestyle. Maybe you see yourself meal prepping every Sunday so you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready to go all week. Or maybe you have your own personal chef to do it for you. Or maybe for...

3 Easy Swaps to Lighten Up Your Eggnog Video included

Moderation is usually a good mantra for your everyday eating, but practicing moderation can be especially tricky during the holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, indulgent treats are basically handed to...

The island where sea turtles are still a delicacy

What happens when a culinary tradition becomes endangered?

Cooking lessons from the Latvian countryside

These lessons include homemade sponge cake, bread croutons, and much more

On the Greek island of Chios, one tree rules them all

This piney-tasting sap flavors everything from liquors to candy

In the American South, an heirloom baking boom is underway

With a long history of experimenting with heirloom grains, the South is perfectly primed to be the country’s next baking hub, and this crop of bakers, millers, and farmers is going to prove it

Meet the pioneering female cellar master who makes some of Spain's greatest Jamón Ibérico

Cristina Sánchez is the first woman to direct the cellars at Cinco Jotas, one of Spain's most-respected producers

Gender equality in the sushi world is still a long way off

But these women are working to change it

This summer seafood shack isn't your everyday Jersey Shore restaurant

Pro tip: Skip the crabs and go straight for the local catches

How shabu-shabu connected me to my Japanese family

For one writer, this swishy dish transcends language

August Cookbook Club double feature: Honey From a Weed and Fasting and Feasting

Kate Hill dives deep into the Mediterranean feasts and adventures of Patience Gray

This chef is making Bhutan's best (and only) croissant

In Bhutan, the perfect croissant is a labor of love

In Spain, trackable olives will help farmers to catch midnight thieves

Could these silicone decoys be the antidote to stolen harvests?

Meals at this South African restaurant are foraged in the dunes of the Cape

Wolfgat, two hours north of Cape Town, takes an uncompromising approach

This oyster farmer ditched his desk job for life on the water

The closest oysters to the city of New York are raised off the coast of Long Island

On this Thai island, coconut goes into everything

And these islanders use nearly every part

These disappearing mussels are grown in the shadow of a medieval floating castle

The sweeping tides of Mont St.-Michel are the ideal home for some of the world's finest bivalves

What it's like to travel to Sardinia, Italy's most mysterious western island

As one local says, "This is still very much a wild place"

A Scottish smoked fish tradition

The Arbroath smokie is a special treat from Scotland's east coast

A plague of delicious purple urchins is taking over the California coast and its our duty to eat them

What do you do when a favored delicacy becomes an unchecked epidemic? We might have some ideas...

Smoked cinnamon could change the way you bake

It gives old desserts new life

Meet the food artist who turns fresh produce into pop culture icons

He makes everything from underwater tableaus to that famous Lady and the Tramp pasta scene, all out of food

Why Honolulu's fish auction matters

America’s only fresh tuna auction ensures that local fishermen who prioritize sustainable fishery are getting paid their fair share

This is 'nacho" regular weeknight dinner

No soggy chips or plastic cheese sauce here

How the centuries-old Japanese tradition of “aged sushi” is evolving in America

The venerated Tokyo-style Edomae sushi—which is often cured before serving—is growing more popular in the U.S., but not all sushi masters are sticking to tradition

Searching for heritage, history, and tradition in Spanish rice

It's spicy, vibrant, and so much more than just a pot of rice

Korean hangover remedy coming soon to America

LA startup 82 Labs is bringing popular Korean cures to America

How to cook (and eat) a whole pig's face

Chef Leah Cohen from Pig&Khao in New York City shows us how she makes her rendition of sizzling sisig, a traditional Filipino dish with a long history

Seeking lunch and refuge at Manhattan's last Haitian cafe

Le Soleil, the only Haitian restaurant left in Manhattan proper, is a vestige of the neighborhood’s former Haitian population, and remains a home-away-from-home for Haitian-Americans in New York

This mango soup is Zanzibar's lunchtime obsession

It’s colorful, slightly sour, and its main ingredient is a tart mango

This Belgian sandwich is named after a machine gun

The Mitraillete is a gut-bomb worth seeking out

Celebrating the humble, greasy, un-Instagram-able Hawaiian plate lunch

The plate lunch is more than just a takeout meal; it's a universally beloved, island-wide symbol of Hawaii's diverse culinary culture

Olive oil fried potatoes with over easy eggs (Huevos estrellados)

The potatoes in this comforting Spanish dish should not be brown and crispy like French fries; they should be limp, creamy, and soft with only a slight crispness at the exterior.

Spanish egg tortilla with potatoes and onions (tortilla Espanola)

This version of tortilla española, from Syklar in Madrid, is a popular lunch and dinner dish at the hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the city’s northern Chamberí district. 

In Madrid, it's all about the egg

Behind the three dishes that define Madrid’s love affair with the humble huevo

Maison Kayser opens in D.C., just steps from the White House

The bakery empire is bringing some seriously great bread (and a machine called The Fermentolevain) to the capital

Sorpotel and Sannas: Remembering Christmas in Goa

Cookbook author and photographer Nik Sharma travels back to India to visit family and celebrate traditions through food

Chicago is a city divided by barbecue

The South Side's smoked rib tips and hot links represent an indispensable regional barbecue style, but half the city doesn't know it exists. Why?

There's no feta in Crete

Welcome to the land of lost cheeses, where a band of shepherds and farmers resist industrialization

The world's most dangerous food quests

From fighting off killer whales to scaling giant palm trees, these are Saveur’s most harrowing food stories.

Barley coffee: it's just as good as it sounds

Italians created imitation coffee from barley in response to World War II­­­–era rationing. Why are they still drinking it?

The world's best cookbook is actually YouTube

It's home to a wealth of information on dishes from around the world — all in videos produced by amateur, enthusiastic cooks.

The hand-forged Japanese gyuto to make any knife nerd swoon

Shosui Takeda's light-as-a-feather, impossibly sharp Japanese kitchen knives are the new objects of our affection

The food videos that blew us away in 2017

Our favorite food videos this year ranged from a fermentation lesson in China to the annual religious pilgrimage of 4 million women in southern India

You should serve these biscuits at your next cocktail party

Hand-held and infinitely customizable, the biscuits from Callie's Charleston Biscuits are the perfect all-day indulgence

Give the gift of homemade wine vinegar to show your friends you care

The formula for vinegar is simple: You need an alcohol, you need oxygen, and you need the presence of bacteria

Restaurant workers worry about employers' pocketing tips under new Trump administration proposal

The Department of Labor has signaled a change in tip regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Cooking oil just helped power a flight from China to the U.S.

It's a major victory for cutting food waste through repurposed fuel

In defense of the olive-drab, slow-cooked string bean

Generations of Francophillic chefs have made Americans terrified of overcooked vegetables, but we weren’t always so afraid

Classic apple pie with all-butter crust

With a perfect balance of sweetness to acid and the flakiest-ever, all-butter crust, this pie makes an epic dessert as well as a next-day breakfast to look forward to.

Easy, perfect roast turkey and gravy

No spatchcocking, no brining, no basting—this is the easiest, most satisfying way to prepare your bird

Alaskan nursing home residents are fighting for the right to eat seal blubber

The comfort food of their childhood gets taken away due to nutritional restrictions

The Ferrari of basil: how to pick the best ingredients for pesto

When it comes to pesto, you can never be too particular

Thai blood soup and the authenticity trap

Adventurous foodie types saw the dish as a challenge, but the truth was something more complicated

Genetically modified wheat could bring bread back to those with celiac disease

Scientists are testing out a gene-edited strain that gluten-intolerant people would be able to eat

Why one of America's greatest pasta chefs is switching to fast food

After years of development, Mark Ladner's Pasta Flyer is aiming to become the Chipotle of noodles

We're living in the golden age of American pasta

Peter Meehan on the world's second greatest pasta empire

New York City students will finally get free school lunch

Forget the lunch money, folks. Starting today, all of New York City's 1.1 million public school students—75 percent of which are considered poor—are eligible for free school lunch.

Trapped by Hurricane Harvey, these bakers made thousands of loaves of bread for those in need

Over the course of two days, bakers at Houston's El Bolillo used up over 4,200 pounds of flour for pan dulce

Blink and you'll miss one of the south's best barbecue joints on a Florida highway

Welcome to Hawk’s Illustrated America, a monthly series following illustrator Hawk Krall’s journeys through the back roads of the U.S. in search of our country’s most obscure and delicious regional specialties.

Why does Vietnam have a mid-day siesta? I blame the bun cha

The Hanoi specialty of fatty pork with noodles and a funky-sweet broth is best paired with an afternoon nap

In Kerala, coconut sap gets a boozy kick

Inside the south Indian state's toddy shops, the local watering holes devoted to fermented palm sap and the Keralan love of all things coconut

The best place to get a ribeye is at a cattle auction

The cafés attached to sale barns in Texas are cornerstones of the community—and great spots to grab a burger

Where SAVEUR's editors traveled in June 2017

From softshells in the city to beer brats in the middle of nowhere: the Americana edition of our Field Notes

Indian stir-fried roti (Baghari masala roti)

Yamini Joshi of the League of Kitchens doesn’t let her leftover roti go to waste. She fries it up with chiles, onions, and spices to make Baghari masala roti, a savory snack similar to Mexican chillaquiles, Jewish matzobrei, and Sri Lankan kothu roti.

Scientists in Maine are fighting back against an invasive species - by eating it

European green crabs are devastating Maine's renowned clam beds. The solution? Create demand for some tasty crab empanadas

Inside New York City's brilliant idea to transform food waste into clean energy

Remember to always recycle your paper, plastic, and….food?

10 flavor-packed leaves from around the world to bring into your kitchen

Leaves: A lot to be desired, from sassafras to shiso

A new refugee-run dinner series is helping immigrants in New York find their footing—and share their stories

The Displaced Dinner Sessions shows the human side of the world's politically charged refugee crisis

The 5 best mezcals to make you fall in love with smoke

Tequila’s feistier, smokier sister spirit deserves your attention—here are the bottles that have ours

Go make pie with jam while you're waiting for fresh fruit

Don't let out-of-season fruit get you down

Vivian Howard on the role of American food in a divided America

What the small-town chef thinks the city mice and the country mice can learn from each other

10 Paleo Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Getting your kids to eat dinner can be very tricky at the best of times. Introducing dietary restrictions can only complicate that. However, our list of 10 paleo recipes your kids will love helps simplify things, ensuring...

10 Paleo Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Getting your kids to eat dinner can be very tricky at the best of times. Introducing dietary restrictions can only complicate that. However, our list of 10 paleo recipes your kids will love helps simplify things, ensuring...

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