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Microsoft sued for $5 million in class action over Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft’s latest lawsuit over Windows 10 updates now claims the OS wiped files and broke computers.

Unleash your inner Mozart with Skoove, a piano teaching app now for your iPad

Unleash your inner Mozart with Skoove, a piano teaching app now for your iPad.  Learning how to play the piano can be expensive and hard -- Skoove wants to address both those issues.

Watch party: Vevo’s new feature lets you enjoy music videos with others in real time

Vevo has one of the largest collections of music videos, and will soon let you watch them along with others online, in real time.

The horror: Nintendo Switch still uses the dreaded friend codes

With the numerous modern design features of the Nintendo Switch, the return of friend codes is disappointing.

Amazon wants subscribers to watch, vote on its five new series pilots for 2017

If you're planning your TV viewing schedule for the year, you'll want to keep an eye on these five pilots that Amazon will be debuting later this month.

Clever new water bottle tricks your brain into thinking regular H2O is flavored

Water is an incredibly healthy drink, but it sure can get boring! The creator of this flavor-changing water bottle Kickstarter wants to help.

It’s finally back — Verizon again offers its unlimited plan to eager customers

You win when mobile service providers compete, and your latest victory comes in the form of unlimited data from Verizon.

The Lego Batman movie review

'Lego Batman' is the hero Gotham deserves, and brings the comedy we need right now

Physical video game releases see an increase after a five-year slump

Gaming's digital future is inevitable but publishers ensure that physical video game releases aren't going to stop anytime soon.

With its new tool, Facebook is pushing everyone to make new friends

Why it matters to you: Facebook's new social discovery tool is the closest the platform has ever come to offering something that resembles a dating service.

The Beach Boys’ unsung hero Mike Love shares the band’s secret sauce

“Our goal was always to create the best vocal blend and the most sophisticated harmonies in a rock song.”

Apple may debut its own original TV shows by the end of 2017

By the end of 2017, Apple will have its own scripted, original content and there’s even a suggestion it could start making movies in the future.

There may still be a free way to upgrade Windows 8.1, Windows 7 to Windows 10

Provided by Microsoft pulled the plug on its program offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29. The company was rather aggressive in its attempt to get everyone on board with the latest platform, causing a lot of headaches. 

Verizon says goodbye to two-year contracts, and bumps its upgrade fee to $30

CES might have grabbed headlines for the past few days — but Verizon quietly made a few changes to its upgrade fee and two-year contract that will have a more immediate impact on new and existing customers.

Skin deep: Researchers show solar-cell implants can power a pacemaker

In the near future, catching some sun might do more than get you a tan and some vitamin D. Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland have shown that solar cells placed under the skin can generate enough energy year-round to power a typical pacemaker.

Thousands of jobs lost as Apple supplier Foxconn fully automates its factories

Apple supplier Foxconn may be getting rid of its human workforce. 

Natufia’s Kitchen Garden grows fresh produce with just seeds and tech

Packed to the gills with innovative tech, Natufia’s Kitchen Garden features real-time data analysis which helps the machine quickly process environmental changes and adjust its settings accordingly.

Starting a daily photo project in 2017? This app will donate $1 for each image

Can one photo make a difference? Johnson and Johnson thinks so — for every photo shared through the Donate a Photo app, the company donates $1 to a non-profit.

Best products of 2016: Gaming

This year's best game didn't just transform a genre, it created a culture

Surprise! Apple dominates holiday season smartphone sales once again

Every year we take a look at the performance of our favorite devices and how they stacked up against each other. This year is no different, and (surprise, surprise!) Apple came out on top.

Snap just snapped up another company, this one in Israel

Snap is starting to snap up companies.

Was 2016 a bit much? Meditation app has a plan to get 2017 off to a good start

“I simply don’t have time.” How often do you make that statement?

Gaming market explodes for $91 billion in 2016, led by mobile and PC games

The gaming market continued to grow in 2016, with mobile gaming leading and PC gaming coming in a close second. Virtual reality gaming was held back by high prices of hardware and esports and video content continued to grow.

Workplace takeover: Report claims almost half of U.S. jobs at risk from AI

Over the next couple of generations, one of the biggest challenges we may face as a species is what to do with ourselves. When artificial intelligence and robots can do most of the work for us, what will we do?

Apple reportedly in talks to manufacture devices in India

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in talks with the Indian government to manufacture its products in India.

Trump meets tech industry leaders, with one notable absence

Tech industry execs from companies including Apple, Facebook, and Amazon descended upon Trump Tower on Wednesday to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. But there was one notable web giant that surprisingly didn’t receive an RSVP.

Why virtual reality is the new frontier of travel

From planning the vacation to visiting landmarks back in time, here's how VR is changing the way we explore the world.

Researchers identify ‘brute force’ method of stealing credit card information

Researchers at Newcastle University have published a paper detailing how brute force methodology could be used to figure out credit card payment information from the first six digits of a card number alone.

This university is notifying students of acceptance via Snapchat

Students waiting to find out if they've been accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay are receiving confirmation in the form of a Snapchat message. Will more colleges end up adopting the unorthodox route?

The one number you can’t block? President Trump’s

You may or may not have voted for him, but that doesn't mean you won't be getting texts from him. With inauguration day approaching, so too does the possibility that Donald J. Trump may one day soon be blowing up your phone - with texts.

Forget covering up cameras, now your headphones can be used to spy on you

Those looking for complete privacy on their computers have been covering up their forward-facing cameras for years, but now researchers have discovered a different way that hackers can potentially crack into your most private moments — your headphones.

Turkey day tips: Here’s how to keep Thanksgiving leftovers edible for longer

Scientists are trying to figure out why vultures don’t get food poisoning. While research is ongoing, one study suggests an alliance between the birds and microbes makes rotting carcasses safe for the birds.

Despite pledge to boost diversity, Apple’s numbers have barely budged in past year

Apple may be all about diversity on the surface, but the numbers show that the company hasn’t made strides in becoming more diverse over the last year — its leadership is still overwhelmingly comprised of white men. 

The Trump effect? Apple considers manufacturing iPhones in the U.S.

Restoring thousands of manufacturing jobs to the United States’ struggling Rust Belt communities was one of President-Elect Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises, and at least one major technology company is considering following through. 

A smart home for Fido: Dog Parker offers safe place to keep canines in the big city

Technology is quickly advancing to create smarter and more accessible homes. There’s everything from locks and thermostats you can control with the click of an app, to lights and appliances that respond to voice commands. One of the latest innovations means that the furry, four-legged member of your home doesn’t have to be left out of the loop. 

Don’t expose Gremlins to water or light, but the vinyl soundtrack is another story

If you’ve ever seen the 1984 family-friendly horror-comedy Gremlins, you know that there are a few rules about keeping the said critters. 

Posting a picture of you drinking a beer no longer hurts your career, but this could...

New technology is helping companies screen out applicants for particular behaviors.

Chrysler and Cummins are latest companies accused of emissions cheating

Chrysler and engine supplier Cummins were named in a class-action lawsuit alleging the two companies conspired to hide excess emissions from diesel pickup trucks built between 2007 and 2012.

China to Trump: Don’t be ‘naive,’ or iPhone sales could suffer

China is taking a stance against Trump. In a piece published Monday by the state-run Global Times, the newspaper said that the incoming U.S. president would be "naive" to engage in a trade war with China.

A wannabe weatherman allegedly started a wildfire to boost Facebook views

A wannabe weatherman in Kentucky is alleged to have started a wildfire so he could report on it, apparently in the hope of driving more traffic to his Facebook page. He was recently arrested on a second-degree arson charge.

Watch what can happen when you let a dog shoot your wedding video

A newly married couple got a unique perspective of their big day when they decided to let their dog be the videographer. With a GoPro mount, this friendly canine earned himself a few treats -- and possible viral fame.

Even people who can afford to buy their homes increasingly prefer to rent

“Rent, don’t buy,” may be the new mantra among higher-income Americans.

A drone-delivered sausage could cost one Aussie guy $7,000 in fines

A guy in Melbourne, Australia, may be hit with a hefty fine after he used a drone to deliver a cooked sausage to a friend. The nation's aviation agency came across a video of the stunt, and didn't much like the pilot's flying practices.

Ireland will bring the fight over Apple taxes all the way to the EU Court

It looks like the fight between Ireland, Apple, and the EU is only set to escalate -- Ireland is prepared to bring that fight to EU courts. An order from the European Commission states Ireland charge Apple $14.5 billion in back taxes.

Digital will lets people leave behind more than just their worldly possessions

A new smart will service from LegalZoom wants to offer customers the chance to create a document that doesn't just deal with property and savings, but the entirety of your digital legacy.

Now you don't have to buy a fancy new car just to get Android Auto

A major new update for Android Auto, Google's in-car entertainment platform, negates the need for a fancy head unit or new car: supported phones and tablets now run the interface.

California mom arrested for selling homemade food through Facebook

A California mother of six could end up in jail for up to a year for selling homemade food on Facebook. The details surrounding Marina Ruelas' arrest, and that of her fellow social sellers, is even more fascinating than her crime.

Do you live in one of the 19 states that ban polling place photos?

That #ballotselfie could get you in trouble -- Taking a photo of your ballot is only legal in 19 states (and Washington D.C.), despite ongoing lawsuits. Do you live in a state that bans ballot photography?

A Ukrainian man changed his name to iPhone 7 to win a free device

Turin, who entered a contest at his local electronics store, changed his name to iPhone Sim to win the phone for free. Paying just around $2 to change his name, Sim avoided the price of the iPhone 7, about $850 USD.

You can’t vote in the U.S. election by text, despite what Twitter ‘ads’ may say

If you think you’ve already got your vote in for Hillary Clinton after texting it, then think again.

White House making push to rev up charging infrastructure for EVs

The Obama administration has just announced comprehensive support for the shift to electric vehicles (EVs). In a White House press release the administration committed to steps that will reduce the United States’ dependence on oil, increase access to clean energy, and fight climate change by supporting EV deployment and the necessary charging infrastructure.

Facebook’s earnings smashed forecasts, so why did its stock suddenly tumble?

Facebook reported its latest quarterly data. Revenue climbed, profits soared, user numbers jumped, so why on earth did its stock value suddenly tumble?\

How an online interior designer made my apartment look magazine-worthy

When I moved out of my shared two-bedroom apartment to embrace life sans roommates, I called it adulthood. What I didn’t anticipate was also calling it claustrophobia.

Facial-recognition algorithm will tell you if you look more like Clinton or Trump

Do you look more like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Ntechlab, the company behind one of the world’s most accurate facial recognition systems, wants to give you a way of finding out.

The simple life: Generation Z and millennial freelancers head to the country

Freelancers are increasing as a percentage of U.S. workers. Technology enables them to work from rural areas, a trend not lost on millennials and Generation Z, who are operating as freelancers at a greater percentage than other generations.

‘Stolen’ Subaru returned the next day with a bizarre explanation and gas money

Erin Hatzi’s stomach dropped. It was a typical night in Portland, Oregon, but after her husband discovered that her car was missing from the driveway, this particular night got a whole lot worse.

Selfie fail: Texas college student takes topless pic, hits police car, gets arrested

The latest selfie fail to hit the headlines involves a college student in Texas who thought it’d be a good idea to grab a quick topless pic to send to her boyfriend via Snapchat. She was driving at the time.

Apple beats fourth-quarter revenue estimates, but sees iPhone sales fall

Apple beat Wall Street expectations in almost every area for its fourth-quarter earnings. Beating expectations, however, does not mean growth, and the company's iPhone sales continue to fall.

IBM Watson coming to GM vehicles to help steer drivers toward specific brands

If you’re not distracted enough already while driving, there’s a new partnership between OnStar and IBM Watson that’s sure to add to the sensory overload. Beginning early next year, Watson will be making its way into your vehicle, and for a rather curious purpose — to help you “connect and interact with [your] favorite brands.” 

Donald Trump goes all in on Facebook Live with nightly news show

Donald Trump is launching a nightly Facebook Live show dedicated to news from the Trump camp. The first broadcast kicked off from Trump Tower and lead into the Republican candidate’s campaign rally. 

Amid losses, Twitter reportedly planning to cut hundreds of jobs this week

As it approaches its third quarter earnings release, Twitter is reportedly planning to announce extensive job cuts this week. The company has also rescheduled its earnings report, sparking much debate in regard to what it has in store.

Go ahead and let your baby FaceTime with grandma

Alright, fine. Your baby can FaceTime you.

Nissan completes acquisition of 34-percent stake in Mitsubishi

It’s official: Nissan is now the largest shareholder of Mitsubishi Motors, the beleaguered carmaker whose fortunes slid further into the gutter earlier this year when officials admitted that the company cheated on fuel-economy tests in its home country of Japan.

Nintendo reveals NX to be the Switch, a console-portable hybrid

Nintendo has officially unveiled its next piece of hardware, which will be released in 2017 as the Nintendo Switch.

WikiLeaks: Ecuador says it blocked Assange’s internet over U.S. election meddling

Ecuador said on Tuesday that it blocked Julian Assange's access to the internet because his WikiLeaks site is interfering with the U.S. election. Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012.

Afraid of the dark? Then best you don’t enter Airbnb’s Halloween contest

Fancy spending a night in Dracula's castle? Airbnb is offering an overnight stay there in a special Halloween contest. 

Apple Car rumor roundup: Here’s all you need to know about ‘Project Titan’

Over the past several months, questions surrounding the so-called Apple Car have switched from “Will they or won’t they?” to “When will it show up?,” “What will it look like?,” and “Who — if anyone — will it be built with?” 

Exploding phones causing U.S. airlines to carry fire-containment bags

Airlines aren’t messing around with the threat of exploding phones. 

When unfriending isn’t enough, here’s how to block someone on Facebook

It should go without saying that, sometimes, people get on your nerves or creep you out on Facebook.

Twitter takeover roundup: Who’s interested in acquiring the social media giant?

Will Twitter be snapped up by a larger corporation later this month?

HBO to bring Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ from Broadway to your home

Green Day's 2004 album American Idiot was turned into an unlikely hit on Broadway in 2010, and now the musical is headed to the small screen as an HBO movie.

Looking for a place to park? Grab your phone and try these apps

If there’s one universal challenge to living in a city, it’s the near-impossibility of finding safe, convenient and affordable parking.

Samsung says it’s halting sales of the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide

Samsung announced Monday evening it’s officially halting sales of its troubled Galaxy Note 7 device. 

T-Mobile CEO John Legere can’t stop laughing at Verizon and its Yahoo purchase

The vocal T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who's known for his opinions (and his willingness to share them) recently told Business Insider that he finds competitor Verizon's current situation with their recent Yahoo purchase "hilarious."

Your Valentine’s Day date could be a dog, and we mean that literally

Valentine's Day is around the corner and you just realized that you don't have a date. How about giving man's best friend a shot?

LinkedIn now lets you find work without the fear of getting caught by your boss

LinkedIn has made it possible to look for a new job without anyone else (including your nosy boss) catching on, thanks to its new "Open Candidates" feature, which is now available globally via its Recruiter platform.

Do activity trackers like Fitbit boost health?

Fitness trackers may be trendy, but there's no evidence these devices raise activity levels enough to improve health, even with financial rewards, a new study suggests.

Would you like your Amazon Prime delivery left inside your door?

Will you trust a delivery service to leave packages inside your home when you’re not there? That’s the big question behind a potential delivery option that may be offered to Amazon Prime members.

Health insurance giant Aetna to subsidize Apple Watch for its customers

If you are a customer of Aetna, you could soon get a subsidized Apple Watch. Health insurance giant Aetna has announced a new initiative to make the Apple Watch available to its customers at a cheaper price than usual.

Cord cutters may cost cable companies $1 billion over the next year

As costs for premium television subscriptions have risen by about 40 percent over the last five years, it appears as it more consumers will be cutting the cord in favor of streaming video.

A Seattle driver just got caught using a Trump cardboard cutout in an HOV lane

If you're going to try to cheat an HOV lane by plunking a fake passenger beside you, it's probably advisable not to use a cardboard cutout of one of the most famous people on the planet.

How much video gaming is too much for kids?

Playing video games might improve a child's motor skills, reaction time and even academic performance, but new research shows that too much gaming can be linked to social and behavioral problems.

Ever had a Yahoo account? Do this now

If you have ever had a Yahoo account, even if you no longer use it, you'll want to protect yourself from hackers. We tell you exactly what to do. 

One year after allowing ads, Instagram now has more than half a million active advertisers

Instagram announced it has officially hit its next milestone in advertisers -- 500,000. This news comes less than seven months after it announced it had crossed the 200,000 mark.

Being an Uber driver is the perfect job for college students … says Uber

Uber is recruiting college kids to be drivers. The ride share company is casting itself as the “perfect part-time solution” for college students, particularly in Los Angeles, according to a recent post on Uber’s Newsroom blog. 

Not a prime deal: Is Amazon burying the best price?

Next time you're making a purchase from Amazon, you may want to look closer. A new report from ProPublica suggest the best price isn't always the one shown -- but it might be the one the retailer wants you to buy.

Facebook bullying can cause depression

Negative experiences on Facebook can increase the odds of depression in young people, a new study found.

Seniors not scared of social media after all

The notion that seniors shy away from social media may be off the mark.

Can Tidal stay afloat? Streaming service reportedly owes big bucks

Tidal might be gaining subscribers, but that doesn’t mean the company is doing well: Despite a gain in revenue, it reportedly lost $28 million in 2015 and reportedly has more than 100 unpaid bills.

Facebook allows small businesses to go global with international ad-targeting tools

Facebook has updated its international ad-targeting tools to make it easier for small businesses to reach customers globally. The company has also created a new marketing handbook for business users, and is hosting online business webinars.

Do Uber drivers make more money by working longer or working smarter?

So do you quit when you’re winning or when you’re losing? That’s a basic question that applies not just to gambling — or dating — but also to how long ridesharing drivers work each day. 

Addicted to our phones? Study: We spend half our time online on mobile apps

According to a new study from media analytics company comScore, smartphone apps now account for 50 percent of the time Americans spend online, marking the first time app dominance has been observed.

Playing Pokémon Go in a church may result in jail time for this YouTube star

If you play Pokémon Go in a church in Russia, you could end up in the slammer. Local YouTube star Ruslan Sokolovsky has been accused of offending religious sensibilities by playing the game in a church in the central Russian city of Yekaterinburg, an act that could result in five years’ jail time. 

Daimler offers up its top 10 reasons to carshare

Car ownership as a status symbol? Fuhgeddaboudit! That’s what Daimler is saying, anyway, as it presents its ten reasons for free-floating carsharing. 

Acer’s Pawbo Plus Wi-Fi pet tracker features treat-dispensing accessories

Acer's new Wi-Fi pet tracker, the Pawbo Plus camera, will ship later this year with a family of new accessories like a flashlight, treat dispenser, cat teaser, and "whack-a-mole" game.

Apple’s Tim Cook responds to European Commission’s $14.5 billion fine

Apple has to pay Ireland $14.5 billion in back taxes, a European Commission investigation has concluded. Apple's Tim Cook has responded via an open letter, saying the decision has "serious, wide-reaching implications."

10 of the biggest tech companies agree to bridge the gender pay gap

Recently, 29 more companies joined the White House's Equal Pay Pledge, promising to do their part to close the gender pay gap. Among these companies were big names like Apple, Facebook, Dropbox, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

How to fix a flat tire at home

It’s not an uncommon scene: You make your way out to your driveway, keys in hand, ready to head off to work, and you notice a sagging, deflated tire. Upon inspection, you find a small nail or piece of metal has punctured the rubber and released the air from within. Now what? 

A man just got rescued from a toilet tank after trying to retrieve a friend’s smartphone

Cato Berntsen Larsen recently entered a rarely emptied toilet tank in a bid to retrieve his friend's phone.

Uber has already lost nearly $1.3 billion this year

It may be one of the most ubiquitous companies around, but that doesn't mean Uber is doing all that...?well. ?At least, not when it comes to making a profit. Bloomberg reports that Uber has already lost $1.27 billion this year.

Apple and Samsung positively dominate smartphone profits worldwide

It’s no secret that the smartphone market is a brutally cutthroat one, but it’s generally assumed that smartphone makers take a roughly equitable — if disproportional — share of profits. That assumption, however, appears to be far from the truth. 

Thinking of buying a new car? Consider doing it from your smartphone

Looking to avoid car salesmen at all costs? You might consider turning to your smartphone instead. 

Vin Diesel reveals the Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Marvel has big plans for both the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers film series — and it turns out that the two shall finally meet. 

Teen cyberbullies more apt to be friends than strangers

Cyberbullying among teens is highly likely to involve current or former friends and dating partners, a new study finds.

Celeb uses star power to make sure Siri pronounces her name correctly

What a nightmare this must have been for singer Barbra Streisand. Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, has apparently been pronouncing her surname wrong all this time. 

See what the Perseids looked like from space in this awesome footage

It’s not arrogance — it’s just perspective. When everyone else is looking up, astronauts are looking down. And when what we’re looking for is a meteor shower, to say that the folks up at the International Space Station had the best seats in the house would be something of an understatement. 

Study finds you'll ignore security warnings when they interrupt your favorite cat video

New research from Brigham Young University and Google has shown has software developers need to improve the timing of security update messages, as many go ignored when they appear alongside, or over, other content.

McDonald’s makes bid to ‘get kids active,’ puts step tracker in every Happy Meal

Who said the Golden Arches don’t give a hoot about fitness? McDonald’s locations in North America have begun serving a bit of physical encouragement with every Happy Meal: a bright, colorful, pedometer-packing step tracker.

Even in zero emissions mandate states, car dealers make buying electric cars hard

Why do car dealers make it so tough to buy electric cars, even in states with zero emission mandates? There may be several answers to that question. 

Instagram heads deeper into ad territory as it rolls out business tools in Europe

There are 200,000 advertisers on Instagram, and they’re all dying to be your friend. And with the app’s new business tools, they just might succeed. I

Even in Brazil, ‘Pokémon Go’ just may be more popular than the Olympics

t’s already bigger than Tinder, has overtaken Twitter, and now, Pokémon Go is giving top athletes a run for their money, too. That’s right — the wildly successful game just may be more popular than the Olympics, even distracting some Olympians from their rigorous schedules. 

This crazy inventor just built – and tried out – a huge 360-degree swing in his yard

British inventor Colin Furze has just emerged from his workshop with yet another hair-raising contraption, this one as preposterous as it is petrifying. It’s a kind of swing. But one you probably wouldn’t want your kid to ride. 

Most companies slow to adopt new business tech even when it can help

Is your company keeping up with technology? If not, should you be concerned? 

Forget your bank, hackers say we should worry about smart sex toy privacy too

It's natural to worry about data privacy, but we tend to do it about banks, passwords, and email accounts. A hacking team now says we should be concerned about the things smart sex toys reveal about our intimate lives as well.

7 tips to save your trip when a tech meltdown grounds your flight

A power outage at Delta Air Line’s hub in Atlanta forced the airline to ground thousands of flights across its system. Although its computers came back online several hours later, the outage escalated into delays and cancellations that rolled into the next day, affecting tens of thousands of passengers. 

As tablet sales tank, Apple finds iPad success from an unlikely source

Apple has long been hailed as a little more consumer friendly than the likes of Android, but as sales of the iPad tumble, it looks like demand for the tablet may be coming from a slightly unexpected source — businesses.

Florida company has a personal profile on nearly every American adult

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t watching you. In fact, if you’re an adult in the United States, they are. 

NASA releases cute Mars rover game to celebrate Curiosity anniversary

Mars enthusiasts will be beside themselves with dusty red delight when they hear what NASA’s just gone and done.

Ouch: X-ray shows where stupid prisoner decided to hide a smuggled phone

Where do you keep your phone when it’s not in use? In a bag, your pocket, or perhaps in a holster? 

Facebook’s new shopping features could boost sales for small businesses

Facebook has launched two new e-retail sections for business pages in emerging markets, and worldwide, that are tied into its Messenger app.

‘Pokémon Go’ inspires a new wave of terrible baby names

Pokémon Go is more than just a mobile gaming phenomenon — it’s pre-emptively ruining the lives of schoolchildren born to trend-chasing parents. 

A plane just flew around the world without a single drop of fuel. Let that sink in for a minute

Piloted by co-founder Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse 2 nailed its historic landing this week and became the first aircraft to fly around the world powered only by the sun.

A man has just proved that playing Pokémon Go while driving isn’t a good idea

Cops in Melbourne, Australia clearly had an inkling that something like this would happen. That’s why they put up signs around the city telling people, “Don’t drive and Pokémon.” 

Police flag and arrest Grindr user who turned out to be a drug dealer

Grindr not only functions as a social network for gay and bisexual men to meet other men in their area, but apparently also functions as a way to track down drug dealers, DNAInfo reports.

Facebook crushes earnings again and hits a billion daily active users on mobile

Facebook’s numbers continue to move in the right direction for the social networking giant, with users, revenue, and profit all on the up. 

Study shows the human eye is capable of detecting a single photon

The human eye is an incredible machine. As far as camera technology has come over the past 150 years, no consumer-grade camera comes anywhere close to the visual capabilities of our ocular devices.

Do we really need a national self-driving testing facility?

Loud voices are taking sides on self-driving cars, that’s for sure. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) doesn’t want development to stop or even slow down, presumably because overwhelming evidence shows humans are the cause of almost all — 94 percent — fatal crashes.

Verizon buys Yahoo’s core businesses for $5 billion, Marissa Mayer staying

Internet behemoth Yahoo has been marching steadily toward the sale of its core assets for the last several months, and now, the sale is complete, with Verizon serving as the buyer. 

Scientists have found a chemical-free way to extend milk’s life for up to 3 weeks

Who hasn’t gotten part of the way through a bowl of cereal only to discover that the milk has gone off?

Let My Amazon Report tell you if you should actually be paying for Amazon Prime

Looking to save a few dollars on your toothpaste by ordering on Amazon rather than trekking to Wal-Mart? It might seem like a good deal if you're an Amazon Prime member, but is it actually worth it?

Business travelers stepping away from taxi lines for ridesharing services

A recent study of two years of expense reports shows a significant shift away from taxis and rental car companies in favor of ridesharing options. Costs and user ratings reflect the same market disruption.

Netflix’s latest bout of bad news sends stock plummeting — again

It’s been a rough few months for Netflix shareholders, and a recent quarterly earnings report didn’t help. 

Pint-sized Nintendo Classic Edition comes loaded with a retro gaming treasure trove

What’s old is new again, or at least it comes with an HDMI port. Nintendo has announced the plug-and-play Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, a mini console that comes pre-loaded with several of the best retro games. 

Play 'Pokemon Go' without landing in the ER

Here a Pokemon, there a Pokemon, everywhere a Pokemon! The wildly popular game -- the top grossing app on iTunes, less than a week after its release -- is so enthralling that players are unintentionally placing themselves in harm's way.

Path to higher productivity is focus, not multitasking, study finds

Peek through the windows of most tech companies and you’ll likely see hordes of multitasking millennials. Conventional wisdom has been that if you hire a bunch of millennials and set them to multitasking, you can sit back and watch the smoke rise from the virtual furnace of productivity that ensues, right? 

Self-driving cars could cost us millions of jobs

Self-driving cars bring a long list of benefits, but they also hold the potential to disrupt our economy and throw millions out of work. The potential ripple effects go far past the immediate benefits of driverless transportation.

Apple could look to snag more exclusives for Apple Music by acquiring Tidal

Despite the occasional massive exclusive album Tidal manages to snag, the streaming service doesn’t seem to be doing too well, as we’ve mentioned before. Now it seems that it may indeed have a future, albeit not the one it may have planned on.

Smart billboards will identify car models and target ads to drivers

Some day in the not-too-distant future ads you see on billboards will be there simply because of the make, model, and year of the vehicle you’re driving.

Panama Canal adds a third, wider lane 102 years later

The original two-lane Panama Canal, which opened for business in 1914 and transformed global trade by connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, has until now been limited to ships with a maximum 5,000 containers.

These rules of composition will greatly improve your videos

Photography and Videography share many things in common, video is, after all, essentially a collection of still images displayed faster than your eye can make out. One such area where stills and video have in common is generally accepted rules of composition that help a photographer or videographer get the best results. 

Before Juno’s upcoming historic entry into Jupiter’s orbit, watch how it all began

NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrives at our solar system’s biggest, oldest planet on July 4, after a five-year journey. But the journey itself is easy compared to its arrival at its unwelcoming destination. 

Samsung is investing $1.2 billion in the Internet of Things

Samsung has been a leader in the internet of things space for some time now, but it looks like the company is set to get even more serious about the space — so much so that it’s going to invest a whopping $1.2 billion in the U.S. over the next four years on research and development into connecting everyday devices. 

Women working in tech jobs should avoid these cities if they want more equal pay

Jobs in the tech industry require subjective skill sets and abilities, depending on the scope of work. Ideally, qualified employees are compensated accordingly without regard to any other factor. In reality, however, that is not always the case.

History fans will love this map showing the birth of cities across nearly 6,000 years

New York-based entrepreneur Max Galka has created a fascinating digital map showing where and when population clusters have emerged over the last 5,700 years.

Scientists prove playing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ can be as hard as complex math

A team of computer science researchers has shown that levels in Nintendo's classic Super Mario Bros. can be as tough to solve as some of the most complex math problems.

There’s trouble in the Nest neighborhood, so you may want to avoid moving in

When people talk or write about smart homes, one of the first brands mentioned is Alphabet’s Nest, and its famous thermostat, but if you’re thinking about “smartening up” your home, you may want to know that Nest’s future is uncertain.

Own a business? Instagram just launched new tools to help you reach customers

Instragram officially unveils its new Business Tools, to be available later this year. Built around slightly redesigned profiles, Business Tools will include easy to understand analytics and simple promotion capabilities.

Apple’s legal woes continue as Caltech sues for Wi-Fi patent infringement

Apple's time in court is far from done, as the company was sued by the California Institute of Technology for possible Wi-Fi patent infringement. 

But will the car swipe back? Wyper uses Tinder approach to match people and cars

Cars don't talk back, but finding the right one can be almost as hard as dating. 

Study on Twitter misogyny finds men and women equally responsible for abusive tweets

Abusive behavior toward women on social media is in the spotlight once again courtesy of a new study on misogyny on Twitter.

Facebook provides a whopping 2 billion daily text translations

Facebook is translating 2 billion pieces of text per day using its automated translation system. The social network's head of language technology has revealed that it is now planning to use AI to make more accurate translations.

Want an impressive opening ceremony? 2020 Olympics may include man-made meteor shower

Call it the world’s best idea or worst idea, but it’s sure to be something special. The Olympics may be all about athletic prowess, but its opening ceremonies have always been about showmanship. And what could be more spectacular than a man-made meteor shower?

Interested in a $20-an-hour job ‘driving’ a Google self-driving car?

If you’re looking for a job and you live around Phoenix, Arizona, your ship may have just come in. Or rather, your driverless car. 

Philadelphia police used a ‘Google Maps’ SUV to read license plates

If you were near the Philadelphia Convention Center earlier this week, did you notice this vehicle in the tunnel? 

Marvel’s Black Panther may be on the prowl for Oscar-winning female lead

With an Oscar and a Star Wars credit to her name, Lupita Nyong’o already has a resume to envy — and she’s only adding to it. 

60 percent of government data requests from Facebook come with a gag order

Facebook's new transparency report highlights that not only are government requests up, but 60 percent of them also come with a gag order, preventing Facebook from notifying users that their data is being requested.

NASA stitched together thousands of Hubble images to create this mesmerizing galaxy zoom

© NASA / ESA / Hubble Heritage Team © NASA / ESA / Hubble Heritage Team

Do you ever think about how small we are in comparison to the rest of the galaxy? How about the universe? 

Facebook and Microsoft may offer equal pay, but women in tech still earn less

Facebook and Microsoft have come out and said they offer equal pay for their employees regardless of gender — but what about the rest of Silicon Valley? New data from a job recruiting startup doesn’t paint a promising picture for women in tech.

Samsung’s next wearable could be a smart contact lens called Gear Blink

Forget Google Glass. Samsung's next big thing could be a smart contact lens. According to a new patent, It has a tiny display and a camera that you can control by blinking your eye.

Social media could be contributing to sleep deprivation

According to a new study, that compulsive need to check your Facebook notifications is more than a social tick -- it's now contributing to sleep deprivation, particularly among young adults.

Siri, other smartphone 'assistants' may fall short in a crisis

Smartphone "personal assistants" like Siri and Google Now can send your messages, make dinner reservations or give you a stock market update. But they may let you down during a crisis, a new study finds.

Could too much cellphone time signal anxiety, depression?

Some young adults who constantly reach for their smartphones might be anxious or depressed, preliminary research suggests.

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