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YOUR CONNECTED LIFE: Spring Tech Picks with Steve Greenberg

Spring is here and it can be a time to refresh and renew…especially our tech! Knowing which smart devices and services for your connected life can help the way you live at home and on the go. turned to Tech Expert Steve Greenberg, who partnered with a few of his favorite brands, for a look at some of the smart tech ideas to dial in for spring 2018. 

Apple nabs top Amazon executive to helm development of original scripted series

Apple is entering the realm of streaming original series, which could lead developers to increase quality of programming to compete.

Disney 'Star Wars: Jedi Challenges' hands-on preview

We deflected blasters and defeated Kylo Ren in ‘Star Wars: Jedi Challenges’

Mitsubishi has big plans for the Total Solar Eclipse, and with good reason

Here's one more way to see the upcoming total solar eclipse, because a little cross-promotion never hurt anyone.

Twitter joins the Eclipse party with full coverage of the celestial spectacular

Twitter is the latest outfit to offer a way to see the eclipse should you be unable to make it to the path of totality, or if clouds get in the way.

Newly leaked photos hint at an Apple TV with a 60-inch OLED screen

Years of rumors have failed to result in an actual Apple television. Now, newly leaked photos indicate once again it may actually be in the works.

SNES Classic Edition hands-on review

Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition is a nostalgia trip you'll want to take

Don't wait for a money transfer in Venmo - Just use its debit card

Venmo is looking for new ways to stay relevant and create revenue, and a physical debit card may be the way to go.

Under mounting pressure, Uber founder Travis Kalanick resigns as CEO

In the wake of founder Travis Kalanick's resignation, the company will be intent on steering a steadier course free of controversy that could hurt its reputation.

Security summit warns of new phishing email targeting tax pros

The IRS, state tax agencies and the tax industry today warned tax professionals to beware of phishing emails purporting to be from a tax software education provider and seeking extensive amounts of sensitive preparer data.

JanSport's latest backpack is basically one giant QR Code

If you get one of these, you may have to attach a small sign telling others

‘Nex Machina’ hands-on review

'Nex Machina' takes gaming back to addictive, white-knuckle arcade basics

Amazon goes all-in on physical stores, buys Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion

Prime members may have tantalizing new benefits when Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods Market closes.

Look out, Zelle — PayPal is also touting a new instant bank transfer feature

PayPal's new instant transfer feature is a clear attempt to stay competitive with Zelle, a rival service that's only been around for a few weeks.

‘Super Mario Odyssey': Our first take

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ will surprise and delight you at every turn

The latest Windows Insider build adds a ton of fun new features and effects

This new Insider's build is a major feature update, and provides a preview of what will ship in the Fall Creators Update.

Nintendo delays its Switch online service, but gives us pricing and details

The Switch is riding a wave of momentum, but this online service will shape its future.

Apple’s ‘Siri speaker’ may debut as early as next week

If you have a hankering for Apple products and you're after a smart speaker, you may not have too long to wait.

Tidal struggles to gain ground, fires its third CEO in just two years

While Tidal may have plenty of celebrity endorsement, it's unclear how well users are buying into the service, and leadership is feeling the heat.

The Wrangler camping system brings your kitchen to the great outdoors

Need to cook a full meal while roughing it? The Wrangler Camping System packs everything you need.

Everything you need to know about Android Pay

Android Pay launches PayPal support, could see Canadian release next week

'Injustice 2' review

The most expansive solo experience we’ve seen in a fighting game, Injustice 2 compels you to master its fast-paced, combo driven combat.

‘Aquaman’ director reveals a new photo of the Queen of Atlantis

There's a healthy amount of skepticism surrounding WB's superhero universe, so every new look at one of the upcoming films prompts a lot of debate.

‘Sonic Forces’ lets you make your own Sonic sidekick

Sonic Forces’ takes inspiration from recent Sonic games, while adding new features and a darker tone.

Kobo's waterproof Aura H2O still survives where any kindle would fizzle

Kobo’s new Aura H2O is a great large-screen Kindle alternative that’s also waterproof

Amazon makes it even easier to get free 2-day shipping

If you're a regular Amazon shopper who's not signed up for Prime, the new free shipping minimum offers an even better chance to save some cash.

Got an NES Classic? Here’s how to hack it to play more than 700 games

If you were lucky enough to pick up an NES Classic before production stopped, here's a trick to get the most out of the console.

Ready for fizzy coffee and sparkling tequila? DrinkMate can carbonate anything

If you’ve ever wonder what will happen if you put wine in your SodaStream, the DrinkMate is for you.

Twitter is launching a 24/7 video feed channel with Bloomberg

Twitter-using news addicts will be pleased to hear of Bloomberg's 24-hour video feed launching on the social media service soon.

Apple Music will get a redesign to support its growing streaming video library

Apple is taking a stab at a streaming video service, with as many of ten shows set to debut on its overhauled Apple Music app before the end of the year.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL is coming this summer

The New Nintendo 2DS XL might tempt players who don't care about 3D but like the clamshell design. It signals a commitment to handhelds, too.

Waiting for cheap 4K? Vizio’s two new TV lines will tempt you

If you've been waiting for prices to come down to buy a new TV, Vizio's latest models might have you reaching for your wallet.

Despite pledge to boost diversity, Apple’s numbers have barely budged in past year

Apple may be all about diversity on the surface, but the numbers show that the company hasn’t made strides in becoming more diverse over the last year — its leadership is still overwhelmingly comprised of white men. 

Everything we know about Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus pricing and availability

Featuring top-tier specs, an innovative yet classy design, and features like the all-new Bixby digital assistant — the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the phones to beat for 2017.

From home to outer space, the new Google Earth is full of things to do

Google Earth underwent a major update that not only redesigned the interface, but also added rich textual and visual content.

Your next MasterCard may have a fingerprint sensor built into it

Companies are taking security very seriously these days, and biometric authentication is rapidly becoming the standard way to protect our identity.

The best media streaming device you can buy

Your TV isn't smart enough! Why Roku's Premiere+ is the best way to stream

‘Starcraft’ is now free for all, following first patch in eight years

The original Starcraft and Brood War can now be enjoyed for free, with added feature improvements and bug fixes.

Disney offers an early look at its Star Wars theme park

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, fans have been wondering when Star Wars would be added to the Disney theme parks, and now we have our first look at what's planned.

Nintendo unexpectedly discontinues much-in-demand NES Classic Edition console

The discontinuation of the NES Classic means many people looking to get their hands on the in-demand throwback console will be out of luck.

Sunrise Smart Pillow monitors your sleep cycle as it awakens you

How you wake up just may be the most important part of your sleep, and the Sunrise Smart Pillow wants to make sure you're doing it correctly.

Check out this smart pet door that you control via your smartphone

A smart pet door that you can control via a smartphone could give pet owners greater peace of mind.

PicoBrew’s newest beer-making machine is easier to use and costs under $300

The PicoBrew Pico Model C is less expensive than its predecessor, without losing any functionality.

Microsoft sued for $5 million in class action over Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft’s latest lawsuit over Windows 10 updates now claims the OS wiped files and broke computers.

Unleash your inner Mozart with Skoove, a piano teaching app now for your iPad

Unleash your inner Mozart with Skoove, a piano teaching app now for your iPad.  Learning how to play the piano can be expensive and hard -- Skoove wants to address both those issues.

Watch party: Vevo’s new feature lets you enjoy music videos with others in real time

Vevo has one of the largest collections of music videos, and will soon let you watch them along with others online, in real time.

The horror: Nintendo Switch still uses the dreaded friend codes

With the numerous modern design features of the Nintendo Switch, the return of friend codes is disappointing.

Amazon wants subscribers to watch, vote on its five new series pilots for 2017

If you're planning your TV viewing schedule for the year, you'll want to keep an eye on these five pilots that Amazon will be debuting later this month.

Clever new water bottle tricks your brain into thinking regular H2O is flavored

Water is an incredibly healthy drink, but it sure can get boring! The creator of this flavor-changing water bottle Kickstarter wants to help.

It’s finally back — Verizon again offers its unlimited plan to eager customers

You win when mobile service providers compete, and your latest victory comes in the form of unlimited data from Verizon.

The Lego Batman movie review

'Lego Batman' is the hero Gotham deserves, and brings the comedy we need right now

Physical video game releases see an increase after a five-year slump

Gaming's digital future is inevitable but publishers ensure that physical video game releases aren't going to stop anytime soon.

With its new tool, Facebook is pushing everyone to make new friends

Why it matters to you: Facebook's new social discovery tool is the closest the platform has ever come to offering something that resembles a dating service.

The Beach Boys’ unsung hero Mike Love shares the band’s secret sauce

“Our goal was always to create the best vocal blend and the most sophisticated harmonies in a rock song.”

Apple may debut its own original TV shows by the end of 2017

By the end of 2017, Apple will have its own scripted, original content and there’s even a suggestion it could start making movies in the future.

There may still be a free way to upgrade Windows 8.1, Windows 7 to Windows 10

Provided by Microsoft pulled the plug on its program offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29. The company was rather aggressive in its attempt to get everyone on board with the latest platform, causing a lot of headaches. 

Verizon says goodbye to two-year contracts, and bumps its upgrade fee to $30

CES might have grabbed headlines for the past few days — but Verizon quietly made a few changes to its upgrade fee and two-year contract that will have a more immediate impact on new and existing customers.

Skin deep: Researchers show solar-cell implants can power a pacemaker

In the near future, catching some sun might do more than get you a tan and some vitamin D. Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland have shown that solar cells placed under the skin can generate enough energy year-round to power a typical pacemaker.

Thousands of jobs lost as Apple supplier Foxconn fully automates its factories

Apple supplier Foxconn may be getting rid of its human workforce. 

Natufia’s Kitchen Garden grows fresh produce with just seeds and tech

Packed to the gills with innovative tech, Natufia’s Kitchen Garden features real-time data analysis which helps the machine quickly process environmental changes and adjust its settings accordingly.

Starting a daily photo project in 2017? This app will donate $1 for each image

Can one photo make a difference? Johnson and Johnson thinks so — for every photo shared through the Donate a Photo app, the company donates $1 to a non-profit.

Best products of 2016: Gaming

This year's best game didn't just transform a genre, it created a culture

Surprise! Apple dominates holiday season smartphone sales once again

Every year we take a look at the performance of our favorite devices and how they stacked up against each other. This year is no different, and (surprise, surprise!) Apple came out on top.

Snap just snapped up another company, this one in Israel

Snap is starting to snap up companies.

Was 2016 a bit much? Meditation app has a plan to get 2017 off to a good start

“I simply don’t have time.” How often do you make that statement?

Apple reportedly in talks to manufacture devices in India

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in talks with the Indian government to manufacture its products in India.

Trump meets tech industry leaders, with one notable absence

Tech industry execs from companies including Apple, Facebook, and Amazon descended upon Trump Tower on Wednesday to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. But there was one notable web giant that surprisingly didn’t receive an RSVP.

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