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MIT engineers a smarter, safer power plug designed to augment IoT

A team at the Massachussets Insitute of Technology has engineered a new smart power plug that employs artificial intelligence and a machine learning algorithm to make power safer.

NordicTrack’s new RW900 rowing machine is a Google-powered beast

NordicTrack's new RW900 smart rowing machine is lighter, quieter, and takes up less space than previous models, while also coming equipped with a 22-inch screen for tracking workout metrics and tapping into live fitness...

Theranos’ death knell? Founder Elizabeth Holmes steps down as CEO

Theranos' founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, has been charged with fraud by the SEC. Now, both she and former president Sunny Balwani have surrendered to the FBI, and will face 20 years in prison if indicted on fraud charges.

Your next hotel stay may include personalized Netflix streaming

Dish TV's hotel-exclusive Evolve streaming platform will soon be getting Netflix integration, a long-awaited inclusion that will make keeping up with your current TV obsession easier when traveling.

The World Health Organization labels gaming disorder as a mental condition

Gaming disorder is characterized by "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior," or more simply, an addiction to gaming. The World Health Organization has officially recognized the disorder as a mental condition.

A flaw in Apple’s Quick Look for MacOS exposes the contents of encrypted files

Apple's Quick Look feature in MacOS supposedly leaks sensitive data even if the content is locked behind password-protected encryption. Introduced in MacOS 10.5 Leopard, Apple designed Quick Look to give you a glimpse into...

Chinese search giant Baidu creates an open-source A.I. for detecting cancer

Chinese search giant Baidu developed a new artificial intelligence algorithm which can help doctors to more accurately diagnose breast cancer. And did we mention it will be an open-source technology, too?

Canon’s new large sensor is too big for you, but not for scientists

A CMOS sensor that is almost 40 times larger than a full-frame sensor has been used to capture meteors that researchers couldn't previously spot. The Canon sensor can shoot at 60 fps with the light of a full moon.

Is the Australian bee the key to better outdoor gear?

A biotech startup called Humble Bee is studying the way Australian bees creates natural bioplastics as an alternative to man-made plastics that are more sustainable and good for the environment.

Microsoft takes on Google in the classroom with Flipgrid acquisition

Microsoft is looking to solidify its position in classrooms, and has recently acquired Flipgrid, the video discussion platform currently utilized by more than 20 million teachers and students across the United States and...

A.I. can now learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, researchers claim

Stephen McAleer has managed to create an algorithm that can solve the Rubik's Cube sans human help. It depends upon a process known as "autodidactic iteration" and it could have huge implications for the future.

The Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix has a new – and romantic — working title

Todd Phillips is developing a stand-alone Joker origin story, with acclaimed veteran Joaquin Phoenix set to portray the Clown Prince of Crime. The movie, reportedly set during the 1980s, now has a new working title.

Here’s what art looks like in 2018: Spheres that react to your presence

This fleet of autonomous flying spheres flocks together like a group of birds, while keeping an eye on nearby humans. They are the work of an art collective called Random International.

Stand up or sit down? Many don’t take advantage of VR’s room-scale experience

Oculus' VP of Content Jason Rubin claims that a "significant percentage" of Oculus Rift headset owners would rather sit down to enjoy virtual reality rather than take advantage of room-scale motion detection.

Nestlé, XPO Logistics building ‘digital warehouse’ with robotics, autonomous vehicles

Nestlé, the world's largest food and drink company, plans to build a "digital warehouse of the future," staffed with robots, autonomous vehicles, and A.I., in partnership with XPO Logistics.

Who needs a nurse? This robot can extract and analyze your blood

Researchers at Rutgers University have developed a blood-drawing robot for inserting intravenous needles into people’s arms with the purpose of drawing and analyzing blood samples.

Adware posing as a private network client secretly takes screenshots

Adware stuffed into software you can freely download from the internet can secretly take screenshots of your desktop among other sneaky spyware-like capabilities. It first surfaced in 2012 and mostly targets Windows 10 PCs.

Google’s new tools for Datally put your mobile data on lockdown

On a limited data contract and tired of checking your mobile data usage to make sure you've got enough? Google's Datally app helps to take the anxiety out of data-saving by offering an easy way to restrict data usage.

Playable beta for ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ won’t be ready for quite some time

Beyond Good & Evil 2 creative director Michel Ancel has revealed that his team doesn't expect a playable beta of the game to launch before the end of 2019. This likely pushes a full release into 2020.

HP’s 145,000-core supercomputer is the most powerful ARM system ever built

A new ARM-based supercomputer developed by HP's enterprise branch is set to be used by the National Nuclear Security Administration to see if it can handle simulations more efficiently than existing computing platforms.

‘Iron Fist’ season 2 will premiere on Netflix later this year

Finn Jones will return to Netflix as Marvel Comics' popular kung fu superhero Danny Rand later this year for the second season of the Iron Fist series, according to Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb.

Motorola might be jumping on the foldable smartphone bandwagon

Motorola looks to be the latest electronics manufacturer to join the foldable smartphone race. The company filed a patent for a handset with a flexible OLED display that uses heat to fix imperfections caused by repetitive...

Ford will auction off this Mustang inspired by RAF fighters from WWII

A one-of-a-kind 700-horsepower high-performance Ford Mustang with a livery scheme inspired by American pilots who flew for the RAF during World War II will be auctioned off for charity.

8Bitdo’s tiny wireless Nintendo Switch controllers opt for nostalgic colors

Third-party game accessory company 8Bitdo unveiled a new line of tiny controllers compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The gamepads are designed to mimic the look of the Game Boy Pocket.

‘Lucifer’ lives on with a fourth season coming to Netflix

Netflix has shown some sympathy for the devil, picking up the fan-favorite crime drama Lucifer at the last possible moment for a fourth season.

Oprah joins Apple with a multi-year original programming deal

Apple has landed one of the most influential figures in all media, signing a wide-ranging deal with Oprah Winfrey. Few details were announced, but it means Apple is upping the ante in original streaming programming.

Get NFC payments, blood oxygen readings, and GPS from Garmin’s Fenix 5 Plus

The Fenix 5 GPS multisport watch was a major win for Garmin, and now, the German company is releasing the latest iteration of its smart wearable. On June 18, Garmin introduced the Fenix 5 Plus series.

You’ll want Xiaomi’s Mi A2 for the software, not the iPhone X looks

Xiaomi is prepping a follow-up to its Mi A1 smartphone. The Mi A2 has a distinct design, which we've definitely seen before, but the software is the real draw. Here's everything we know about it so far.

Disney Channel’s Nintendo Switch Family Showdown tests your gaming skills

This summer Disney Channel will host the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown, a competition to find a skilled family of Nintendo fans. Games in the competition include Mario Tennis Aces and Super Mario Odyssey.

After nearly two years, ‘Pokémon Go’ finally adds a trading feature

Nearly two years since its initial launch on mobile devices, Niantic's Pokémon Go has finally added the ability to trade monsters with your friends. The feature comes alongside a new "friends" system.

AMD will only release Ryzen APU graphics drivers every three months

AMD's 2200G and 2400G APUs may have just received their first big graphics update since release, but that won't be a frequent occurrence. An AMD representative has confirmed GPU driver releases will only release every...

Here’s everything you need to know about the Huawei P20

Huawei has announced its newest flagships: The Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei P20, and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS. Both the P20 Pro and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS feature a triple camera array.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music adds rockin’ tunes to your favorite workout

In addition to onboard GPS and heart rate monitoring, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music gives users the ability to store up to 500 songs on the watch -- and control playback -- while running, cycling, or working out.

Brew the perfect cup of chai with the push of a button with the Chime

Meet the Chime Chai Maker, an automated chai machine that purports to deliver the perfect cup of chai every time. Because as it turns out, dunking a tea bag and adding some milk and sugar just doesn't cut it.

NASA’s Opportunity Rover is stuck in a giant dust storm — can she make it?

A massive dust storm that is about the size of our continent has shrouded Mars, and has covered Opportunity for the last seven days. Not only is much of the planet in the dark, but so too is Earth about Opportunity's...

Some folks still think it’s a good idea to fly drones over wildfires

Owners of hobby drones have been disrupting airborne efforts to tackle wildfires in Colorado in recent days. Each time a drone is spotted, manned firefighting aircraft need to be grounded until the airspace is clear again.

Mayday! Amazon pulls the plug on Kindle Fire’s popular support feature

Amazon's Mayday on-screen customer support feature proved to be hugely popular for Kindle Fire tablet users, but now the company has announced that the service will be discontinued this month.

Indulge your nostalgia with a brand new iPhone 3GS

Did you miss out on owning one of the most popular smartphones from the 2000s? Well, thanks to a South Korean mobile carrier, you can make it up to yourself by buying the iPhone 3GS for 44,000 Won, or 40 U.S. dollars.

Google Translate does not hold up well in a classroom or a courtroom

How reliable is Google Translate? You're probably safe using it to order from a restaurant or ask for directions, but don't expect its interpretations to hold up in a classroom or courtroom

To put a quantum computer on your desk, Intel has a plan unlike any other

Quantum computers, once they become common, will solve difficult problems far more quickly than current PCs. That could threaten a chipmaker like Intel, but it’s researching how to turn its knowledge of silicon production...

At Stephen Hawking’s memorial, his message of peace was beamed into the cosmos

As Stephen Hawking's ashes were buried in Westminster Abbey, a message from the renowned scientist was broadcast to a nearby black hole.

Apple vs. Qualcomm: Everything you need to know

Apple is following the FTC's lead and has sued Qualcomm for a massive $1 billion in the U.S., $145 million in China, and also in the U.K., claiming the company charged onerous royalties for its patented tech.

You can drive away in this tiny home, converted from a 1966 Greyhound bus

For Jessie Lipskin, it was love at first sight when she discovered a 1966 Greyhound bus up for auction on eBay, which she planned to convert into a fully mobile tiny home, registered as an RV.

HoloLens 2 could pack Qualcomm’s new XR1 chip for extended reality

The next version of Microsoft's HoloLens headset for augmented reality will supposedly feature Qualcomm's new Snapdragon XR1. The rumor arrives by way of an anonymous source who claims the headset will appear in January 2019.

Crown is a new dating app that looks a lot like your March Madness bracket

Rather than giving you a never ending roster of potential mates to pick from, Crown gives you a curated list that you then eliminate, tournament-style on a daily basis. It's the latest dating app from the Match Group.

Venmo will no longer let you pay or charge your friends on its website

If you're looking to Venmo your friend for that pizza you ate half most of, or need to send your monthly rent payment via the PayPal-owned peer-to-peer payments service, you'll now have to do it via mobile. Venmo is...

Get your Trek on with everything we know about ‘Discovery’ season 2

The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery will return for more adventures on CBS All Access in the near future. Here's everything we know about Star Trek: Discovery season 2, from the cast and themes to the season premiere.

Iowa man gets 20-year prison sentence for trying to steal a domain at gunpoint

An Iowa man who used a firearm in an attempt to steal a domain and the failed armed robbery to steal the domain landed Sherman Hopkins Jr. a 20-year prison sentence.

The versatile HPC Scout is a beast on the road and on the trail

With optional components added, the HPC Scout off-road ebike can achieve speeds of up to 40 mph and a range of as much as 42 miles, making it one of the fastest and most versatile electric bikes on the market.

The Leica C-Lux mixes classic design with a modern zoom

Leica's classic style meshes with a large sensor, big-zoom compact in the new Leica C-Lux camera. The M10, meanwhile, gets the first special edition treatment inspired by Zagato's Italian car designs.

Check out these wacky designs in Boeing’s $2 million passenger drone contest

Check out these weird and wonderful passenger drone designs that could one day be transporting us around our cities. The 10 winners of the Boeing-sponsored contest now have nine months to build prototypes.

Ready to grill? Here are alternatives to cleaning it with a wire-bristle brush

Wire-bristle grill brushes have taken some heat recently, because sometimes the bristles dislodge and end up causing serious injuries when an unsuspecting party-goer swallows it. Luckily, there are alternative ways to...

U.S. senators question Amazon about transmission of recorded private conversation

Senators Jeff Flake and Chris Coons sent CEO Jeff Bezos questions about Amazon's collection, storage, and use of consumer data. The senators questioned the specifics of the error and Amazon's overall data protection...

NFC tech in official World Cup match ball draws fans even more into the games

As soccer fans gear up to root for their favorite nation in the 2018 World Cup, Adidas teamed with software company BlueBite to outfit the official match ball with NFC tech. By scanning the chip with a phone, fans get...

Why Mastercard is ripping a page from Bitcoin’s book

Mastercard's new blockchain patent seeks to put an end to credit card skimmers and make money safer. Regardless of what you think of cryptocurrency, the largest financial institutions are transforming real money to become...

Insomnia keeping you up? The Reverie Sleep Coach may help

The Reverie Sleep Coach is touted as a personalized sleep consultation platform that offers one-on-one guidance instead of the usual one-size-fits-all approach other sleep coaches take.

Creep in peace — Instagram will no longer tell people when you take screenshots

If you've been holding back on your social media stalking tendencies, then hold back no more. As originally reported by BuzzFeed, Instagram will no longer alert users when someone takes a screenshot of their Stories.

Developers can now take Google App Maker out for a test drive

About 18 months ago, Google introduced us to App Maker, a tool that allows you to build and deploy apps (specifically of the business variety) on the web. Now it's available to all developers.

Apple Park’s office setup aims to keep workers on their toes

Apple boss Tim Cook said this week that all of the company's workers at its flashy new Apple Park campus have access to a standing desk, which he's adamant is a healthier way to work.

The Focus Paralane2 may change your mind about how heavy ebikes can be

Focus has taken the wraps off of its new Paralane2 ebike, which weighs 28.8 pounds but drops to just 22 pounds when the detachable motor and battery pack are removed, making it one of the lightest ebikes around.

Photo FOMO: A working Lego camera, and a box that gives cameras sweet moves

How many pieces does it take to build a film camera out of Lego bricks? In this week's Photo FOMO, a photographer vies for Lego approval, Miops moves into camera motion systems, and Fujifilm apologizes for firmware delays.

Everything we know about the Sony Xperia XZ3

The Xperia XZ2 Premium may be new, but there are already rumors of Sony's next inclusion in its flagship XZ range. Here's everything we've been able to dig up about Sony's upcoming phone, the Sony Xperia XZ3.

Nintendo: ‘Metroid Prime 4’ is ‘progressing well’ but it’s not ready to be shown

Metroid Prime 4 was announced by Nintendo at E3 2017, but the game was absent from this year's presentation. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé has confirmed that the game is still progressing well.

Sony’s Xperia XZ2 Premium has a crazy-high ISO for photos and video

We're hardly six months into 2018, and Sony has added yet another smartphone to its roster. It's the Xperia XZ2 Premium, and it's the first Sony phone with two cameras on the rear.

SwiftKey integration on latest Insider build makes it easier to type on glass

Microsoft is testing SwiftKey keyboard integration in the latest Insider Preview before making it available for all Windows 10 users. Windows Insiders can download build 17692 to begin swiping in Windows 10's on-screen...

You can now put Alexa on your wrist with this new Apple Watch app

If you want to free Alexa from your Amazon Echo and instead find her a home on your wrist, there's a new app that can help. Meet Voice in a Can, a new third-party app that allows you to use Alexa on your Apple Watch.

Ring Alarm home security system is now available for pre-order

Homeowners can now pre-order the $200 Ring Alarm DIY smart home security system, with shipping scheduled for July 4. Professional monitoring and unlimited video storage cost just $10 a month.

Here’s everything we know about the OnePlus 6 smartphone so far

It's been several months since we first got our hands on the OnePlus 5T, and the rumors around its replacement are coming in at fever pitch. Here's what we're hearing about the upcoming OnePlus 6.

Apple could implement one of the Google Pixel 2’s coolest features

According to a newly published patent, Apple could be working on implementing one of the most interesting features from the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The patent described a kind of "squeeze" feature.

Snapchat opens its doors to third-party apps, keeps privacy first

Snapchat launched its new platform for third-party developers. Known as Snap Kit, developers now have the option to integrate Snapchat features into their own apps while also keeping user data safe.

Intel’s Core i9 for laptops is great, but it’s not a true Core i9

Intel's Core i9 processors are some of the quickest on the market, but they harbor a dark secret. There's a bigger gulf between the mobile and desktop versions of these processors than you might think. Let's take a look.

Scientists have mapped the genome of the most common cancer among younger men

Researchers from the University of North Carolina and other institutes have mapped the genome of testicular cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer among young men ages 15 to 44.

This guy beamed Alexa into the head of L3-37 from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

When designer Patrick Stefanski joined his desire for a robotic companion with Solo: A Star Wars Story, the result was this quirky re-creation of the droid L3-37. Here's how it came to life.

The Guardzilla 360-degree indoor/outdoor battery/electric cam can do it all

We've seen all kinds of home security cameras -- some made for outside, some that are wireless, and some that feature a 360-degree field of view. The Guardzilla 360 Outdoor/Indoor boasts the ability to offer all of those...

With artificial bone marrow, scientists aim to decode blood disease

To better understand blood diseases, researchers have engineered an artificial bone marrow that overcomes the limitations of previous models. The new model offers the possibility to better understand how blood diseases can...

Mozilla goes all in on voice commands with its latest browser concept

Mozilla is said to be working on a new type of internet browser that would let you navigate it entirely by using your voice. With vocal commands at its core, the Scout browser could be the best browser for accessibility.

These games were revealed at E3 2018, and you can play them right now

E3 2018 dumped a load of titles on gamers this year, but what exactly can you play right now? We gathered a list of available titles spanning all four platforms including Unraveled Two, the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2,...

Half taxidermy, half robot: Why UC Davis built this crazy realistic robo-bird

Researchers at the University of California, Davis are building taxidermy bird robots on wheels, designed to discover more about the mating habits of the survival-challenged sage grouse.

VR experience re-creates the Anne Frank House as it looked during WWII

The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam is launching a virtual reality tour of the Anne Frank House's Secret Annex, where the famous diarist and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II.

Report claims late 2017 cryptocurrency spike was artificially inflated by Tether

A new report stemming from the University of Texas at Austin claims that the big surge in cryptocurrency values during 2017 was artificially created using a digital currency called Tether. The report focuses on Bitfinex.

Amid U.S. hurdles, Huawei may be banned from Australia’s 5G network

Huawei is facing plenty of hurdles in the U.S., buts its struggles may be moving to other countries too. A recent report notes that the company may be banned from taking part in the buildout of Australia's 5G network.

Folding ‘Andromeda’ device could be Microsoft’s iPhone moment

Microsoft's Andromeda device could be announced later this year. A patent filing made public today illustrates not only how it could look, but also how it could work -- and how it could fit into your life.

The Suunto 9 smartwatch lets you go the distance with 120 hours of GPS

Whether you're a serious athlete or a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, the Suunto 9 is the answer to your battery life woes -- providing for up to 120 hours of battery life while GPS tracking is enabled.

You’ll want to perk up when it comes to the new ‘Lazy State’ Intel CPU bug

A new bug in Intel CPUs dating back to 2011 has been discovered. Similar to Spectre and Meltdown, it takes advantage of an inherent flaw in the chip's design to steal user data from running processes.

A.I.-powered 3D 360 Detu Max camera reads like a list of photo buzzwords

3D, 360, AI, HDR, RAW -- the Detu Max appears to cram quite a few features inside an eight-lens 360 camera. The pro-focused camera uses artificial intelligence to allow for object tracking and high-resolution stitches.

Nikon developing a 500mm super telephoto with compact Fresnel design

Nikon will launch a 500mm telephoto lens that's smaller than current options thanks to what's called a Phase Fresnel design. The Phase Fresnel adds a PF to the alphabet soup of lens naming, but it also makes the lens lighter.

Samsung’s speedier Chromebook Plus V2 now comes with a second camera

In addition to giving the Chromebook Plus V2 more speed this year, Samsung is adding a secondary camera and spill-resistant keyboard. There's a lot to love at $499, but the screen may be the Chromebook Plus V2's Achilles...

The massive AT&T-Time Warner merger could make it much harder to cut the cord

This week, a federal judge officially approved an $85 billion deal in which AT&T will acquire Time Warner Inc. and all its properties, including HBO, CNN, and more. We break down what the merger means for you.

Want to get into the ‘Fallout 76’ beta? Here’s how you do it

Want to get into Bethesda's Fallout 76 beta? We don't know when the program will launch, but we provide instructions on how to get ready. The game officially launches on November 14.

Google’s Pixelbook could soon natively support booting into Windows 10

Google's Pixelbook may eventually support native dual-booting into Windows 10. Evidence recently surfaced in Chrome OS linking a new AltOS feature to Microsoft's Windows Hardware Certification and its Windows Hardware Lab...

The Amazon Father’s Day Sale discounts Echo, Fire, Kindle, and Cloud products

Amazon is offering discounts on its house brand products for Father's Day, including Amazon Echo Alexa-connected products including Dots, Spots, and more. Fire TV and Fire tablets, Kindles, and Cloud Cams are all on sale.

Porsche creates a different kind of prancing horse with the all-electric Taycan

Porsche's Mission E concept won't change much as it transitions to a production model named Taycan and scheduled to arrive in 2019. That means the sedan will keep the sleek design and its 800-volt charging system.

Aston Martin Rapide AMR boasts 205 mph top speed, limited production run

The Aston Martin Rapide AMR is the latest model from Aston's AMR performance sub-brand. This souped up version of Aston's four-door Rapide boasts a 580-horsepower V12 engine that can propel it to just over 200 mph.

Samsung has made a very big promise for 2020, and it’s not for the Galaxy S12

Samsung has committed to using 100 percent renewable energy to power key facilities in the United States, Europe, and China by 2020. The company has come under pressure recently for not doing enough to stop using fossil...

Why Intel’s monopoly could soon end (and you should be stoked)

When’s the last time you saw a laptop without an Intel chip in it? The company’s near-monopoly status has made it difficult for new players to gain a foothold, but that may soon change.

Twitter’s Happening Now, Explore are about to get more personal

Twitter is working to make its experience more tailored to each user's interests. The personalized news will be coming to the Happening Now Section, as well as notifications and a tab inside Explore.

Nissan’s Pitch-R robot is here to put field stripers out of work

Manually striping fields with chalk or spray paint may soon be a thing of the past thanks to Nissan's latest creation, the Pitch-R, a robot capable of striping a playing field in less than 20 minutes.

Festo’s cuttlefish-inspired robot looks like it escaped an alien aquarium

Built by pioneering German automation company Festo, this cuttlefish-inspired robot may look weird, but it's capable of some pretty impressive feats. Check it out in underwater action.

Everything we know about the upcoming LG G8 ThinQ smartphone

It may still be 2018, but we're already hearing rumors about next year's lineup of smartphones. LG is expected to release its successor to the LG G7 ThinQ, aptly named the LG G8 ThinQ. Here's everything we know about it so...

Intel’s powerful new 8-core processor could land in desktops this September

Intel may have some powerful processors up its sleeves to woo desktop users into upgrading come September. The company could release an eight-core processor for mainstream users and a powerful 22-core CPU for enthusiasts.

Out-of-this-world champagne bottle is designed for popping in zero gravity

What kind of champagne do astronauts pop? No, it's not the setup for a joke, but the question answered by Mumm International with its new champagne, which is designed to be consumed in zero gravity.

Plex adds the grid-style guide for live TV that users have been pining for

Using Plex's built-in DVR feature is going to feel even more like watching traditional TV, as the software is finally adding the grid-style guide that its users have been asking for.

Airbnb Japan just axed 80 percent of its listings in one fell swoop

A new law about to come into effect in Japan has prompted Airbnb to axe 80 percent of its listings there. The incoming regulations mean hosts need to apply for a permit to operate, but most have so far failed to do so.

Surface Pro 6 is reportedly coming next year and HoloLens 2 later this year

Microsoft's hardware plans for the coming year, and a bit beyond, have reportedly leaked according to multiple reports. So what could we see announced this year? Some exciting hardware releases like the HoloLens 2 and more.

Is this the future of medicine? Synthetic blood could buy patients 48 extra hours

Dr. Andre Palmer of the Ohio State University and Dr. Dipanjan Pan, an associate professor in the department of bioengineering at the University of Illinois - have independently developed synthetic blood technologies.

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will reportedly arrive in 2020

If a new report is accurate, Microsoft is planning to release its next-generation Xbox console in 2020. Now for the peculiar part: The company could have more than one system in the works.

Now fixed, Cortana exploit allowed anyone to bypass the Windows 10 lock screen

McAfee Labs reports that the latest Patch Tuesday update issued by Microsoft fixes a problem with Cortana that allowed anyone to read sensitive information at the Windows 10 lock screen and bypass the screen altogether.

Apple quietly bans developers from selling your contacts’ data

Apple quietly updated its developer guidelines to ban developers from selling data collected from an iPhone users contacts app -- a practice similar to what landed Facebook in hot water with Cambridge Analytica.

Stay clean in the backcountry using just one gallon of water with Geyser System

Whether you're living out of a van, camping with friends, or traveling the world -- finding somewhere to take a hot shower can be a challenge. Geyser System allows you to get clean anywhere you are.

Kia recalls half a million vehicles in the U.S. due to airbag problem

It's hardly on the scale of Takata, but it's still a serious safety issue that needs addressing. Korean automaker Kia is recalling half a million cars over an airbag issue that can prevent them from properly deploying.

From 4 wheels to 2 wheels — Lyft looks to add CitiBike to its fleet

Ride-sharing companies are looking to expand their domain to bike lanes and sidewalks, too. That's being evidenced by Lyft, the San Francisco-based company that is reportedly close to closing a deal to acquire Motivate.

HandyShower is the portable bathroom for your next camping trip

HandyShower is a new portable water system designed for campers who want to stay clean and healthy in the backcountry. The 3-in-1 system includes not just a shower, but also a bidet, and a faucet, all connected to a...

Dual-screen Andromeda headlines Microsoft’s leaked 2018 Surface lineup

Microsoft is said to be on track to launching its dual-screen Andromeda PC this year, which could headline the company's Surface refresh. Other devices that could be announced include a Surface Pro 6 and new Surface Tablet.

Google Translate uses A.I. to improve accuracy for offline use

If you sometimes find Google Translate's offline efforts to be a little confusing or inaccurate, then an update coming to its iOS and Android apps this week looks set to bring some solid improvements.

Uber eyes millions of new riders with the launch of Uber Lite

Uber has just launched a lightweight version of its app. Targeted at emerging markets such as India, Uber Lite uses just 5MB of storage to offer a service that still manages to retain some of the core features of its...

Lenovo’s first VR-certified 15-inch mobile workstation packs a six-core CPU

Lenovo revealed its first VR-ready 15-inch mobile workstation, the ThinkPad P52. It includes up to an eighth-generation Intel Xeon six-core processor, up to a Nvidia Quadro P3200 discrete graphics chip, and up to 128GB of...

‘Super Mario Party’ comes to Switch this October to ruin your friendships

Nintendo announced Super Mario Party for the Switch and it's coming this October. The game offers new ways to play for those with more than one console, as well as several new mini-games.

This odd-looking accessory converts traditional film cameras into instant film

Think instant film cameras have to be fixed-lens cameras? The Instant Magny 35 converts a 135 SLR or rangefinder camera to Fujifilm Instax Film. Using a trick of mirrors, the back captures the image on instant film -- but...

Privacy virtual credit card service adds cash back for online transactions

Worried about all the places online your debit card information is stored? With Privacy, you can use virtual or "burner" cards for all your online transactions, making your financial details anonymous on the internet.

Lowepro shelves the traditional camera backpack design in favor of versatility

The new Lowepro FreeLine BP 350 AW isn't your typical camera backpack. Instead of compartmentalizing gear, the FreeLine uses a padded shelving system that allows for faster customization of the interior.

Here’s everything we know about the 2019 iPhone

It's still early, but rumors for the 2019 iPhone are surfacing. Based on rumors, the 2019 flagship could include upgrades ranging from a new design to enhanced features. Here's everything we know about the device so far.

Watch Kitty Hawk’s all-new personal flying vehicle take to the skies

Check out the latest personal flying vehicle from Kitty Hawk. Capable of vertical take-offs and landings powered by its 10 sets of rotors, the all-electric Flyer can reach speeds of up to 20 mph and fly for 20 minutes.

The battle of the smart assistants should definitely include Cortana

For the time being, it may seem that the battle of the smart assistants rages only between two contenders -- Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. A new survey suggests that you certainly shouldn't count out Microsoft Cortana.

‘Pokémon: Let’s Go’ games are a full-featured nostalgia trip for longtime fans

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! look to be the perfect games for longtime fans of the series, with areas from Pokémon Yellow now looking as we wished they did years ago.

U.K. drone company sets flying record that could be a big boost for autonomy

U.K. company SenSat this week set a new record, flying 7.5 miles using a fixed-wing drone beyond the visible line of sight of the pilot. Here's why that is important for the future of UAVs.

Common Motorola Moto G6, G6 Plus, and G6 Play problems and how to fix them

The Motorola Moto G6 is great, but it's not perfect. We've rounded up some of the most common issues and problems you're likely to find, as well as the fixes that bring your phone back to full capabilities.

Color-changing LED stools let you know if you’re sitting with bad posture

German researchers have developed special color-changing LED stools which monitor your weight distribution to let you know if you're sitting with bad posture. Here's how they work.

Electrified ‘fog harp’ could make power plants more sustainable

Researchers have created a new system for water collection that may allow power plants to function more sustainably, by reusing the water themselves, or by helping provide water to surrounding regions.

Facebook is messing with your memories as On This Day gets refreshed

Goodbye On This Day, hello Facebook Memories. Facebook's popular throwback feature is getting a refresh and a new name as the three-year-old On This Day feature becomes Memories.

Shop Stories, not stores, with Instagram’s latest update

As the Stories format continues to grow, Instagram is allowing users to shop the items inside a Stories photo or video. Instagram recently launched stickers that let people shop inside a Story by tapping on the sticker.

Apple’s MacBook Pro problem will make you want to backup your files ASAP

MacBook Pro owners will want to be extra prudent with maintaining backups. A glitch affecting the 13-inch MacBook Pro model without Touch Bar requires both the SSD and the logic board to be replaced if either components...

‘Fortnite’ is available right now for free on the Nintendo Switch

During Nintendo's pre-show E3 2018 press conference, the company revealed that you can now download 'Fortnite' for free on the Nintendo Switch. You can play it right now.

This algorithm turns World Cup games into 3D augmented reality

Researchers have developed a way to get you closer to your favorite sports action: An algorithm which can turn 2D live-action televised soccer into a 3D augmented reality re-creation.

Dish’s devices just got easier to control with new Alexa voice commands

Dish began integrating Alexa into its hardware last year, and now that hardware will be even easier to use thanks to a handful of new commands that make navigation the interface and controlling your DVR entirely hands-free.

Here’s everything Ubisoft showcased during its E3 2018 presentation

Ubisoft showcased 10 games during its press conference leading up to the E3 gaming show. Some of the goodies making an appearance included Fox McCloud in the Nintendo Switch version of "Starlink: Battle for Atlas," and more.

First ‘The Last of Us: Part II’ gameplay shows just how deadly Ellie has become

Sony and Naughty Dog showed off the first gameplay demonstration for The Last of Us: Part II during the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference. It was an intense and violent slice of the game.

Reddit is rolling out video ads — and yes, they autoplay

Brace yourselves, Redditors -- video ads are coming to the platform beginning next week. The ads will autoplay in the feed thanks to the new card view and will be hosted on Reddit's native video platform launched last year.

Watch Nintendo’s E3 2018 livestream right here at Digital Trends

Nintendo's E3 2018 livestream rounds out the press conferences this year at 9 a.m. PT on June 12. We're streaming the event right here, with live reactions from Senior Editor Matt Smith, and we'd love for you to join us!

A single police drone has seriously impacted crime in a Mexican city

A single drone used by a police department in the Mexiacan city of Ensenada has reportedly helped to cut overall crime there by 10 percent, and house burglaries by a sizable 30 percent.

Flo smart home water alert users can get their water damage expenses paid for

Flo Technologies announced an optional water damage reimbursement program for Flo smart home water monitoring customers. Flo will reimburse HomeProtect subscribers for their homeowner's insurance deductible in the case of...

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 ‘urgent’ update calms noisy fans for quieter computing

The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 has a brand-new BIOS update available which fixes one of the few issues we had with the system. Once installed, the convertible laptop's fans will be far less noisy during charging.

Tesla now has more than 10,000 Superchargers around the world

Tesla has opened its 10,000th Supercharger, this one in Ontario, Canada. The global network of Superchargers has been growing steadily since 2012, with the total number of stations now standing at more than 1,200.

Google takes Chromebooks beyond the browser with Chrome OS 67

Chrome OS 67 will be rolling out to Chromebooks over the next several days, bringing support for Progressive Web Apps. The update will make Chrome OS work better on newer form factors, like Chrome OS tablets and detachables.

‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ teams up with Fox McCloud on Switch in October

Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Ubisoft's upcoming toys-to-life dogfighting game, will feature a very special guest appearance. Fox McCloud, of Star Fox fame, will be playable throughout the whole campaign on Nintendo Switch.

‘Skull & Bones’ will turn friends into enemies in the hunt for treasure

Ubisoft's Skull & Bones is shaping up to be a major expansion of the naval warfare mechanics introduced in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and the demonstration shown at E3 2018 pitted friends against each other.

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ looks to be an incredibly gorgeous and stylish game

During Sony's E3 2018 press conference, we got our first look at Ghost of Tsushima gameplay. In the lengthy trailer, we got a good idea of the combat, stealth mechanics, and the gorgeous, sprawling open world.

Google’s Change the Game winners designed games we can’t wait to play

Google has announced the winners of its Change the Game initiative, teenage girls who have designed and/or developed mobile games. Change the Game is aimed at empowering young girls to develop mobile games.

You, yes you, can contribute content to ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’

To open its E3 2018 press conference, Ubisoft showed off a new trailer and gameplay footage for Beyond Good & Evil 2, which gave us a glimpse of a familiar face. Additionally, you can contribute art and music to the game.

New ‘Death Stranding’ trailer shows off gameplay, confuses us even more

The first gameplay for Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding was shown during the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference, and it has us even more confused about the bizarre science-fiction title.

Fitbit Ace kids fitness tracker is now available for purchase

To keep kids active throughout the day instead of glued to a smartphone or tablet, Fitbit launched the Fitbit Ace. The basic fitness tracker allows kids to track activity while providing parents with an overview.

‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’ boasts two main characters, ship-to-ship combat

At its E3 2018 event, publisher Ubisoft showed off a sneak-peek at the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. During the show, Ubisoft not only ran a detailed gameplay preview, but illustrated exactly what players can expect.

Check out Sony’s E3 2018 press conference live right here

Sony's E3 press conference starts at 6 p.m. PT on June 11. We're livestreaming the show and providing instant reactions right here. Expect a ton of footage from four of Sony's biggest upcoming exclusives.

Move over, antibiotics! Cold plasma could be the next great way to treat wounds

A German company called Coldplasmatech has created a breakthrough cold plasma patch, which uses ions and UV radiation to treat infections in chronic wounds as an alternative to antibiotics.

MIT can charge implants with external wireless power from 125 feet away

Researchers from MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed a new way to wirelessly power and communicate with medical implants even when they're deep inside the human body.

The D-Mask may be the high-tech future of diving and snorkeling

A Chinese design company called DDG has created a concept for a new scuba and snorkeling mask that fits over the entire face, offers a head-up display, includes a built-in light and camera, and even bone-conducting audio.

Even in the desert, an innovative device pulls fresh water out of thin air

Berkeley researchers demonstrated a unique approach to water harvesting that let them extract drinkable water from the air without the need for external energy, offering a cheap supply of water for arid regions.

Scientists hope to unlock medical marvels with a 100-million fps camera

The high-speed camera would enable researchers to capture video in unparalleled detail, enabling them to witness and study processes that were previously imperceptible, exploring how light and sound can be used in treatments.

Watch the Ubisoft E3 2018 press conference right here

Ubisoft will host its annual E3 press conference on Monday, June 11 at 4 p.m. ET. You can watch the whole thing right here with the Digital Trends crew as we react to the latest news.

Having regrets? Snapchat adds a tool to delete messages

Snapchat users can finally take back what they just said with a new Clear Chats tool. The hidden tool allows users to delete messages, both read and unread. The update comes as the company's camera glasses launch on Amazon.

Kait Diaz goes AWOL to seek answers from the Locus in ‘Gears of War’ preview

The Coalition introduced Gears 5 during Microsoft's Xbox conference. Most of what we saw set the stage for the story, which puts Kait Diaz in the protagonist's seat. She goes AWOL on a personal mission to understand her...

The Titan underwater drone promises to go deeper than its rivals

Think that all drones are destined to be in the sky? Titan is a new underwater drone which can dive to depths of up to 150 meters below the waves. Here's how you can get your hands on one.

Here is everything we know about the Asus ZenFone 5

Asus has unveiled its latest and greatest smartphones, the Zenfone 5 series -- which includes the Zenfone 5, Zenfone 5Z, and Zenfone 5 Lite. Here's everything we know about the phones.

Net neutrality is dead, but it could make a comeback

Net neutrality is dead and FCC chairman Ajit Pai claims this is a good thing for everyone. Don't lose hope though, as many state-level government officials are pushing to protect the principle.

You’ll soon be able to arm yourself with replica ‘Fallout 76’ gear

Fallout 76 gameplay was first shown during Bethesda's E3 press conference, and if you're in the mood to explore the barren post-nuke world, you can do so with some nifty new collectibles.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company puts first 1,000 Flamethrowers in buyers’ hands

If the reports on Elon Musk's Twitter account are accurate, The Boring Company delivered 1,000 TBC Flamethrowers to buyers this weekend. Musk, who heads The Boring Company, said each flamethrower also comes with a TBC Fire...

Unify your PC and accessory lighting with Razer’s expanded Chroma support

Razer has expanded its Chroma platform to support hardware from third-party manufacturers, making it possible for gamers with a variety of accessories and gaming gear to have uniform backlighting profiles.

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange loses $40 million in hack

A South Korean cryptocurrency exchange has lost roughly $40 million dollars worth of tokens in a hack. Coinrail has taken its service offline, but it is unclear if they will offer refunds to their affected customers

‘Doom Eternal’ brings packs of hellish demons to Earth

During its E3 2018 press conference, Bethesda and Id Software announced Doom Eternal, the sequel to 2016's reboot of the iconic first-person shooter franchise. This time around, the demons have found their way to Earth.

‘Halo Infinite’ will be Master Chief’s ‘greatest adventure yet’

To open its E3 2018 press briefing, Microsoft unveiled Halo Infinite, the next mainline entry in Microsoft's flagship first-person shooter franchise. A release window wasn't announced, but Halo Infinite uses a brand new...

‘Rage 2’ looks to be faster, zanier, and way more exciting than the original

Gameplay shown for Rage 2 during Bethesda's E3 2018 Showcase has us excited to get our hands on the sequel. It's zanier and more creative than the original, but it's still Rage at heart.

‘The Elder Scrolls: Blades,’ a free-to-play mobile RPG, arrives this fall

The Elder Scrolls: Blades isn't the first mobile Elder Scrolls game, but it will look more familiar to fans of the RPG series. The first-person experience comes to mobile devices this fall as a free-to-play game.

‘Forza Horizon 4’ races onto the Xbox One, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass in October

During Microsoft's E3 press conference, Playground Games revealed the release date for the fourth installment of its "Forza Horizon" franchise. It will feature an open world changed by the time of day, seasons, and weather.

Watch the Bethesda E3 2018 press conference right here

Bethesda will host its annual E3 2018 press conference on Sunday, June 10 at 9:30 p.m. ET, giving players a look at its upcoming games, and you can watch the whole event right here.

‘Nier: Automata’ will make Xbox One players very sad June 26

Square Enix and PlatinumGames' masterpiece role-playing game Nier: Automata will come to Xbox later this month after previously only being available on PS4 and PC. Downloadable content will be included.

CD Projekt Red gives impressive first look at sprawling world of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

To close out Microsoft's E3 2018 show, we got our first good look at CD Projekt Red's next massive RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. From flying cars, to robot fights, to rogue body alterations, Cyberpunk 2077 definitely earns its name.

‘Devil May Cry 5’ finally announced, and it looks as crazy as you’d hoped

Capcom unveiled Devil May Cry 5 during Microsoft's E3 press conference, the long-awaited sequel to 2008's Devil May Cry 4. Devil May Cry 5 will once again focus on Nero, and launches in Spring 2019.

‘Kingdom Hearts III’: Everything we knows our far

More than a decade since the last main series entry, anticipation for Kingdom Hearts III has reached a fever pitch. Here is everything we know so far, including the latest trailer showing off more fluid combat.

Watch the Xbox E3 2018 press conference right here

Microsoft's E3 2018 Xbox press conference will take place on June 10 at 4 p.m. ET. We'll be livestreaming the entire show right here, reacting along to the announcements as they happen.

U.S. Army algorithm tells you how much coffee to drink to remain alert

Researchers for the U.S. Army have developed a smart algorithm that can work out when and how much coffee is needed keep people alert when they are suffering the effects of extreme sleep loss.

HBO orders a pilot episode for a ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel series

Having Game of Thrones withdrawals? HBO ordered a pilot for a prequel series developed by George R. R. Martin and writer Jane Goldman, set during the Age of Heroes, thousands of years before the events of the original series.

‘FIFA 19’ gets the UEFA Champions League, ‘FIFA 18’ free to try now

At EA Play, EA Sports announced FIFA 19 will get UEFA Champions League content, previously a Pro Evolution Soccer staple. While you wait for FIFA 19's September 28 launch, you can try FIFA 18 for free right now.

Players can team to explore a shared world when ‘Anthem’ debuts in February 2019

Electronic Arts and BioWare saved "Anthem" for last during the E3 2018 press conference, revealing when the game will arrive on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game will feature a "living," shareable open world,

FCC adopts news rules to stop phone companies from ‘slamming’ and ‘cramming’

The FCC has issued new rules meant to protect customers from dishonest business practices. In particular, the organization is taking aim at two of the phone industry's most despised tactics: "slamming" and "cramming."

Alexa’s basketball clairvoyance now extends to the NBA Finals

Just as she did for March Madness, Amazon's Alexa is now making a prediction about who will come out on top in the NBA Finals. Seeing as Alexa correctly predicted Villanova's win, the Warriors have a good shot.

Dead or Alive’s first sequel in nearly six years arrives in 2019

Ahead of E3, Team Ninja revealed Dead or Alive 6, the first new numbered entry in the fighting franchise in nearly six years. Dead or Alive 6 launches in early 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here is everything that we know about the Google Pixel 3

Google may have just launched the Pixel 2, but it's already gearing up for the next iteration, the Google Pixel 3. Here's everything we know (and don't know) about the upcoming phones so far.

Buying on a budget? Here’s the best gear and gadgetry you can get for under $20

Having the coolest technology is not always affordable. Digital Trends has compiled the best tech under $20. The list includes drones, clothes hooks embedded with security cameras, and even a virtual reality headset.

The Firefly wireless earbuds give you 2 hours of music for 10 minutes of charge

Meet Firefly, a pair of earbuds that promise premium Graphene sound, an ambient sound feature that actually allows some outside noise to come in to help you remain aware of your surroundings, 16 hours of playtime, and fast...

The LeveTop is a cylindrical, vertical drone that looks like a coffee mug

What makes this particular quadcopter particularly interesting isn't necessarily its flight capabilities (though they're impressive) or its camera. Rather, it's the fact that the LeveTop almost looks like a thermos when...

Ortovox recalls avalanche transceivers to fix potentially risky software bug

Avalanche safety equipment manufacturer Ortovox has issued a "precautionary" recall 3+ models of its avalanche transceivers after discovering a software error that could cause them to temporarily stop transmitting a signal.

Apple’s USB-C MagSafe adapter will make you want to live the ‘dongle life’

Apple has a patent for an adapter that would bring MagSafe capabilities to the USB-C ports on the MacBook and MacBook Pro. While it's still a dongle, this USB-C MagSafe adapter is sure to make critics of the "dongle life"...

‘Life is Strange’ creator Dontnod announces mystery ‘Twin Mirror’

Life is Strange and Vampyr developer Dontnot Entertainment have announced Twin Mirror, a dark mystery set in a West Virginia coal town. The game releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

Android Messages points to upcoming native texting client on Chromebooks

Google could be following Apple's iMessage lead by linking Android Messages to Chrome OS. Evidence of a native client appears on a new commit in Chromium Gerrit although there are no details about how the integration works.

Facebook takes on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer with a game broadcast channel

Facebook is experimenting with a new gaming video "destination" that combines all the live and pre-recorded gaming videos posted on the network. Facebook splits its one-stop video showcase into five sections.

Yahoo Messenger will soon die and Squirrel lives on in its wake

Yahoo Messenger will shut down for good in mid-July, ending all instant messaging services for mobile and web clients. Its closure brings an end to more than 20 years of chatting history.

Does wireless charging degrade your battery faster? We asked an expert

Wireless charging has been steadily growing in popularity. Even though it’s slower that plugging in, the convenience makes it attractive, but is there a hidden cost for battery life? We asked the experts to find out.

Google’s new patent hopes to protect the Google Home from being hijacked

If you love talking to Google Assistant, it's not hard to believe that a hacker would enjoy the same privileges. And now, Google is patenting a new system that seeks to protect you and your Google Home from being hijacked.

Has the Mars Curiosity rover found something? NASA shares news today

It's been six years since the Mars rover Curiosity landed on the Red Planet, and now, it seems that the space vehicle has some news to share. NASA has called a press conference to share the latest findings by its rover.

Long-awaited Xbox sequel ‘Crackdown 3’ reportedly delayed into 2019

Microsoft has reportedly delayed Crackdown 3 into 2019. The game had previously been scheduled for a November 2017 release date before being pumped into the following year, and early previews have been mixed.

Steam advertisement confirms ‘Just Cause 4’ following leak

A Steam advertisement posted online too early has confirmed Just Cause 4, the next sequel in Avalanche Studios' long-running open-world series. The game will presumably be officially announced at E3.

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