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The best hairstyle for your head shape

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By Aaron Krach
From Style + Tech For Men

There comes a point in every man's life . . .  OK, there came a point in my life when I realized that I'd been sporting the same haircut since high school and desperately needed a change. Finally, a situation in which being a journalist that specializes in grooming comes in handy. I could call one of my experts for some advice.

"Choosing the right cut can be as simple as knowing the shape of your head and face," says celebrity stylist and grooming expert for AXE Hair Amy Komorowski. "Once you determine your face shape, you can maximize pleasing features or minimize ones you're not so fond of."

And she should know. Komorowki's styled some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds.

"But Amy, I cannot look like a movie star. No way, no how."

Maybe not, but she says that if I find a style that makes me look well-groomed without looking like I spent a long time pulling myself together, then I'm on the right track.

Apparently, that starts with knowing what shape head you have. "You can tell your overall head shape by taking a closer look at the shape of your face," says Komorowski. "A long oval-shaped face means you have an oval-shaped head. Also, a larger forehead or pronounced jawline can indicate a square head shape. Oval faces and heads are considered the most pleasing.

"Guys can change their haircuts to make their long face look shorter or their round face appear longer." So the goal is to get a more round or oval face? "Yes." So here are Komorowski's tips on how to round out a great look, no matter what your face shape:


"It's best to keep the hair shorter on the sides and trimmed around the ears," says Komorowski. "This face shape tends to be chiseled and strong, so layers and loosely tousled styles help to soften the edges.


"Keep the sides trimmed and closer to the head with a bit more volume on top. An off-center part will be flattering as well."


"Most styles compliment an oval-shaped face, so experiment with different looks. However, stay away from styles that are too long or too flat on top, because they can make your face appear even longer."

Triangular (aka "heart-shaped")

"Choose a style that makes the jawline and chin look less pointy and square. Avoid too much volume on top, which can make your forehead look wider. A buzz cut and a bit of scruff can help distinguish the jawline."

Aaron Krach
, former grooming editor of Cargo magazine, is a writer and editor based in New York City. His work has appeared in InStyle, Out, and TimeOut New York, as well as on

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