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5 Clever Travel Hacks That’ll Make Your Travel a Breeze



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62 percent of American adults travel away from home for a vacation. Anyone who travels with any regularity learns quickly that lots of things can and often do go wrong on the trip.

Some of these things you can’t avoid, like weather delaying a flight or sudden fire damage to a bed and breakfast where you booked a room.

Fortunately, there are some travel hacks that can make your travel experience go a lot smoother. Keep reading and we’ll cover five of these hacks.

1. Roll Your Clothes

Most people learn as kids that they should neatly fold their clothes. That’s practical when you’re loading clothes into a dresser. It’s actually a really inefficient way for you to pack clothes into luggage.

Instead, roll your clothes up into a tube shape. You’ll get more clothes into your luggage or free up room for other things you want in your carry-on or checked luggage.

2. Beeswax Your Backpack

For the low-key pleasure traveler, though, a dedicated travel backpack often makes more sense than a rolling hard-case carryon. They’ll a little smaller but typically offer lots of organizational goodness.

Of course, they often don’t offer solid waterproofing. That can prove problematic if you travel somewhere wet or during the rainy season. Turns out all you need is some beeswax and that patience to thoroughly coat your backpack with it.

Instant waterproofing.

3. Pick the Right Season

When deciding when to travel, avoid the busy seasons of summer and the holidays. Instead, opt for some travel during the autumn season. It’s generally still warm enough to be pleasant, but you avoid the crowds.

As an added bonus, you can also save some money on plane tickets and accommodations. Most airlines and hotels will offer deals to help get bodies onto a flight or into a room in the off-season.

4. Avoid Lost Luggage

Those paper tags you get for your checked luggage work well enough as an inexpensive solution for an airline. Unfortunately, they lack a certain durability in design. Let a tag get torn or ripped off and your luggage can languish indefinitely in Marrakesh, where you had that layover.

Consider getting your own permanent, metal luggage tags. While luggage might go missing, you won’t lose it forever. The airline will eventually get it back to your permanent address.

5. Make Digital Copies of Important Documents

Wallets, passports, and visas can get lost or stolen while you travel. Get scans or photos of those documents and store them on your phone. Also, pick a cloud storage service and store copies there.

You’ll find it much less difficult when you go for replacements if you can show copies of the originals.

Parting Thoughts on Travel Hacks that Make Travel a Breeze

Things can, do and almost certainly will go wrong when you travel. In fact, it’s an absolute certainty for people who travel on a regular basis. The travel hacks listed above will help your travel experience go a lot smoother.

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