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8 Of Today’s Most Unusual Date Ideas That Are Sure to Leave a Great Impression



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Our contemporary lifestyle has made dating even harder. Less than a century ago, about a third of married couples lived within five blocks when they first met. But thanks to social media, we can start relationships with people thousands of miles away.

In addition to a massive dating pool, we are also overwhelmed by date ideas. Many people play it safe with dinner dates and a trip to the movies.

But these dates are not only forgettable, but they aren’t a great way to vet your partner. How can you learn more about your date when you’re sitting in a quiet theater for two hours?

Dating is a skill in our contemporary times. And if you want to up your game, you’ll need to work on it. Impress your date — and yourself — with these 8 unusual date ideas.

1. Try a Workout Class

Are you an athletic pair? Working out at the gym together isn’t a bad idea. You can give some pointers, have some company, and show off your tight clothes.

But take it a step further. Rather than going through the usual workout routine, take a workout class you’ve never done before. Yoga, anyone?

This can cement your dedication to self-improvement and your willingness to try new things. It’s also more original than going on a hike or sharing a pair of adjacent treadmills at the fitness center.

2. Cook Together

Since everyone loves food, it’s always a safe bet. But why not spice up the typical dinner date by cooking at home?

Not a great talker? You’ll have plenty to discuss while you collaborate on a meal. This is an opportunity to flex your culinary skills.

Share recipes and techniques in the intimate space of a small kitchen. You’ll learn how well you two work together as a pair. Plus, everyone knows homecooked food simply tastes better. It’s cheaper, too!

3. Play Board Games

If you’re looking for some competitive date ideas, then this is the one. Board games have resurged in popularity thanks to public funding from sites like Kickstarter. You’re allowed to like them again.

Invite some shared friends together and bring your date along. It’s an opportunity to join the same team, work together, and take out the competition. Though you might want to steer clear of contentious games like Monopoly unless you want an immediate breakup.

Just kidding! Mostly.

4. Solve an Escape Room

When you think about it, an escape room is the setting for a perfect date. You’re trapped together in a small space and presented with opportunities to show off your problem-solving skills. Most of the time an escape room is a collaborative affair, but I’ve seen some couples get competitive with it.

While you work through the puzzles, you’ll discover how your date thinks and approaches problems. It’s a good litmus test to see if your skills complement each other.

If you’re interested in an escape room, check out Breakout Games.

5. Head to a Museum

Do you love history? You can find a museum for just about anything. Share your enthusiasm by heading to a museum you’ve never been.

You’ll both walk away having learned something. And if history isn’t your thing, there’s nothing wrong with a visit to the art gallery. You’ll have plenty of time afterward for a nice dinner.

Although zoos and aquariums aren’t exactly museums, don’t forget about those either! It’s a simple way to connect over your love of life while enjoying some overpriced food.

On second thought, maybe you should bring a bagged lunch.

6. Get Spooked at a Haunted House

Have a terrifyingly good time with this horrific classic! Some people love a good fright. It gets their heart pumping just like a roller coaster ride.

But unlike the amusement park coaster, a haunted house is more engaging. Impress your date with your formidable courage and comforting skills. Since a haunted house can be pretty intense, make sure you know your date is into this sort of thing.

Most haunted houses pop up around Halloween. However, you can find haunted city tours and other spooky events all year long.

7. Go Medieval at a Renaissance Faire

There’s nothing quite like a Renaissance Faire. Between the turkey legs and dagged sleeves, this is the best of all weird date ideas. Yeah, they’re cheesy and historically inaccurate, but that’s sort of the point.

The weird, outlandish setting can really liven things up. Check out a jousting tournament or just peruse the ironwork of an old-timey blacksmith. Trust me: Your date will remember a time at the Renaissance Faire.

The same can’t be said about their 47th dinner date.

8. Pull out the Paintbrush

How about some spontaneous date ideas? Few things are as personal or intimate as creating something together. Whether you attend a painting class or pull out an old Bob Ross DVD at home, you can make this work anywhere and on any budget.

While you create your masterpiece — or try to — you’ll laugh and giggle at your awful linework. Or maybe you’ll be genuinely impressed.

The best part of creating art together? You’ll have a memento of your time together.

Enhance Your Relationship These Unusual Date Ideas

A fantastic date will set the foundation for a fantastic relationship, especially if you’re just getting to know each other. You could play it safe with the usual dating options, but those aren’t the most memorable.

With these unusual date ideas, you’ll test your compatibility and develop a more meaningful relationship.

But these ideas aren’t for everyone. Before you surprise your date, take some time to figure out their preferences.

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