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You ARE the Father! Why You Might Want a Parental DNA Test


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Parental DNA tests first hit the mainstream public in the early 1960s, with methods that compared the blood cells of parents to that of the children in question. These methods were approximately 88 percent accurate and were used in a variety of applications.

Today, more precise methods of DNA testing are used and are held to an accuracy rate of 99 percent. Unfortunately, these tests are sometimes accompanied with a stigma of being a “deadbeat” for the dad in question, or an “easy woman” for the mother.

Read on to explore the different reasons you might want a parental DNA test, and learn how this stigma is being squashed for millions of Americans today.

Why a Parental DNA Test?

There are a number of reasons to request a parental DNA test, that have nothing to do with the stigma attached to them. Immigration, adoption, and inheritances, are just a few of the many reasons people need DNA tests.

And with so many reasons for them, today’s tests need to be as accurate as possible, because these results change lives.

Today’s parental DNA tests use a technique that isolates polymerase chain reactions in the DNA structure of an individual’s human cells. The DNA itself is deconstructed and then compared to the child.

It’s somewhat of an invasive procedure emotionally, even if you are just getting a buccal cheek swab taken. You are essentially handing over one of your most private and secure possessions your own DNA code.

So most people that seek DNA paternity testing are doing so for very serious reasons.

Child Support and Child Custody

Child support and custody matters are perhaps the most common mainstream reason for seeking DNA tests. Most of these DNA tests are requested by a court, but you can request one as well before you file for support or custody.

If you are seeking DNA tests for custody or support purposes, you need to be sure of the DNA test requirements. In many cases, a court will determine exactly where the testing occurs.

But if you haven’t filed for support or custody yet, there’s nothing that says you can’t get the testing done beforehand. It could bolster your support or custody claim.


Under the new Trump Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been working a pilot program of DNA testing on immigrants at the United States and Mexican border.

The purpose here is to identify Mexicans that are crossing the border, and unlawfully alleging the children with them are their own. It’s a 5.2 million dollar project that is providing DNA test results within 90 minutes of an individual crossing into the United States.

This testing and this project do not come without controversy. But it serves to highlight a potential reason for DNA testing that some travelers today may want to take care of before crossing an international border.


Along with immigration methods changing, so too are estate laws and estate planning. Today, millions of Americans find themselves as the recipient of an inheritance.

Sometimes that gift comes from people we don’t even know. Or, an inheritance to someone unknown in the family occurs, and the family managing an estate seeks paternity or parental DNA testing.

That DNA testing requests can go both ways.

In Italy, an Italian princess took her claim all the way to the Italian Supreme Court, to prove that she was the proper heiress of an 800 million dollar estate.

Secure Peace of Mind

There was a day and age where parental DNA testing carried a stigma with it. That is no longer the case.

Parental DNA tests are so commonplace, you almost can’t watch a television show, news story, or even read a novel without hearing about them. Stay tuned to our site to watch top stories about the multiple forms of DNA testing available today.

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