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Different Variations of Bingo Games from Around the World


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When you think of bingo, do you think of old ladies in a church basement?

Well, that stereotype is wrong. In fact, 80% of global bingo players are women between the ages of 30 and 50.

And did you know that bingo has many variations around the world?

Read on to learn the differences between world bingo games.


One of the earliest variations of bingo dates back to 1530 in Italy. Then it was called, “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.”

This bingo game was typically played on Sundays. It involved drawing five numbers from a set of 90 balls.

There’s another bingo variation in Italy called Tombola.

This bingo game is often played at Christmastime. Using bingo cards, players would cover numbers with beans. Or players would eat an orange and use the bits of orange peel to cover the squares.


Bingo games then made their way to France in the late 18th century. In France, it is called “le lotto.”

In the early days, this game was only played by wealthy aristocrats. This world bingo variation had three rows with nine columns.

Both numbers and blank squares were randomly assigned. Whoever completed a row first won.


Bingo didn’t make its way to America until 1929. The game was called beano and was mostly played at carnivals with uncooked beans.

When players got five in a row, they were supposed to shout out “beano.” One day, an excited player shouted “bingo” instead of “beano.” A salesman named Edwin S. Lowe heard this and popularized the bingo version of the game.

Central America

In Central America, bingo is called Loteria. Instead of using numbers, this variation of bingo uses a deck of images.

Players have 4×4 cards with different images on them. The caller then chooses a corresponding card and comes up with a riddle.

For example, if the caller chooses the mermaid card, he or she may say “my song is dangerous for sailors to hear.” The players then have to figure out the riddle and find it on their card.


There are parts of Russia where gambling isn’t legal. It’s no wonder, then, why bingo is so popular.

Several variations of bingo are popular. There is the 90 ball game as well as online versions. There’s even a TV version that includes a lucrative jackpot.


The neat thing about bingo in Japan is that the online game gained mass popularity before the land-based version. Japan is now the second-largest market of online bingo.

The gambling laws in the country are a big reason why bingo is so popular.

Bingo Games Are a Global Phenomenon!

As you can see, bingo is a beloved international game that varies based on the country it is being played in.

No matter where you play it, bingo is an easy game to learn and provides hours of fun for people of any age.

Come back again soon for more interesting global articles.

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