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7 Easy to Remember Tips for Traveling to Mexico


7 Easy to Remember Tips for Traveling to Mexico

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Do you remember much from your middle school Spanish class?

Don’t stress if you don’t! Mexico is welcoming to English-speaking travelers, and there’s a ton of ways to get to know the country’s landscapes, language, and vibrant culture.

However, if you’re new to traveling or have never been out of the country, a trip to Mexico may be somewhat intimidating.

If you’re interested in learning some tips for traveling to Mexico, take a look at our 7 easy-to-remember tips for your journey. We’ve outlined some of the basics that you’ll want to know for your own aventura!

1. Choose the Right Transportation

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you’ll need to decide if you want to arrive by car, plane, or boat. It’s important to know how you want to arrive because it will determine what city you’ll arrive in, how much luggage you can bring, etc.

You can always find international flights if you prefer to travel by air. Alternatively, there are plenty of cruises to Mexico that you can enjoy if you like the amenities and beautiful views that come with ship travel!

If you live close to the border, or simply want to take a bit of a road trip, traveling by car is always an option as well.

2. Use Pesos When You Can

It’s a good idea to use the local currency pesos when you can. While many touristy areas accept USD, they choose the rate at which they accept it, so you can often get a better deal if you just use pesos.

Consider exchanging USD for pesos somewhere in the states before your trip and dividing up your cash between USD and pesos during your trip.

3. Know Bathroom Etiquette

In Mexico, the sewage pipes just aren’t built to handle a lot. This means that people rarely flush their toilet paper. Instead, there will often be a trash bin near the toilet for you to put your used toilet paper in.

Furthermore, men may make the mistake of entering a bathroom labeled with an M, assuming that it stands for “men”. However, the M actually stands for mujeres, which is the word for women in Spanish. Men should look for doors labeled H, which stands for the Spanish word for men, hombres.

4. Practice Some Spanish

One of the most important tips for traveling to Mexico is to learn a few Spanish phrases before your trip.

Knowing basic things, like how to ask where the bathroom is or how to order food, will make your trip to Mexico a lot less stressful. Also, the locals will appreciate the effort, even if they do speak English as well!

5. Adjust to the Time

Whether you are changing time zones during your trip or staying in the same one, you’ll find that Mexico runs on a much more fluid schedule. Punctuality is less of a concern, so you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more if you can relax and don’t push a strict schedule.

Furthermore, meals are spaced out a bit differently in Mexico. You will generally have a large breakfast, followed by the main meal of the day between 2:00 and 4:00 PM. Lastly, you will enjoy a smaller meal in the evening.

6. Drink Bottled Water

Bottled water can be found on virtually every street corner for purchase. Why exactly do you want to buy bottled water?

Well, most of Mexico’s tap water is unpurified. Some hotels may have purified water, but be sure to look for a sign above your sinks before you test it out!

If you’ll be staying in Mexico for a lengthier trip, consider buying or bring a water filter with you to purify the tap water and avoid buying so much bottled water. You’ll be cutting down on costs and plastic consumption!

7. Stray off the Beaten Path

While tourist attractions and famous beaches are always fun to see, traveling to lesser known places will give you a more authentic taste of Mexico.

Remember that this isn’t an excuse to be reckless or oblivious to your surroundings. Be mindful of the areas you’re visiting and research where you’re going to make sure it’s a safe area.

Now You’re Armed with Some of the Best Tips for Traveling to Mexico

Mexico is a diverse country with so much to see and offer.

Take into account these tips for traveling to Mexico, and you will have no trouble traveling around Mexico and experiencing its beautiful culture!

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