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Boasting About the Boating Benefits of Lithium Marine Batteries


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Whether you are looking to operate a small motor or power a boat’s kitchen, there are many battery options available. Lithium marine batteries allow you to provide reliable power at sea or the port.

To learn more about why lithium marine batteries are right for your boat, check out this simple guide!

Compared to Lead-Acid Batteries, Lithium Marine Batteries Have Many Advantages

Lead-acid batteries have been a popular option for boats to provide power on-board. Many boat enthusiasts choose lead-acid batteries, despite there being better options available. Lithium marine batteries provide longer use, lower costs, and more power.

Marine lithium batteries can cost around four times what a lead-acid battery does, but they last much longer. The average lead-acid battery can only last for about 300 daily cycles. This means that you would need to replace it at least once per year with regular use.

Lithium marine batteries can go through 5000 daily cycles before needing a replacement. This means that you could go for thirteen years without needing a new battery for your boat. You could save hundreds or thousands of dollars by switching from lead-acid to lithium marine batteries.

Additionally, lithium batteries are much better at holding on to energy when not in use. For comparison, lithium batteries lose about 2 percent of it’s stored energy per month when sitting idle. A lead-acid battery loses almost 20 percent, making it far less efficient at storing power.

Because lead-acid batteries lose power so fast, you will have to make sure that your boat is charged every time. Lithium marine batteries also charge much faster than lead-acid ones.

This allows you to get back out on the water much quicker. Lithium batteries also allow you to stay on the water longer by using up all the stored energy contained within.

There Are Many Physical Advantages to Lithium Batteries as Well

Reduced costs and energy efficiency are big reasons to switch to lithium batteries. Another significant advantage is the reduced amount of weight.

Depending on the number of devices that you need to power on your boat, you could be reducing your boat’s weight by hundreds of pounds. This will increase your fuel efficiency and boost the performance of your boat.

Lithium marine batteries also provide much more stable voltage than their lead-acid counterparts. Even if a lead-acid battery has a decent charge remaining, you could have to deal with failing appliances.

You could also have your vital support systems fail to work when needed. With only a 5 percent charge, lithium batteries will provide a stable level of power to your boat.

For those of us who are unable to use our boats consistently, lithium marine batteries also provide much less risk of sulfation and battery damage. Lithium batteries are also much easier to install and remove as needed

Keep Your Wallet Afloat with Lithium Marine Batteries

They may cost more than their lead-acid counterparts, but lithium marine batteries are well worth making the switch. Keep browsing our website today for more articles like this!

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