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Curtain Call: 4 Things to Know Before You Buy Curtains


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Are you planning to buy curtains?

How heavy do you want them? How many panels are you putting in each window? Are you mounting them inside or outside the frame?

Not even sure what we’re talking about anymore? We can fix that.

If you didn’t before, you now have a lot to consider when buying curtains. To help you decide, we’ve answered the most basic concerns about buying curtains below.

Before you shop, read this guide.

1. Use the Light

If you’re looking for bedroom curtains, feel free to block all the light you want. But in any other room, the idea is to use the light, not block it all out.

Try light, breezy fabrics that let the light through. A good example is sheer Belgian linen. Use light fabrics to compliment the light instead of interrupting it.

2. Accent Your Curtains

Looking for an aesthetically perfect accent that’s also functional? Go for some wide-slat shutters.

This gives you more exact control over the light for the perfect look, any time of day. Case in point: these classy shutters from Shuttercraft make light work for any room.

And it won’t interfere with the oh-so-carefully-planned look of your curtains. In fact, your windows will look better than ever!

3. Use Multiple Panels for Large Spreads of Window

What do you do for those long walls that are 90% window? Some people just get two really long curtain panels, or even one, to cover the whole thing.

While we like the idea of one long curtain rod, we prefer the look of several smaller curtain panels. If the long, windowed area is made up of several windows, try one curtain for each window.

4. How to Choose Between Inside or Outside Mounting

Most of the time, curtains are mounted on a rod hanging in front of and above (outside) the window frame. But there are situations when mounting the curtains inside the window frame is the better option. Here’s how to know the difference.

When to Mount Outside

As we said, most of the time you’ll want to mount the curtain outside the window. For any normal window that doesn’t go all the way up to the ceiling, use outside mounting.

Hang the curtains as high and as wide as you can. This makes the windows look longer and more luxurious.

When to Mount Inside

For huge windows that touch the ceiling and/or have big, ugly hardware in the frames, mount inside the frame. There are a few reasons for this.

First, hanging curtains out in front of these windows actually takes some of the space from the room. Mounting inside will make the room look more spacious. And the more obvious reason is that inside mounting hides the unsightly window hardware at the top of the frame.

You’re Ready to Buy Curtains

Congratulations! Thanks to the info in this handy-dandy guide, you’re now ready to buy curtains.

Keep in mind the criteria above when picking out curtains for your home. And once you’re finished with that project, check out the rest of our blog for more articles on a range of topics!

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