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5 Super Easy Ways to Send Flowers Internationally


Send Flowers Internationally

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Did you know that it is possible to send flowers from the comfort of your home to a loved one overseas? Flowers are the best way of expressing your appreciation to someone whether they are near you or overseas. Whether they are celebrating a special moment like mother’s day or consoling them for something, they are going to appreciate the effort you put.

If you wish to send flowers to someone overseas, you can try using an international flower delivery service or order from the loved one’s local florist. Whichever way you prefer, sending flowers is easy as ABC.

There may be many reasons why you want to send flowers internationally. If you need to learn how to do this, you should click here for some different ways.

1. Order from the Recipient’s Local Florist

One of the easiest ways of sending flowers to a loved one or someone close to you is using the recipient’s local florist. If you are not familiar with the recipient’s location, you can google for any information about the local florist near the delivery location or even choose a large chain flower company as long as the flowers get to the recipient.

However, a large chain company might cost you more. Once you have established the right company for you, you can go ahead and place the order of the type of flowers you want and the delivery time you will be asked for your credit card information.

But all this will depend on which flower service you choose.

2. Use an International Flower Company

Did you know there are international flowers companies for sending flowers overseas? Well, now you know. There are several flower companies online which a simple google search can help. Once you find the right company, choose the arrangement you want and the shipping option you prefer then go ahead and purchase the flowers.

Depending on the flower company you might even include a personalized note like “I miss you.” you can also track your order online until it gets to the recipient. The flower company will give you the login details once you have made the purchase.

The beauty of international flower companies is that they deliver fresh flowers no matter the destination.

3. Shipping the Flowers From Your Location to the Recipient’s Location

You can also ship the flowers to the recipient’s location by using shipping companies like FedEx. What you’ll need to do is visiting your desired shipping company to learn more about the kind of flowers that they ship abroad. Once you get the information, you can purchase the flowers.

Something to note however is shipping flowers is not the same as using an international flower company or a recipient’s local florist which deliver fresh flowers.

Nothing to worry though, there are certain steps you can make that will guarantee fresh flowers to the recipient. These steps are:

  • Using wet towels to wrap the bottom of the flowers. Once you have purchased the flowers, wrap the stems with wet towels to preserve their freshness. Since it might take a while for the flowers to get to their destination, it is important to cover dip the stems in water then cover them
  • Dip the ends in water for extra freshness then put them in a plastic bag then tie the top of the bag using a rubber band.
  • The next step is putting them in a box then taking them to your preferred shipping company. From there you can select the days you would be preferred the flowers to reach the recipient. The recommended days are one or two for the freshness of the flower.

Once the flowers reach their destination, the recipient can decide the flower arrangement they would prefer. If your loved is in Denmark, you call to learn more about flowers and styles so that your loved one can receive the right flowers for them.

4. Use Someone to Deliver the Flowers

You can also send flowers internationally by asking someone from the recipient’s location to deliver to them. I know this might inconvenience some people but once you agree with them, it can be an easy way of delivering flowers to a loved one.

All you have to do is tell them the kind of flower arrangement you prefer for your loved one and the type of flowers they fancy, be it roses or tulips. Once they purchase the right flowers for your loved one, they can then deliver them to them

5. Send Flowers Internationally by Mail

If the other ways do not suit you, you can choose to send flowers internationally by mail. Sending by mail is very possible and your flower will reach the destination as fresh and beautiful as they were when you purchased them.

However, there are steps to be followed to ensure they stay fresh all the way,
Here are the steps:

  • Look for a lightweight box. The box should be the same width and height as the flowers and it should be a wooden box which is strong enough to go through the mail
  • Using a cotton material, line the side of the box and place a sheet of paper on top
  • Put the flowers inside the box, arranging them in order so that they are not on top of each other. Be careful to ensure they are close so that they do not disarrange during shipping
  • Cover the box with the lid and tape the sides together
  • Put the address you want the box to go to. Now you are good to go, ship the flowers by mail and your loved one will receive them after some time

Send Flowers Internationally to Your Loved One

Whatever the occasion, whether a special moment or a sympathetic moment, there is no better time to send flowers internationally like now. With the different options that are available, you can’t go wrong on the method you choose.

Your loved one will receive the flowers and you will be glad you choose your preferred way. Visit our blog to find more informative post

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