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5 Situations Where You Need a Diesel Generator


Diesel Generator

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37 million people per year are hit by power outages in the United States. That number is triple what it was in 2009.

Are you curious to know what you can do to avoid being affected by the failures of an outdated energy infrastructure supporting a ballooning population? If you are, the single best solution that we can offer you is to invest in a diesel generator.

A solid diesel generator is a fixture in residential and commercial settings for a variety of reasons. This brief post outlines diesel generator’s various applications in hopes of informing you how purchasing one could positively impact your home or business.

1. Hospitals Power Outages

In any given hospital, thousands of people may be relying on electronically powered equipment to keep their hearts beating and their lungs taking in oxygen. That’s why having a reliable backup generator is essential in medical settings.

Hospitals drive diesel generator sales because diesel generators require less maintenance than natural gas generators. They’re sturdy and they are self-sufficient.

2. Natural Disasters

There are a number of people that opt for natural gas generators because they’re cheaper to buy and more convenient to run given the fact that they can hook into a property’s existing gas lines. What happens when gas is cut off in an area due to a natural disaster though?

For people relying on gas generators, what happens is that they won’t have a means of generating backup power. People running diesel generators, on the other hand, would be in the clear so long as they have proper fuel stores.

3. Mining Operations

Miners need to see as they build out tunnels and collect resources miles underground. Since mining tunnels are usually too deep to run electricity through, generators are essential.

Given that natural gas is explosive and gas lines can’t be easily accessed underground, diesel generator’s non-flammable fuel and portability is preferred in the mining sector.

4. Remote Living

Living off the grid is a dream that millions of people aspire to. While solar power is increasingly becoming the go-to power source for off the grid living, on those days where sunshine is in short supply, a diesel generator is a must.

As we’ve already mentioned, diesel does not require a property to be hooked into a city’s gas grid to operate, which makes them a perfect option for deep country dwellers.

5. Military Applications

Military operations require regular movement through uninhabited and harsh terrain. To power everything from floodlights to communication devices in uncertain conditions, military professionals leverage external generators that are powered by diesel fuel for all of the same self-sufficiency and durability reasons why every other diesel user invests in this technology.

A Diesel Generator Can Be a Lifesaver

If having a reliable source of energy is important to making sure that you can tackle whatever tomorrow brings, buying a diesel generator for your home or business is the best thing that you can do.

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