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10 Essential Kitchen Tools to Stock in Your Office Kitchen


Your Office Kitchen

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As hard as your team works, they also need an equal amount of time to relax – and the office kitchen is where that happens. Although you don’t need to stock the shelves with all the same equipment you have at home, it’s important to have a few necessities at hand beyond the typical microwave and disposable utensils.

Read on to learn the 10 essential kitchen tools needed to help your team’s mornings and afternoons go by smoothly!

1. Storage Containers

Sooner or later your office is going to accumulate leftovers – maybe from a potluck after someone’s birthday, or a holiday event. Rather than let everything go to waste, invest in some glass food containers in a variety of sizes.

Glass is preferred over plastic in an office kitchen because they’re more resistant to stains and smells. Storage of them in your fridge or cabinet is tidier than plastic because many brands are able to nest together.

Most importantly, glass is safe to use in ovens, microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers, making them more versatile and durable than plastic. Just be careful not to drop them!

2. Knives

Some people like to prepare their own food during lunch. Instead of buying a cheap, subpar set of knives that don’t cut well, avoid workplace accidents and invest in one or two quality knives.

A chef’s knife and a paring knife will find the most use in an office kitchen. Chef’s knives are multi-purpose and can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping.

Paring knives are made for small tasks, such as peeling an apple or segmenting an orange.

3. Salad Spinner

Aside from sandwiches, salads are one of the most common workplace lunches. Purchasing a sturdy salad spinner is a wise investment because it allows your team to clean their greens and dry them with less mess and hassle.

Moreover, some salad spinners can double as attractive serving bowls, which is perfect for workplace potlucks and cuts down on the need for cabinet space.

4. Utensils

In the long run, plastic utensils cost the company more. Moreover, it’s common for employees to forget to bring their own utensils on their rush out the door.

Investing in some good flatware is an affordable win-win.

5. Cutting Boards

Having a few cutting boards at hand makes meal prep easier, and encourages your team to keep the counters clean. Invest in plastic cutting boards instead of wood because they’re easier to store, dishwasher-safe, and easier to clean. Wood requires a little more maintenance than an office environment probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with.

6. Peeler

Investing in a peeler is an affordable way to make meal prep faster and easier for your team. During lunch break, you don’t want the counter space getting crowded!

There are tons of vegetable peelers on the market, both Y-shaped and straight swivels. Look for ones that are slip-resistant, durable, easy to clean, and lightweight.

7. Toaster Oven

Skip the toaster and upgrade to the multi-purpose toaster oven. Quality toaster ovens are able to deliver nearly all of the capabilities of a full-size oven in less time. They can toast multiple slices of bread, reheat leftovers, bake food, and cook frozen pizzas.

Most toaster ovens take up very little counter space, so they’ll be right at home next to the microwave.

8. Can Opener

Although it may not be often when an employee needs to open a can, having a can opener in stock when someone does need one can change a day from bad to great. You can find most can openers for under $10.

If you have an old can opener, you’ll know it’s time to upgrade if it’s difficult to turn or has dull and rusty blades.

9. Coffee Maker

Purchasing a coffee maker will significantly brighten your team’s mornings. If your budget has been holding you back, you can still find decent coffee makers with fewer frills for under $50.

Some of these inexpensive models even tell you how long it’s been since the last brew cycle, so employees will know right away if a batch is fresh or stale. Coffee makers of $200 or more will make your coffee faster, keep it hot, and offer more programmable features.

For instance, one common feature is the ability to program your coffee maker to brew at a certain time. Your office will no longer be coffee-less if someone forgets to brew a morning batch!

Visit Office Coffee Service HQ if you’d like to find the ideal coffee solution for your office.

10. Sponge and Dish Soap

Last but not least, you need a good sponge and some dish soap. You want to encourage your team members to clean up after themselves, but if a sponge and dish soap isn’t available, dishes are naturally going to pile up.

Splurge and purchase packs of sponges that can scrub at tough food remnants and stains, and dish soap that has a pleasant scent.

A Well-Stocked Office Kitchen

Beyond the extra utility, having a well-stocked office kitchen gives you peace of mind. You’ll recognize that all the tools you’ve invested in are getting good use, and team members don’t have to feel the need to skip meals or run out and purchase tools of their own during their breaks.

We spend a lot of time in our offices. Make it more of a pleasant experience by taking some time and investing in these tools, and you’ll find that your purchases will be rewarded with happier employees.

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