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Can You Vape in Las Vegas Casinos?


Vape in Las Vegas Casinos

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Would you consider the one in twenty US adults who vape sinners? Probably not, even if you believe in the concept of sin. It makes sense, then, that people in Sin City should be able to vape anywhere- there’s so much actual mischief and debauchery going on, after all!

If you love to vape, you’ve probably asked yourself if it’s actually okay to vape in Las Vegas casinos in reality. Here, we’re going to answer that question! Read on to learn how to make your trip to Vegas as awesome as it can be.

The Short Answer

The short answer is that yes, you can vape in almost all Vegas casinos! Hooray!

There are a few exceptions, though, so you’re going to make sure that the place you’re going isn’t on the list. If you do want to vape, though, it’s really easy to pick a casino that will let you. These establishments are in the majority, so you can’t go wrong!

Where, Specifically, Can I Vape?

Despite the fact that Nevada does have a law in place to prevent smoking indoors, Vegas tends to be exempt from this requirement. Specifically, adult establishments like strip clubs, bars, and, yes, casinos, are exempt.

You can vape in any casino (besides the few that don’t allow it) as long as you aren’t in one of two places. If the area is a common area that children can be in, vaping is off the table. Also, there are usually designated non-smoking areas in casinos for those who want to get away.

Stay out of those places and you’ll be totally okay!

Why Vape?

Because it’s fun, of course! Plus, in adult establishments where it’s allowed, smoke everywhere provides a certain aesthetic and flair that you can’t get anywhere else. People have been smoking in clubs since the 1800s, so it’s an age-old tradition that you can’t go wrong with.

Showing off cool vape tricks is also a fun conversation starter! The O-Ring, the Dragon, and the Irish Waterfall, to name a few, are awesome tricks that will get the conversational ball rolling with like-minded people.

Head over to this blog for more information on learning some advantages of a nicotine-free vape pen, since vaping and learning cool tricks with smoke can make your casino experience better even if you don’t want to become addicted.

Head to Las Vegas Casinos!

The bottom line is that yes, you can vape in Vegas casinos. Be sure to pay attention to the designated areas that are vape-free, though, so you don’t accidentally violate the casino’s policy.

Now that you know where you can vape in Las Vegas casinos, head over to our page and check out the ‘contact us’ tab! We’ll answer any pressing questions you may have while planning the perfect trip to Sin City.

Have an awesome time and may the odds be in your favor!

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