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Dealing With Bed Bugs: How to Identify and Get Rid of Them


dealing with bed bugs

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“Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” is a refrain most of us have heard since childhood. What many of us don’t know is dealing with bed bugs can be an absolute nightmare.

Professionals can be expensive and time-consuming and doing it yourself can be tricky.

Don’t despair though. There are some tried and true methods on how to deal with bed bugs on your own. So, let’s get started, shall we?

How To Recognize an Infestation

It can difficult to know if you have bed bugs. After all, you tend not to realize your house has been infested until it is too late.

Here are some of the ways you can tell if you have bed bugs:

1: You have bug bites and itchy areas that weren’t there when you went to sleep.

2: You have noticed small red or brown spots on your bedding. This is either blood or excrement from them.

3: You have seen them. This is pretty much the best way to know. Jordan Larson of Custom Bed Bug says that if you see small white objects that are the size of a pinhead on your mattress or other furniture, it is probably bed bug eggs

Now that you know for sure you have bed bugs, how do you get rid of them? Here are some steps.

Prepping the Rooms

Before you start dealing with bed bugs, you need to remove all bedding, clothing, etc from the room and connecting rooms the bugs have been found. Be sure before removing the items you put them in plastic bags that can be sealed. This will make sure you don’t spread the infestation to bed bug-free rooms.

Next, take any and all knick-knacks, including books, and place them in an airtight plastic storage container. This will help kill any bugs which may be hiding in them. But be sure you store it in an out of the way place like a garage or balcony, if at all possible.

Treating Your Rooms

Now that your room is down to bare basics, it is time to begin treating it. For this step, you will need several things:

A stiff upholstery brush

A vacuum cleaner

A chemical treatment kit

Start by brushing your bed and furniture. This will help to dislodge any eggs and bugs from the seams of the mattress before you start to vacuum.

Next, use a spray to kill any leftover bugs and eggs. There are several different brands out there; however, it is important to remember that many of these sprays can have some potentially harmful chemicals in them. After all, they are meant to kill bugs.

So, do your research to see which ones have the least amounts in them. There are some safer options

If you don’t want to use sprays to get rid of them, Custom Bed Bug owner Jordan Larson also suggests using extreme heat to get rid of bed bugs and to kill any eggs they have laid. Heating rooms to at least 122 Fahrenheit degrees is one of the most effective ways to get rid of bed bugs.

Dealing With Bed Bugs

Dealing with bed bugs can be a huge undertaking and while you can do it on your own, you should probably leave it to the professionals. They have the proper tools to ensure it is done right the first time.

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