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How to Know If You Have a Broken Heater Inside Your Home

HVAC Experts In Plainfield, IL Share Broken Heater Tips

Plainfield, United States - November 23, 2019 / TR Miller Heating & Cooling /

Tips for Early Detection Repairs on Your Heater

When it comes to the performance of your heater or lack thereof, many issues can play a role. In some circumstances, you may be able to troubleshoot these problems on your own. Fairly simple issues such as filter replacement and basic furnace settings can make your heating system malfunction.

On the other hand, there are problems that will require a professional to assist you. Any repairs involving electrical, gas, or mechanical parts are best left to the experts. Some of these issues can be dangerous if you are not experienced in the HVAC field.

A certified heater specialist will be able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair your heating system safely and accurately. Self-repair can backfire when it’s not done correctly and could cause the homeowner more money in the long run.

Check Your Furnace Settings

furnace settingsA commonly reported heater problem is when the system is blowing hot air sometimes and cold air at other times. While a professional will be able to check for internal repairs, the homeowner can troubleshoot this problem before calling in the big guns.

The first step is to check your thermostat to see whether the fan setting is on. If it is on, this is most likely the cause of the cold air. The thermostat is the brain behind the heating system. When the fan is left in the on position, the thermostat is telling the blower to keep going at all times.

When the heater is not cycling, the fan continues to blow the air; which is cold. If the thermostat indicates the fan is on, turn it to the auto setting. Doing this will alert the thermostat to only turn the fan on when the heater is cycling.

You Can OverHeat Your Heater

Though it may sound a little odd, it is possible to overheat your heating system. The most basic warning sign of an overheated system is when the unit shuts down. It does this in order to protect itself.

Every heating system has a high limit switch. This is a warning signal to the system that it’s too hot and in danger of cracking the heat exchanger. When the unit feels the heat rising, it will automatically shut the burners off.

overheated heater

Overheating occurs when there is not sufficient airflow over the heating unit. The best way to check if it is overheating is to turn the system off and look at the furnace filter. The filter is typically what will restrict the airflow. Changing out the filter will usually solve the problem, but you may need to call for assistance to get your system re-set.

Pay Attention To Your Air Filters

dirty air filtersAs mentioned above, your air filters play a large role in how your heater performs. It is important for every homeowner to check their air filters periodically throughout the year. Generally, if you live in a home with more than one person and a pet, you should have your air filters changed every two to three months.

Remembering this small sanitation ritual will help the furnace provide the most efficient heat possible. It can also extend the life of your system due to the furnace not having to work as hard to heat the home. Consistent changes to the air filter will also give you cleaner indoor air quality.

Understandably, many homeowners are not comfortable with their heating system. Though filter change is a simple process, an HVAC specialist can always help in this area. Not only will they optimize the air filter cleaning schedule, but they can spot other repairs before they become a problem.

Work With Plainfield’s HVAC Experts

TR Miller Heating & Cooling is available to assist homeowners with filter changes and overheating. With 24/7 heating emergency services and award-winning service, they have the experience to keep your heating system performing at it’s best all winter long.

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