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What Is the Best Office in the World to Work At?


 Best Office in the World

Did you know that good office designs can help to boost employee productivity by 20%?

There is nothing more valuable than employees who are productive and feel motivated to work. So, it comes as no surprise that many businesses invest in creating a beautiful space where employees enjoy working.

Keep reading to discover what the best office in the world is and how you can upgrade your own office to help boost employee productivity.

What Do Employees Want From the Workplace?

Every business wants to obtain and promote modern offices that will keep their employees happy at work. But what do employees want from the workplace?

Some offices prefer to keep a conventional and traditional office, such as ones that have desks, chairs, and a canteen. Whilst other offices prefer to take unconventional approaches to office designs and include a games room and chill-out zones for employees.

A survey conducted by Future Workplace and View found that workers across North America want their basics needs to be met first and foremost. Employees said that they wanted better air quality, access to natural light, and the ability to personalize their workspace.

Other workers stated that they liked the idea of fitness facilities and technology-based health tools were nice to have, but not essential for their levels of productivity.

What suits your office mainly depends on your business, brand, and workplace culture. Millennials and Generation Z favor quirky workplace benefits and perks, such as games rooms. Whereas, Baby Boomers and X are more focused on the quality of air and light.

What is the Best Office in the World?

There are many different offices around the world. Modern offices often provide the latest technology features, while a cool office might offer quirky workspaces.

We’ve compiled a list of the best offices in the world, have a look at these cool, modern, and interesting office features that you might be able to include in your own office. Here they are:

1. Bark, Ohio

In Ohio, you’ll find the headquarters of the pet supply company, Bark. Bark’s office stays true to its brand and has an office that is “the world’s most dog-friendly office”.

At Bark, you’ll find around 50 dogs in the office at any one time. The desks are next to lounge seats (which are complete with wipeable fabric) and there is also an outdoor dog run area.

2. Mindvalley, Malaysia

Mindvalley in Malaysia is a personal growth education company, that really optimized it’s workspace and made it unique. The office is inspired by the stained glass in Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.

Mindvalley uses natural light and colorful hues to create a kaleidoscopic effect of colored shadows, as the sun moves through the sky. The office uses split-level mezzanine platforms to optimize space. They also have wellness facilities, such as a gym and bed pods for power naps, and over 800 plants.

Mindvalley gives hope and inspiration for any small office building, showing that you can create the perfect office space, no matter how big your building.

3. WhiteBalance, India

WhiteBalance is a creative agency in India, that chose to keep things simple. The office uses one space with no visual obstructions. They have successfully done this by creating a large hall used for meetings, video shoots, and events. Their office also has private workspaces, along with an editing suite and a sleeping nook for those who work late.

The simple but effective office has a fifteen-foot high arched window, which supplies the office with plenty of natural light. Finishing touches of the office, such as light installations of scrap pipes and an antique rotary phone, help to keep it modern

4. Digital Luxury Group, Switerzland

Digital Luxury Group in Switerzland designed its offices so that it doesn’t feel like an office at all. You won’t find a reception area or other aspects of a traditional office. Instead, the company focused on creating spaces that are aimed to encourage relaxation and concentration.

The company relies on modern furniture and minimal lines to create an elegant interior that its employees enjoy working in. The office is complete with floating lights and meeting rooms.

5. JoyTunes, Israel

Another office that allowed its design to be dictated by the industry is JoyTunes. JoyTunes is a mobile app that teaches people how to play the piano. At JoyTunes headquarters, you’ll find a wooden stage for video shoots, performances, and jamming sessions.

The office also has custom made shelving units to divide the office into sections. This design helps to create a minimalist style, that really works well for this company. Workstations at JoyTunes all feature adjustable light fixtures and there are plenty of plants in the office to help with air quality.

6. Slack, San Francisco

The business software company, Slack, has its headquarters based in San Francisco, and it really is like no other office in the world. This office has different floors which are all inspired by different regions of the Pacific Crest Trail. You’ll find floors that feel like deserts, forests, and mountain summits.

The office was designed by Studio O+A, who were inspired by the CEO who enjoys the great outdoors and goes on a hike each year. At the top of the building, you’ll find glass panels that change color when you look at them from different angles. This effect is meant to be similar to that of a glacier when the light hits it.

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Add Some of These Aspects to Your Own Office

Having a great office can help attract the top talent to your business and can create a better working environment with happier employees. Now that you’ve seen the best office in the world, why not try to add some of these aspects to your own office?

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