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Jackpot!: Casino Slot Machine Tips for Better Odds


Casino Slot Machine

Are you heading to Vegas or somewhere else to do some gambling? If so, you’re probably planning on spending at least a little time at the slot machines.

While many people think that slot machines just steal your money and that they’re rigged to make you lose, the truth is, you can actually win big money by playing the slots.

In fact, a recent gambler in Vegas won $11.8 million playing the slots, and, in 2015, a British many won $17 million playing slots.

And, the biggest recorded win in history was taken home by an LA software engineer, who won a whopping $39.7 million.

Clearly, you can win big money at the slot machines. However, winning at the slots isn’t all about good luck. There are some strategies you can employ to increase your odds of winning.

Check out this guide to learn about the top casino slot machine tips to better your odds.

1. Learn to Move On

If you’ve been sitting at a machine for a while and you can’t remember when the last time was that you had a winning spin, then it may be time to move onto a different machine.

The same holds true when playing online slot games. If you’re hoping to win online casino bonuses but keep coming up short on the same machine, then you should move onto a different site or a different game.

While this may seem like just a luck issue, the truth is, not all slots are created equal, and some have a tendency to pay off more frequently than others.

Whether this is a function of the software company or the game itself, no one exactly knows. Either way, it’s best to avoid slots that are tight (don’t give out money frequently) and instead seek ones that are loose (do give out money frequently).

2. Be on the Lookout for Loose Machines

Speaking of loose slots, these machines are your best friend when it comes to winning big.

While they’re harder to find, they’re definitely worth looking for. Typically, loose machines are located in highly visible areas, so that if you win big, a lot of people will see it and then feel encouraged to try their luck as well.

However, this is really only the case if you’re playing in a casino. When it comes to visible slots in restaurants or in airports, these ones usually have the worst odds.

3. Take a Look at the Paytable

Another strategy for winning big at the slots is to take a look at the paytable.

Every single slot machine in the world has a paytable, and you’ll definitely want to check it out before you start playing.

Paytables are typically located under the “rules” or “help” section of the machine, and they tell you what kinds of rewards you can win with that particular slot machine.

Also, before you play a slot machine, you can do a bit of homework by Googling the RTP rating. RTP stands for Return to Player, and the higher that number is, the better chance you have of winning (aka, the looser the machine).

If a machine has an RTP rating of 97%, it’s considered a loose machine. If it has a rating between 95% and 96%, it’s considered average. And, if it has a rating of 94%, it’s considered tight.

Keep in mind, however, that while tight machines payout less frequently, they do offer bigger payouts.

4. Play Only One Machine at a Time

While it’s completely legal to play two machines at a time, you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

Casino managers know that many people like to play two machines at a time, so they’ll put a loose machine next to a tight machine.

This usually results in any money you win at the loose machine getting eaten up by the tight machine, which is why we suggest sticking with one slot at a time.

5. Observe Other Players

When playing the slots, it’s also a good idea to observe other players around you, specifically, those who are winning.

A lot of times, when a player wins big on a machine, they’ll cash out and then call it a night. However, this may mean that they’re leaving the machine while it’s still hot.

If you see this happen and you’re currently playing on a cold machine, move onto the hot machine once they get up.

While a lot of people think that slot machines turn cold after a big payout, the truth is, they usually remain hot for a few more rounds.

6. Bet What You Can Afford

Many people think that you should bet the maximum amount every time if you want to avoid losing to the house.

However, the truth is, your chances of winning money at a slot machine don’t change based on the size of the bet. The only difference is that the bigger your bet is, the bigger your reward is.

So, bet what you can afford and don’t worry about betting the maximum every time.

7. Never Leave a Machine if it Owes You Money

Last but not least, remember that you should never leave a machine that owes you money.

When you hit a big jackpot, an attendant sometimes needs to approve it before you can get the payoff.

Occasionally, a machine may malfunction and you’re unable to redeem your credits. Or, it’s sometimes the case that the machines run out of coins or that you’ve run out of payout tickets.

Whatever the case, stay with the machine until the attendant arrives. If you leave the machine to get an attendant, you may have trouble claiming that the money is rightfully yours.

Casino Slot Machine Tips: Are You Ready to Win Big?

Now that you have these casino slot machine tips in mind, it’s time to start playing.

Also, when trying to win at the slots, don’t forget to have fun!

And, be sure to check back in with our blog for more gambling tips and tricks.

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