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The Official Bingo Game Rules


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Did you know that bingo is one of the oldest games dating back to 1530 in Italy?

What kept this game around for centuries? It might be its simplicity or that it is cheap to play with a decent winning ratio.

Either way, if you want to get in on the action, you should know how to play.

Read on to understand the official bingo game rules.

How to Play Bingo?

There are many ways to play a bingo game. You can visit a bingo hall, attend a bingo event, play at home with family or friends, or even go online. All the supplies to play are given to you unless you play at home.

At home, you can buy a bingo set at any gaming or toy store, or you can use a bingo card generator online.

Once you start playing the game is easy. Bingo cards contain 25 random numbers on them ranging from 1 to 75. They are listed in columns with letter headers that spell out BINGO.

A caller mixes balls with the 75 corresponding numbers on them. For example, a ball would have B11 on it.

The caller picks one number out at a time and announces it to the players. Each player will have at least one bingo card. If the announced number matches one on their card, they mark it.

Mark 5 numbers in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to get as many bingo game wins as possible on each new card. Shout out “bingo” to get your card verified by an official.

Bingo Game Rules

Rules may change depending on where you play. For instance, certain bingo game patterns may vary from the common straight lines. You might win if you have all four corners marked or you make an “X” on your card.

There are also some general rules that all official games follow.

  • Only adults can play
  • Bingo has to be called on the last number, no retroactive winning
  • A photo ID may be needed to claim large jackpots
  • No outside bingo cards allowed

The rules are simple to follow, so there is not a lot of rule-breaking in bingo halls.

Etiquette and Unwritten Rules

There are more unspoken bingo rules than official ones. These include common courtesies that show respect to other players.

If you want to come back to the same bingo hall again then follow these etiquette guidelines.

  • Keep chatting to a minimum
  • Respect the regular player’s seating preferences
  • Don’t repeat called numbers
  • Control your emotions
  • Be sure you have bingo before announcing it

Finding a Bingo Game

Now that you know the bingo game rules you can find a place to play. This is the easy part since they are everywhere. You might see a sign on your way to work or you can search online from a bingo hall near you.

If you are feeling lucky then try our contests section for more ways to become a winner.

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