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Smoke-Free – A Business Imperative For Local Casinos


Let’s make 2020 a smoke free year in all public places! According to a disturbing study issued by researchers at the San Diego State University, years of smoking inside land casino venues cause massive buildups of toxic residue on the venue’s carpeting, walls and furniture. The levels of this harmful thirdhand smoke residue, however, can drop considerably once the smoking stops. However, the values will continue to remain higher than the thirdhand smoke residues levels recorded in hotels or residential homes where people don’t smoke.

Do Casinos Need A Smoking Ban?

Land casino operators that allow guests and personnel to smoke do not only need to spend more resources on toxic residue cleanup, but they also need to worry about more associated health issues in their staff, not to mention the well-being of their guests. Plus, they could also face the problem of clients walking away from their business because of the second-hand smoking that non-smokers have a difficult time coping with. It’s tricky enough even for a smoker to inhale cigarette smoke of dozens of players around him, let alone for someone who isn’t into the habit of smoking.

The San Diego research results are sending a clear message: operators should seriously consider the total ban of smoking in their facilities if they truly care about the health of their patrons and employees. The amount of smoking that takes place inside a casino for 24 hours is unusually large on its own. But the effects are not only short-term. Picture several years of nonstop smoking inside a land casino and imagine the many deep layers of smoke residue getting stuck onto all the surfaces. The solution? Deep cleaning, surface replacement, powerful air filtering and a smoking ban.

Dangerous Residue For Players’ Health Lingers In Casinos Where Smoking Is Allowed

Sites that give advice on casino gambling even mention the health issues caused to non-smokers through secondhand smoking and thirdhand residue as a reasons for why smokers should be responsible enough to play online and stay away from traditional casinos. In other words, as a visitor or worker, you could be getting a little sicker every time you go to work, or decide to visit a land casino where smoking is allowed, even if you are not a smoker yourself and you are not directly putting the cigar into your mouth. Making land based casinos partially smoking free has proven difficult so perhaps it is a better advice to ask smokers to play from home instead.

The San Diego researchers managed to identify the presence of nicotine, NNK (a dangerous lung carcinogen) and other potentially dangerous chemicals inside a casino near Redding in California. The casino banned smoking for 11 months and researchers took all the necessary surface samples from different areas inside the facility prior to the smoking ban. They took two separate samples on two different occasions before the ban. They also collected six more samples after smoking was banned. Biological samples of non smoking casino staff and players were also collected for analysis. The conclusion: half a year after the smoking ban was put into practice, non smoking guests were subject to more third hand smoking compared to a nonsmoker who lives in a home that used to belong to smokers.

What Are The Alternatives?

Given the large number of visitors casinos host on a regular basis and considering that most of them are smokers, it is not uncommon for smoking to take place nonstop in these facilities. While ventilation does exist, it does not suffice. The quality of the indoor air will improve considerably once the smoking stops. However, this does not mean that there are no more residue issues to worry about in the air. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why lots of people choose to give up brick-and-mortar casinos and direct their attention to online casinos instead.

Lots of players with nearby land casinos have stopped giving their business to these venues simply because they could not stand breathing the toxic and oftentimes unbreathable indoor air. Virtual casinos than can be accessed from home help players steer clear from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and thirdhand smoke residue deeply embedded in the dust and all the surfaces of smoking-friendly casinos. Plus, passionate gamers can take advantage of the thousands of fun and rewarding casinos online that offer nice welcome packages, no deposit bonuses and a rich array of fresh games from top software providers. You can play your favorite games while wearing your coziest pajama and not have to worry about not being allowed to enter the casino because of your overly casual attire. You can breathe the fresh air inside your home, maybe even light up some scented candles or make some hot cocoa and enjoy your gameplay.

What Can Operators Do?

Intense surface cleaning of floors and walls and upholstery replacement could turn a casino that once accepted smoking into a safer environment. The longer smoking is accepted inside a land facility, the more it will cost operators to clean the air and make the venues safe for visitors.

According to recommendations from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, all casinos should be made 100% smoke-free in order to make sure that the quality of the indoor air is safe for employees. Secondhand smoking has been proven to cause death and various health issues in casino patrons and staff alike. According to NIOSH study data, 6 out of 10,000 non smoking casino employees in Pennsylvania are expected to lose their lives on a yearly basis because of being exposed to secondhand smoke.

The “Florida Clean Indoor Act” prohibit smoking in workplaces and in many businesses making smoking allowed only on casinos within the semiautonomous Indian reservations. Many casinos around Florida, and the US, offer smoke-free areas but until we will witness a complete ban of smoking in all casinos around the country, we can rely on the online alternative for safe, smoke-free and convenient gambling in the form of virtual casinos.

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