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Being Outdoors: How It Improves Our Health


For today’s younger generations who have spent a large portion of their lives inside often in front of a screen of some type most of them would agree that at one point or another, their parents told them to spend more time outdoors. And while many of us fear that going outdoors will lead to sunburn and insect bites, we are meant to spend as much time out in nature as possible.

Being outdoors is good for both the body and the brain, and there are a number of proven scientific benefits from spending a few hours out of the house and away from technology.


This is an obvious one from the get-go, but it’s still important to consider. Humans were designed to be active, and thanks to our skin and hairless bodies, we’re the world’s most tireless animals. We are built to create large amounts of excess energy that if not burnt off, turns into fat. Spending time outdoors means getting natural exercise, and while it doesn’t meant we need to go and hike up a mountain, a simple walk through the local park is incredibly beneficial to our overall health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for the health of our bones, bloody cells, and immune system, and is an essential vitamin for the absorption of other minerals, such as phosphorous and calcium. We need around 15 minutes of sun every day, up to three times a week, giving our bodies the Vitamin D it needs to carry out its necessary vital functions. Vitamin D deficiency is a growing problem around the world that leads to a range of different medical complications, and it’s more important than ever that we head out into the sun more often, and while there’s nothing wrong staying inside with a film or a round of the best online pokies Australia has to offer, it’s important to remember that the outdoors is our ally.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Apart from the sun and exercise, being outdoors, especially in a place that has a lot of trees and natural foliage, is extremely healthy for our mental well-being. The modern world is a stressful place, and anxiety is becoming more and more common. When we’re outside among nature, our brain subconsciously picks up on the natural patterns that can be found throughout the natural world, and researchers have found that these patterns have a powerful calming effect on our mental health, and can have a huge impact in terms of reducing anxiety and stress.

Improved Immunity

We’ve become a world obsessed with cleanliness to the point where it’s starting to do serious damage to our immune system and gut health. The more chemical-laden cleaning agents we use, the more unnatural, synthetic chemicals that our bodies absorb, and it can wreak havoc on our health, and even lead to a weaker immune system. Once again, nature has the answer, and spending a few ours outside can boost our immune function. One such organic compound is known as phytoncides, which are put into the air by plants, and has been shown to benefit our immune systems. On top of this, the sun can help energise special T cells, which are designed to combat infection.

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