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How to Handicap a Winning Horse Racer?


Horse racing is a top sports betting game that every sports fan play. In the United States, it is one of the most celebrated sporting events. Actually, there are many notable horse racing fields existing where racers saddle up in both minor and major horse racing events happening all year round.

The broad wagering options is one of the reasons why horse racing shows continue to capture the hearts of every sports fan. Unlike the typical straight bets that ball games bring, the massive classification of horse race betting provides a bigger opportunity for gamblers to earn big. In fact, there are difficult betting categories whose pot prizes are worth millions.

With the wider gambling opportunities that horse racing games provide, most sports fans are looking to gamble for their favorite horses. Undeniably, there are many experienced racers all over the world, which sometimes makes it difficult to pick the best racer. That said, we’d like to give you some evident ways on how you can handicap and successful horse racer.

Consider the Form

Handicapping and betting for beginners is not an easy task to do. You don’t only go out and go to the racing field where you pick a random racer to bet. The first thing you need to do when handicapping a horse racer is to consider the form. You must look at the overall physical aesthetics of the colt to assess whether he’s strong enough to saddle up.

Besides, horse racing doesn’t only have one type of running surface. It varies depending on the qualifications set by the organizers, and a horse racer should be the right form and trait before running. If you feel that the shape of the thoroughbred racer doesn’t fit the race type, you must avoid handicapping and betting for them.

Examine the Ability

By nature, horse racing is a competition of the fastest runner. It means that the first entry to reach the finish line will win the game. Speed and running ability is perhaps the second factor you must look at when you handicap a horse racer. It may be hard to look at the horse directly, whether he can run fast, but there’s a better way to find that out.

It is where horse racing forms takes place. Horse racing forms contains the records of every horse racer tallying their overall racing career. It also includes the last races they join along with the placements they got. In this way, you can create a better opportunity to compare each entry’s running speed and spot a real potential winner.

Study the Class

Looking into the class where a horse racing belongs deems the most tricky and difficult task to contemplate when handicapping horses. It is because a horse racer can improve its skills as it takes training every day. Aside from that, the trainer and jockey can continually apply skills that every horse racer can learn and adapt.

Although it’s quite difficult when you reach this part of handicapping horses, you can go back to the racing forms to review each racer’s record. If the horse racer has not stepped back and competed in ascending levels and stakes, he is a good bet to gamble. It means that the colt can adjust in different racing conditions.

Review the Racing Conditions

As stated above, there is no single format in a horse racing event, and they follow varying tracks and conditions. Some races took place in a turf track, and some may consider the sprint category. Also, some partake in Graded Stakes following the longest-running distance. That’s why you need to scrutinize each racing conditions when handicapping horses.

Besides, even the most durable horse racer with complete saddling skills can’t win in a racing game if he runs in an inappropriate category. Additionally, you can study the weather condition, and assess if the horse racer can still compete, even if the weather changes.

Evaluate the Connection

The connection in handicapping a horse racer refers to the skills developed both by the racer and the jockey. Remember that even if you picked the fastest runner without the right connection from the jockey, the horse racer could still loose.

One best way to know the connection developed by the jockey and the horse racer is by talking to them and asking some questions regarding the training they did with the colt. If you see that they apply it during the competition, then an entry is an excellent value to bet and handicap.


In a horse racing competition, you might get impressed by how each entry prepares to win the show. At the same time, it’s an overwhelming feeling to take part in betting as you had the opportunity to scrutinize each entry you want to bet. Therefore, with the viable tips listed above on how to handicap horses, your chance of earning big is highly achievable.

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