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The Unexpected ways our lives will change when cars driven themselves


Battery-driven vehicles, which are expected to be self -propelled, will have a ripple effect that extends beyond the US roadways.

At least that’s the view of Benedict Evans, a longtime tech observer, and partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. In a recent blog post titled, “Cars and second-order consequences,” Evans speculates on the many ways the technology will change the lives of motorists and the economy at large. Sell your car

“Something will happen, and probably something big,” he writes.

Here are seven of his bold and most exciting predictions

Fewer truckers will be impacted than expected.

Many economists have warned that self-driving cars have been displaced to the people living behind them. Truck drivers traveling in the cross country have a significant impact. which could eliminate the less skilled profession, if arduous? Evans writes that these concerns may be overblown, largely because trucking as a profession is already falling out of favor.

Traffic congestion could actually get worse

Many people expect self-driving cars to be less congested in road congestion. Because there will be fewer cars parked and speeding accidents. That all may be true, Evans writes But relieving these problems can also cause more people to use these vehicles if the option to contribute a lower price can make it more exciting.

“If you reduce the crowd, then more and more people will drive or will ether make a new trip or switch to public transport, and congestion might rise back to where you started,” Evans writes.

It also raises the question of whether the bus is still there and the light rail system will be necessary or the can either be reduced or replaced by a ride-share alternative.

Cars can bear witness to the crime.

The self-propelled car’s camera will be equipped with a laser and other sensors rods designed to study around the vehicle. While this information helps the vehicle navigate its surroundings, but eventually it can be used in other ways, Evans writes.

We could buy fewer cigarettes

The gas stations get their convenience from store goods. One of the big sellers? Cigarettes. More than half of cigarette sales in the United State are at gas stations, Evans writes, but electric cars can end up buying this efficiently.

That could save many lives per year, he predicts.

Airbags can be eliminated.

The impression that car accidents will become a situation of the past once vehicles drive themselves will have distant-reaching implications, Evans writes. One of the accessory benefits: There will be no essential for airbags, crumble zones, and other guard features presently built into cars. That would cut down the weight and complexness of vehicle design, making cars more energy-businesslike and less costly in the process. sell my car Dubai

No more searching for parking

Ellipse the block for a parking area will stop when self-driving vehicles go their beginning, Evans foretells. Personal care can park themselves someplace, maybe even miles gone, and joint vehicles can easily move on to their next drive. Either mode, that could basically alter our transportation habits and how cities are planned. For example, existent estate creators will not need to account for parking on their place — freeing up that location for other uses.

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