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Health Matters: A cure for degenerative disc disease in the neck and back


85% of the back surgeries superfluous.

But how to combine daily routines that can take several hours, with the usual housework and work? The basis of folk remedies for degenerative disc disease on the same principles that imply and therapeutic methods. There are folk remedies for degenerative disc disease that have a similar effect and you can cook them yourself. For example, Folk treatment of cervical degenerative disc applied to home involves the use of rubbing.

As a basis for the preparation of the ointment, pork fat is used, which is heated in a pan, or crushed lard. Before applying the ointment. Warming neck or waist preparatory. You can use both a massage and a heated salt in a handkerchief. The product is gently rubbed into painful areas until completely absorbed and completes the procedure by applying salt. The ointment is applied to the lumbar or cervical spine intensive rubbing motion.

It is irritating and distracting and relieves a painful attack with acute osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis treatment of folk medicine requires the mandatory use of warm compresses. They are superimposed on each part of the spine and help to clear the congestion. Recipes from mustard-based osteochondrosis are used as compresses. They are a cure for degenerative disc disease in the neck and back even used for skin diseases. They not only warm the back muscles, force them to relax, but also have a calming effect on the nervous system. After herbal baths, which can be easily organized at home every day, the patient feels rested and happy. The mobility of the spine is restored, the numbness of the extremities, which are characteristic of the cervical and thoracic osteochondrosis, disappears.

It is particularly useful in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. It uses a cure for degenerative disc disease in the neck and back like a cure for degenerative disc disease in the neck and back as for professional massage. It is first stroking from top to bottom. They can be held simultaneously with both hands or alternately for each side of the neck.

After they begin to rub, to warm and soften the muscles of the cervical spine. After warming the neck, it is kneaded, takes the skin with your fingers and let’s go of it.

Such enhancements are handy to perform the opposite hand for each page. The purpose of this technique is to remove the pinching of the nerve roots, the elimination of pain and the normalization of the neck movements. The advantage of this folk medicine is the ability to use it, not only at home but also at work, when I feel tired neck muscles.

The same techniques can be used for the waist only while standing. In addition to the hands for self-massage at home, it is convenient to use improvised tools like a rolling pin. It is usually used for the lumbar spine. At the same time, they try to roll the rolling pin up and down on their backs. Better yet, has a unique massager with exposure to infrared rays, which simultaneously heats and knead the tissue and relieves spasm.

Then a cure for degenerative disc disease in the neck and back of the palm applied to the forehead, resistance to the head, leaving the back of the neck muscles strained. Likewise, the palms are used alternately to the cheekbone regions, thereby tensing and strengthening the lateral muscles of the neck region. Neck exercises can be performed directly at the desk. Brushes are placed on the shoulders, turning them back and forth.

Then lift each shoulder up one at a time. With their hands behind their backs, they try to connect them with their hands.

After that, the hands behind the neck are tied one after the other: one arm is up and the other is from below. In the position on the back with the arms raised behind the head, the touch of the elbow of the opposite knee is performed one after the other. To eliminate the displacement of the lumbar vertebrae and the release of nerve cords, it is also advisable to hang on the pole more often.

Treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine at home – an integral part of the overall comprehensive treatment. At home, without a doctor, you can: But how do you choose the right exercises?

Some are entirely contraindicated for osteochondrosis, and some are banned in times of exacerbations. It will be enough to attend several classes to learn how to do gymnastics at home properly. Exercises for flexion-extension prohibited, torsion and twisted the spine in the lumbar spine.

In the acute phase – after the Lumbar “Lumbago” – you altogether refuse to perform the exercises independently. Before the examination of the doctor, only bed rest is shown – lying on his back — illustration of the performance of some activities in the disease. To successfully treat the spine, you must carefully review your lifestyle and habits. What can and should be done.

Notice how you sleep and rest. Forget the bumpy mattresses and the stretched net on the bed. Instead, use the best mattress for degenerative disc disease to get proper relaxation. If there is no money – make a shield even of smooth boards, be sure to repair them so that they do not go away. To sleep, it is necessary to lay down only on a back and only on the same rigid surface without a pillow or with a small pillow under a neck. In addition to relaxing, the spine helps a small pillow cm high under the Sacra-gluteal area.

You can lie down on such a platter before you go to bed or rest during the day. Do not lift the weight, especially from the kickstand. Homemade products are very effective at eliminating pain, relieving muscle tension, improving blood flow, and providing the affected tissue with valuable substances.

A cure for degenerative disc disease in the neck and back in the lumbar region makes it difficult to be alone.

Massage yourself after a warm shower or bath in a relaxed atmosphere – sitting on the bed, leaning slightly forward.

Sour milk products, chilies and jellies – are useful for the spine because they are rich in calcium and components for building cartilage tissue.

During exacerbation. As you can see, too little can be done at home for the treatment of lumbar spine osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis – a disease associated with degenerative disc changes. Now they are often affected by people between the ages of 25 to 40 years. The condition can affect the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. As a result, the insufficient blood supply to the brain.

And if the brain lacks something, then the whole organism, which it also creates. In breast osteochondrosis, discs in the corresponding spine are destroyed. Because of this, the pressure on the vertebrae increases under load. A person has no acute pain, but the back can whine constantly. This type of osteochondrosis is rarely diagnosed but is often associated with problems in the cervical spine.

The disease usually occurs due to an incorrect distribution of stress on the spine. When the disease has started, it is necessary to treat the much more difficult intervertebral hernia.

Causes of cervical-thoracic osteochondrosis: Also, osteochondrosis may arise during pregnancy. Manifestations of cervicothoracic osteochondrosis are very different. Doctors can take some of them for the symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia or angina. The treatment is set accordingly, and a person can drink medication for years without knowing that the solution to the problem is to heal the spine.

The following symptoms indicate the presence of cervical breast osteochondrosis: Sometimes, the treatment of snoring involves examining the spine. And all because a person can snore because of the constant tension of the neck muscles. Even periodically, a cure for degenerative disc disease in the neck and back toothache is a sign that you have cervical osteochondrosis.

Unfortunately, you can not completely heal osteochondrosis either in the clinic or at home. Discs like nerves are hard to reconstruct. But you can try to eliminate the symptoms to the maximum and do it so that the disease does not progress. The first stage of treatment is, of course, the removal of acute pain.

In this case, it is better to use medication; they give a quick effect. Before you buy anything, contact your doctor. But when the pain is gone, you can start treating osteochondrosis at home. To know how to treat osteochondrosis at home, you must turn to the centuries-old A Cure for Degenerative Disc Disease in the neck and back of our ancestors.

These medications can be used as heat and anesthetics to eliminate muscle spasms. Home treatment begins with the elimination of pain.

Mix equally grated raw potatoes and honey.

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