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Authentic Kratom Took A Giant Step in Educating Farmers About the Production of Premium Mitrgyna Through Care And Farming Techniques


Authentic Kratom fulfills its promise of delivering quality kratom to consumers all over the United States, and recently, it went a step further. To provide the best kratom to all users, Authentic Kratom took a giant step in educating farmers about the production of premium quality through care and farming techniques to keep kratom free from debris and metals. If the farmers follow the right method of farming and maintain the trees free from any metals, metal compounds, debris, contaminants, and fertilizers, the effects of kratom will increase, and users will feel better in a shorter time!

This awareness is the need of the hour since kratom research is limited, and many potential users are still doubtful about the substance. There is a lack of research due to resources, funding, and the fact that kratom is relatively new in the market.

Resultantly, there is little scientific evidence of the goodness of this organic substance! If farmers work on their method of cultivation to produce potent and premium quality kratom, the users will feel a difference, and the impact will help potential users make up their mind as well!

The education of farmers will ensure several changes in the kratom industry.

  • First of all, the farmers will understand the dangers of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • The perils of spraying insecticide are that they can hamper the alkaloid content of kratom. Similarly, the use of chemical fertilizers implies contamination of the chemical properties of the organic substance!
  • Debris, metals, and any other irritant on the soil may impact the growth of kratom and reduce the efficacy of the plant.
  • Farmers are the first step in providing quality kratom.
  • Farmers can ensure healthier growth of the kratom plants, which can be used to produce better products.
  • The first step of ethical consumerism begins with farmers.
  • Therefore, educating them will result in better raw material and higher alkaloid content to help users.

Authentic Kratom plans to educate farmers by:

  • Explaining the methods that can improve the quality of the plant.
  • Describing ways to keep the soil clean and productive.
  • Introducing them to kratom, its effects, and side effects.
  • Growing the different types of kratom according to the demand of the people.
  • The campaign to educate farmers is a big step as it will not only ensure healthy and potent kratom growth but will also improve farming skills. Faster methods to cultivate and hygienic procedures to produce supplements will become common.

Authentic Kratom, headquartered in Canoga Park in San Fernando valley California; takes up the campaign to educate farmers about the plantation, farming, and harvesting to reduce any contamination or pollution of the organic substance due to use of fertilizers, metals and any debris in the soil.

The organization takes full responsibility for contributing to the goodness of nature and enhancing its ability to help users improve their health. Authentic Kratom realizes the need for this campaign as farmers need to learn modern methods to enhance the properties of every type of kratom.

Kratom is a tree native to the Southeast Asian region. This plant was a part of the traditional medicine of this region for centuries. Almost two decades ago, kratom made its way into the American market, and millions of users have benefited from it. However, the FDA does not recognize kratom as a medicinal supplement. The pharmaceutical giants and FDA do not want kratom’s benefits to be known! Authentic Kratom plays its part in creating awareness at the ‘grass-root level’ where it creates an impact!

Authentic Kratom’s campaign is not only to promote kratom but to also educate farmers and users about the good and bad effects of this substance. Kratom, when used in excess, may cause some unwanted side effects that users must avoid. The best way to understand the efficacy and results of kratom, one has to be aware and cautious about dosage.

Authentic Kratom not only aims to provide the best kratom strains but also ensure that people get to know more about this potent botanical.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of research due to kratom being a new substance in the United States. Moreover, the FDA’s declaration that kratom does not have any medicinal properties only makes it an unknown organic supplement for numerous potential users.

Many people get scared if they hear about any negative news such as the outbreak of salmonella in March 2019. Sunstone Organics warned all users that the batch of kratom that it released was contaminated and could cause salmonella. Two of the kratom batches were recalled to avoid any undesired illness and discomfort.

Potential users can get confused by such events, due to which the importance of kratom awareness has increased! A salmonella scare happened last year as well. Several kratom batches were destroyed and recalled because they could cause this illness, which brings along nausea, vomiting, and several unwanted symptoms.

In 2018, the Commissioner of FDA, Scott Gotlieb, said that there is enough scientific evidence to prove that kratom has more dangers than benefits for health. He also said that there was more risk of drug abuse by kratom than users understand. The risk of an overdose of kratom can be as harmful as overdosing any opioid.

The clinical risk evaluation by the National Institute of Health shows that kratom possesses several qualities such as stimulant, pain killer, and sedative. The research claimed that kratom could also enhance immunity. Moreover, the organic substance can eliminate depression and improve mood.

However, kratom can also cause seizures, memory function, and extreme side effects that can lead to death. Due to the severity of side effects in a fraction of users, the research suggests it is a risky substance to consume. Kratom dosage can be followed to maintain a healthy and safe intake to help with several illnesses.

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