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7 Mistakes Your Company Still Makes on Social Media


Many companies make fundamental mistakes in managing their social media accounts. Here are seven of them with some tips on how these issues can be fixed.

Seven Mistakes Your Company Still Makes on Social Media

By now, companies have been using social media for at least five years, and in some cases, even longer than that. However, many of them still make the same basic mistakes.

Social networks continue to grow in importance, and most companies want to have a presence there. But just because you’re there doesn’t mean that you do a good job. We have put together seven common mistakes that companies make on social media:

  1. Same content
  2. Lack of media
  3. Relying on the Marketing department
  4. Target audience issue
  5. Poor interaction
  6. Not having a plan
  7. Lagging behind development

We’ll also provide you with tips on how they can be fixed.

1. Same Content Posted Everywhere

Most companies today are active on more than one social media network (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). But the problem is that they post the same content everywhere, regardless of the chosen platform. The best way to handle that would be to write some text with a link to your own website. You can also use tools that allow you to post content on multiple networks at the same time.

The important thing to be kept in mind is that each of these channels works completely differently. Therefore, you have to adapt your content to them accordingly. How to fix that? Keep your postings concise on Twitter, make them a bit longer on LinkedIn, and let your thoughts go freely on Facebook. And, of course, be sure to post pictures whenever you can.

2. Few Pictures and Movies

Photos and movies are becoming more and more important on social media, and mostly because of the growing popularity of Instagram and Snapchat. But the same logic applies to Facebook, LinkedIn, and the other networks. Despite this, companies still make different mistakes. Two common examples include having completely text-based posts with links or posting YouTube clips on Facebook. In the first case, you get poor visibility and low interaction, while in the second one, you fail to appreciate the fact that all social media networks give greater visibility to movie clips posted directly to them.

How to fix that: Make it a rule to post content that has a lot of pictures or movies in it. Use images from Instagram to illustrate your posts on other networks. Also, use every opportunity to broadcast live (for example, on Facebook).

3. Only Your Marketing Department Handles Your Social Media Account

It is still common for companies to have their social media accounts managed by their marketing departments. However, many a time, the target groups you want to reach have completely different requirements for the stuff you post. A classic example is companies talking about their fantastic products instead of letting their customers know about their opening hours.

How to fix that: Have other departments in your company manage stuff on social media as well. Also, analyze what the users who interact with you on different networks actually want to know or do. Your chances of increasing sales will become significantly greater if you show your followers that you share the same interests.

4. Poor Control Over Target Audience

Many companies generally have poor control over their target audience, which means that they have little idea of what is important to them and how to reach them. Things become even more problematic when it comes to social media, where successful interaction with your target audience requires you to know it really well. But unlike many other channels, you have the opportunity to learn more about the things your target audience is interested in by interacting with them on different social media networks. For example, a https://www.buy-cheapessay.com/ platform has students and academic-involved people as its target audience. Therefore, the content of their social media pages should be related to student life, maybe some education tips, guidelines, etc.

How to fix that: Define a specific audience and start testing content that is relevant for them. Don’t try to appeal to as many people as you can, rather be really niche. If it works, do more of the same. If it doesn’t, fix your mistakes and redefine your target group.

5. Lack of Interaction

Unanswered comments and lack of interest in what’s happening with the posts aren’t uncommon interaction issues in corporate accounts on social media. That is partly due to:

  • A one-way marketing channel
  • Uncertainty about what to answer
  • A fear that the answer will be wrong

Perhaps, the most common reason for it is that you didn’t think about it and, therefore, made no one responsible for responding to comments or set aside the resources necessary for getting it done properly.

How to fix that: Make sure that all comments are answered as quickly as possible. Assign this task to somebody who will be personally responsible for it. Also, make sure they know what to answer and where to get help in case they need it.

6. No Strategy

It is universally agreed today that handling social media requires having a solid strategy. However, a large number of companies still don’t have one, which affects both the quality and efficiency of their social media presence.

How to fix that: Develop a strategy and make sure everyone working on social media are aware of it. Having a strategy does not only let you set your goals and define target groups., but also solves many of the problems referred to here. And the best thing about a strategy is that it really does pay off.

7. Failure to Stay Updated on Latest Developments

Your company may have been active on social media for several years, but do you keep track of all the developments there? Given the rapid changes taking place there, it can quickly become a problem if you don’t stay updated and test the latest innovations.

How to fix that: Make sure that you keep your finger on the pulse of social media platforms. Your overall goals may be set, but there is every reason to regularly review what’s being done to achieve them.

Well, here they are — the seven mistakes many companies continue to make on social media. Do you recognize any of them? Then you know what you should do to fix them.


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