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The Best Bingo Games to Play and Things to Do if You Want to Have More Fun


BINGO! If you’ve ever played the game, you know the rush of excitement that comes with shouting that word.

Getting a bingo can release endorphins, which are neurochemicals that make you feel happy. Endorphins also provide a ton of other health benefits. They can help prevent depression, keep your weight in check, and even provide pain relief.

So, what do you do if bingo isn’t as exciting as it once was?

Liven up the game! It’s important to switch up your bingo games, not only for your enjoyment but your health too.

If you’re looking for new bingo games to play for even more fun, read on.

Use Different Bingo Patterns

When you’re a new bingo player, getting a straight-line bingo is thrilling. But after a few games, it can start to get a little boring.

An easy way to shake things up is to play for different patterns. You could play blackout, where you try to cover your entire card. Another popular one is four corners, where you try to cover the four corners of your card. Postage stamp, center cross, and diamond are options too.

By switching up the patterns, you can play endless amounts of different bingo games. If you can think of a pattern, you can play bingo with it. The only limit is your imagination.

Try Bingo Card Swapping

A great way to liven up any game of bingo is to swap cards in the middle of a round. You can have the game caller tell everyone to swap seats with the person across from them. Everyone will get new cards and it keeps the game feeling fresh.

Keep in mind that traditional bingo players might not like this one, especially if you’re playing for money. Make sure to ask everyone first.

Host a Themed Bingo Party

Not only will you get to play some fun bingo games, you’ll also get to spend time with friends. You can base your theme on anything from a holiday (Christmas Bingo) to a type of food (Pina Colada Bingo Night).

Choose a theme that you think your guests will enjoy and then get to planning. Make sure to pick out some music and decorations to make it feel like a party.

You could even use themed bingo cards or markers. For a Christmas bingo party, you could print out or make red and green cards. You could also use edible spot markers that match the theme, like Christmas gumdrops or bite-sized cookies.

Look for Bingo Games to Play Online

If you’re feeling bored with the slower pace of traditional bingo, you should try playing online. You can play multiple cards at once and chat with fellow players.

The faster pace may be more fun and exciting. You can get as many as 50 free spins a day on websites like Blighty Bingo. Plus, many bingo sites also have free apps, so you can still have fun even when you’re on the go.

Start Having More Fun with Bingo Today

With so many variations of bingo games to play, there’s no excuse to feel bored. Try out one of these bingo ideas to have even more fun playing and keep those endorphins going.

If you’re looking for more entertainment ideas, check out our events calendar.

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