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Does low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) really help hair to grow?


Low-level laser light is one type of treatment for hair loss that is safe and non-invasive. This treatment is sometimes also called cold laser treatment or red light treatment ( There are studies which have shown that the laser light can help to stimulate hair growth. The idea behind laser light treatments is that the red light actually triggers activity in the cells, and that this works best with light that has the wavelengths that range from 500 nm to 1,100nm.

Each hair follicle that you have in your body contains many stem cells which are important in the growth and development of the actual hair. Stem cells are special cells which are able to divide and change into a particular type of cell that the body needs. In the case of hair, these cells are called epithelial bulge stem cells, which is just a fancy way of saying that the cells are a type of tissue called epithelia that form in bulges along the hair.

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has, in fact, approved the use of certain LLLT instruments for use in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. This is the most common hair loss problem in men.


Low-level laser light therapy seems to work because it activates hairs to go back into the anagen phase from the telogen phase. Each hair goes through a cycle of stages, and the anagen phase is the time when the hair is growing while the telogen phase is when the hair is resting. It is also believed that the light therapy can help to increase the rate at which hair follicles enter the anagen state, and can impact how long this stage of the hair cycle lasts.

Researchers have found that laser light at the wavelengths used in LLLT act on the mitochondria. Mitochondria are powerhouses of the cell that convert sugars into energy molecules called ATP. The details are not important to know, but it is important to realize that energy is needed for growth and development of cells. Several complex mechanisms have to happen in order to allow our hair follicles to grow into mature hairs, and these mechanisms all need energy.

The LLLT also seems to affect chemicals that cause blood vessels to expand in the process called vasodilation. The reason this is important for us to know about is that the blood is how oxygen and nutrients such as sugars and proteins are transported to the cells of our body. An improved blood supply then can improve the growth of our hair since it impacts the activity of stem cells.

Another interesting fact

LLLT is not just used for hair growth, and in fact.

Studies have indicated that low-level laser light therapy can be used to help ease joint pain, help in recovery from strokes and help in wound healing. Research is ongoing and it is very likely that more uses may be discovered for Low-level laser light therapy, perhaps in conjunction with stem cell therapy.

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