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Are highlights or lowlights in hair a good idea?


Some people like to try different things with their hair, such as adding highlights or lowlights. Highlighting is when some parts of your hair are made lighter than the color of your natural hair while lowlighting is the opposite, and is when some parts of your hair are made darker (

The changes can be done using naturally-occurring shades of hair, so for instance, a person with brown hair could get blonde highlights, or the changes can include artificial colors. Some people like to use bold colors such as pinks, greens or even blues, as highlights in their hair.

There are different kinds of highlighting-type methods for hair such as frosting, hair painting and basic highlighting. Frosting often is more subtle than straight out highlighting, but it can vary. Usually only the tips of hairs are bleached, in the case of frosting, to give a more mixed appearance of shades in the hair.

Hair painting, as the name implies, is a form of painting color into the hair, and it is also often called balayage. Highlighting or lowlighting is done by changing the color of an entire hair strand, and repeating this process until you get the effect you want. Highlighting depends on keeping the hair that is to be lightened separate from the other hair while it changes. The effect can be achieved using a foil method or by using a special cap through which individual strands of hair can be pulled and treated separately. Lowlights can be done in the same way but of course, a darker shade of color is used.

Altering your hair using some type of highlighting method can really work in your favor to accentuate your natural beauty. They can help to emphasize lines and bring out your eyes in a flattering way.

Are highlights and lowlights in hair safe?

If done too often, highlighting and lowlighting can be damaging to individual strands of hair. This is because the dye which is used changes the actual structure of the hair, particularly if it penetrates deeply through the outer sheath and into the medulla part of the hair strand. Permanent dyes used to dye all of the hair, has this effect as well, which is why it is probably not wise to dye or add highlighting too often.

There are chemicals used in the products used to make color changes to the hair, and some people worry that such chemicals could make them ill or even lead to cancer one day.

There is no specific evidence linking hair products in use today to the development of cancer, but at the same time this does not mean these products are totally harmless. It is best to use caution and not add chemicals to the hair too often, since they can leach into the skin and also can cause eye irritation if they get into your eyes during the process.

Other hair issues and procedures to consider

Another big issue for many men, and even some women, is alopecia, or hair loss. Women often experience a thinning of the hair after menopause due to hormonal changes. For both men and women there are options such as hair transplant surgery or PRP that you can find out about for treating hair loss.

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