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How to Play Windows Games on Mac


Windows Games

Do you want to know how to play Windows games on Mac?

Gaming is becoming a more acceptable pastime nowadays. This is because the gaming industry is changing and becoming a viable career path. Most people try to cash in on the gaming industry by playing popular competitive games for hours every day.

Mac had compatibility issues before that prevented people from running popular games. Fortunately, there are ways that allow you to play Windows games on Macs now, though. Read on to learn how you can run these high-end games on a high-end device.

Ways to Run Windows Games on Mac

If you want to learn how to play Windows games on Mac, installing software that allows you to access them is the first step. These are the best applications used to run games on Mac. They also have different qualities to serve different purposes.

1. Wine

Wine is the best software for its cost. The way the software works is by adding an extra interface on your Mac. The interface instructs your device to allow you to run Windows applications.

Instead of getting an error message like usual, you’re able to run the programs that only Windows devices could before. This is how emulators work on a PC.

What’s great about Wine is that you can try it on your device for free. This makes you sure about your experience before buying the program.

Wine is too technical, though. People often have a hard time understanding Wine’s interface. This puts people off and makes them get another program.

It also doesn’t help that Wine isn’t compatible with most games. It often takes time for developers to make a game compatible with Wine. If you plan on playing the latest games, you’re better off getting another program on our list.

2. GeForce Now

This is the best option if you have a large library of games available on any of the popular game hosting platforms. GeForce Now enables your Mac to connect to popular platforms like Steam or It does this with the help of Nvidia’s connections across Europe.

The program uses the existing Nvidia connections to provide a fast streaming connection to its users. It also uses the help of Nvidia’s cloud storage to allow users to play their games in an instant.

The system streams and stores your game data in seconds. This makes it possible for you to play your game as soon as you download it. It also optimizes your game for streaming, making the best video quality its default.

The only problem with GeForce is that you have to be online while you’re using it. Losing connection while you’re playing stops the program and the application. You also need a fast internet connection to make GeForce worth your while.

3. Shadow

If subscription-based services are your cup of tea, then get Shadow for your Mac. This software provides your Mac with a full copy of Windows 10. This means you will be sure your Mac can run all the games available for Windows.

Shadow also proves to be a cost-effective software to use. It gives your Mac a 4K display resolution and a frame rate of 60fps. It also gives you free upgrades as technology improves.

The only problem with Shadow is its price. It’s pricey for a subscription service. They back it up with their impressive services, though.

4. Boot Camp

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Shadow, then Boot Camp is the software for you. This allows you to install a copy of Windows 10 to your Mac. The best part is that it does this for free.

This means you’ll also be able to run other programs that enable you to play games on Windows, such as emulators and virtual consoles. Doing this means you can even play old console games from your childhood on the Mac.

The only issue with Boot Camp is that it takes up more space. This is because it will also save a copy of Windows 10 on your hard drive. This makes it harder for you to install big games on your Mac.

5. Windows Virtual Machine

Another option is to run virtualization software on your Mac. Virtualization software allows you to run Windows and macOS at the same time. Switching between the different operating systems will be possible through this.

Windows Virtual Machine is a great software to do this. The intuitive software allows you to launch any Windows 10 app you like. It also doesn’t take up space as Boot Camp does.

The limitation with this is the performance of your programs. Virtualization runs 2 operating systems at the same time. This means it also takes up processing power.

This method limits you to your device’s performance power. Low spec devices cannot use Windows programs to their fullest.

You can install add-ons, though. Items like the Razer Core X help your Mac become a better gaming device. This comes at an extra cost, but it can help you save on getting a new Mac.

6. Steam In-Home Streaming

If you already have a powerful PC at your disposal, then you can use that to run your games on your Mac. You can do this with Steam In-Home Streaming. The software uses the processing power of your PC to run the games.

You can then play your games on your Mac as the software streams to it. This makes it so you can have any setup you want.

You also need not worry about storage space when using the software. You’ll be using the storage spaces of 2 devices when running this setup.

This also means you don’t overwork your Mac. Using the processing power of your PC instead of the Mac means it will stay cool while you play.

Best Games to Play on Mac

Now that you know how to run Windows games on a Mac, here are the best games to play.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft’s popularity remained steady ever since its release. It peaked when a popular internet celebrity played it. Now, it has a large community and new updates to keep everyone playing the game interested.

The premise of the game is simple. You need to survive with the tools you start with, your bare hands. Your goal will depend on how you want to play the game.

You can be a builder who creates magnificent structures to live in. You can also be an adventurer, hopping from area to area and surviving on what you can find.

Most people find that exploring this generated world is addicting. This makes them play it for hours without even realizing it. This makes it the perfect game for your Mac since its simplistic graphics won’t overwork your device.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite became the most-watched game on Twitch, the most popular streaming service. This is because of its appealing graphics and high-skill gameplay. Knowing how to play Fortnite on Mac will let you know why everyone loves the game.

The battle-royal type shooting game is perfect for you if you want a fast-paced game. It’s also among the most competitive games today. Playing this on your Mac will be a great way to practice if you want to become a professional gamer.

3. League of Legends

If you want a more strategic team game, then you should consider League of Legends. This game is the perfect balance between competitive and casual gaming. The game is easy to learn and is fun with friends.

What makes it better is that League of Legends is free to play. There are cosmetic items that cost you real money, but you can unlock them through the game’s orange essence system.

4. Starcraft 2

South Korean gamers consider this game to be their national sport because of how popular it is. You play as one of three races in this game. The Terran, Protoss, and Zerg factions have unique structures and units for you to control.

They also have different play styles. This makes it feel like a new game every time you choose a different faction.

The game is perfect for you if you enjoy planning your moves and managing your in-game economy. It also has a campaign mode with a great story for you to learn the lore of the game.

5. Slay the Spire

If you enjoy single-player games that make you think, then this may suit you better. Slay the Spire is a card-based game that relies on deck building and lucky draws. It’s also a part of the rogue-like subgenre.

This means that having the game beat you is a normal occurrence. With each failed run, you understand the game better and you get stronger cards to use.

While the game demands a certain level of thinking, there’s no beating the feeling of pulling a victory from the clutches of defeat when you get lucky and draw the right card for the situation.

Learn How to Play Windows Games on Mac Today

You need not get a PC for yourself to play games anymore. Learn how to play Windows games on Mac today and run your games there instead!

Running games on Mac is only the start. There are a ton of other important things to learn if you want to get the most out of your Mac. We’ve got you covered with more guides right here, so feel free to check them out today!

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