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9 Successful Tips on Becoming a Pilot: 2020 Edition


Becoming a Pilot

Everyone out there is looking to find a career that’s both successful and exciting.

You know… the kind of career that makes everyone’s eyes light up when you tell them what you do for a living.

Few careers offer more excitement than being a Pilot. No one else on earth other than a Pilot gets to say they’re paid to fly a plane or jet every day.

However, becoming a Pilot is no small task. It takes a lot of work and dedication to become an experienced Pilot.

Here are several tips for you to consider as you’re weighing out a career as a Pilot.

1. Why Are You Interested in Becoming One?

Not many people consider the work-life that comes with being a successful Pilot. It means spending countless hours away from your friends and family.

There’s an even longer and more tedious process to get to that point. The training process is exhaustive, and rightly so. They can’t just let anyone roam the skies without intense training and knowledge on how to do so.

Consider the reasons that you want to become a Pilot. Has it always been your dream or are you just doing it because you think it’d be cool?

You’ll need a solid reason to motivate you through all the training and long nights.

2. Take Time to Find the Right Flight School

Exceptional flight schools are few and far between, however, there’s more of them than one might expect.

Make sure to exhaust all your options and pick the flight school that fits you best.

You may be thinking how can I get a feel for that prior to enrolling in one? Like any school, there are open houses you can attend to get some helpful insight.

From there, be sure to make the decision on which school is right for you. You’ll know it when you see it.

3. Read up on the Profession

The career of being a Pilot, and the training that leads up to becoming one, isn’t a path many people other than Pilots are too familiar with.

However, you’ll want to gain as much insight into the career and everything you’ll need to be successful ahead of time.

For instance, you’ll want to read up on how to get an Air Transport Pilot’s Licence, the life of a Pilot, and the best airlines to work for. Doing this research ahead of time can give you a broad idea of where you want to end up in your career.

4. A Mathematical Savvy is Helpful

Being a Pilot requires a firm understanding of spacing, which is a healthy mix of understanding both math and physics.

For obvious reasons, being savvy at these two subjects helps with things like landing the plane smoothly, taking off, embracing turbulence, etc.

It’s a trait combination that very few people have. Luckily, it can be learned and when you have it, it will separate you from the rest of the pack.

5. Have a “Be Prepared for Anything” Mindset

The life of a Pilot is often unpredictable and lacks much consistency. Not only is your work-life almost never consistent, but factors within the job are inconsistent as well.

For example, the Aviation Weather Report could dramatically change its rain expectancy for the night you’re flying through.

That means that your mindset now goes from expecting to fly through clear skies to ascending and/or descending the plane in horrible weather.

You’ll have to adjust fairly quickly. Everyone’s counting on you to get them there regardless of the weather, so you’ll have to embrace the adversity head-on.

6. Search for a Test Flight Opportunity

Perhaps being a Pilot has always been your dream, but you’re still second-guessing whether or not it’s right for you.

If you think that’s a clear-cut sign you’re not suited to be a Pilot… it’s not. If anything it shows that you understand the magnitude of responsibility that comes with being one.

Find opportunities to take test flights with instructors or professional pilots. Doing so will give you an insight into what it takes to become one. It will get you excited and help you realize that all that intensive training will be worth it one day.

7. Get Class 1 Medical Clearance

All Pilots, regardless of whether they’re working commercially or in transportation, need to receive a Class 1 Medical certificate.

This certification will serve as proof that you’re medically cleared to fly an airline transportation aircraft.

Be sure to go through this process before signing up for flight school. That way you know you’re in the clear before placing any money towards training that you can’t physically meet the requirements of.

8. Prepare for the Cost of Training/Education

If you were hoping that flight school would be significantly cheaper than attending a four-year university, it isn’t. While you may save a few thousand by choosing a flight school, it won’t be by much.

That’s because the training is exhaustive and the school requires a lot of finances to keep the courses up to par with current Pilot regulations.

One thing to consider is that you won’t have much time to work a part-time job while enrolled in flight school.

It takes several hours out of your day and is a full-time job in and of itself.

9. Weigh out the Pilot Life with Other Life Goals You Have

One last thing you should consider is how being a Pilot fits in with the rest of your life goals.

If you see yourself starting a family a few years down the line, prepare to make sacrifices with the hours demanded of a Pilot.

There are several other life goals that you have, just make sure becoming a Pilot ranks high among those before pursuing the career itself.

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Pilot Today!

If you’ve read this article and are even more excited at the prospect of becoming a Pilot then start your journey today!

Begin by doing more research on the different flight schools around you and schedule some time to obtain your class 1 medical certification.

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