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How to Become a Pilot: The Complete Guide


How to Become a Pilot

The ability to fly is one of the great wonders of the world. For centuries, man watched birds soar across the sky and dreamed of joining them. It’s only been a few short decades since human ingenuity first made this dream a reality.

Now it’s possible for anyone with the ambition to learn to fly to develop the skills needed to become a pilot. The key is to understand the requirements for becoming a pilot and then taking the steps to complete the process.

This article takes a look at the necessary steps for learning to fly. Keep reading to discover insight into how you can experience the joys of piloting an airplane.

Take a Test Flight

Before you invest time and energy into getting your pilot’s license, you’d be wise to take a test flight. Also called a discovery flight, this is your opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a small aircraft with a trained pilot and experience first-hand what it’s like to sit in the pilot’s seat.

These short flights generally cost between $100 to $250 and can provide the motivation you need to either get started or move in another direction.

A College Degree

A college degree can be helpful for becoming a commercial pilot. While not necessary for starting a degree in the profession, it can certainly put you on the fast track to success.

Flight Training School

The flight training route is popular for many people seeking to become certified. There are plenty of options in most areas, and you’ll be able to complete your training as your personal schedule permits.

Part of your flight education will be learning about the laws of aerodynamics.

Military Service

Joining the military is another option. This is especially great because you will actually get paid for your service while completing your pilot training.

Participate In an Airline Cadet Program

Most airlines offer a training program for people wanting to pursue piloting as a full time career. One of the benefits of this is the likelihood of having a job waiting for you once you’ve completed the program.

Apply For Your Student Pilot Certificate

Getting your student pilot certificate is a requirement for flying solo in an aircraft. The FAA won’t let you proceed without it.

Get a Medical Certificate

The FAA also requires a medical certificate. This means that a doctor will have to certify that you are healthy enough to safely pilot an aircraft alone.

Earn a Private Pilot Certificate

Finally, you’d need to earn your private pilot certificate.

This can be a lengthy process, requiring the completion of ground training through with a certified instructor, passing a written exam, logging at least 35 to 40 hours of flight times, and then passing a practical flying test administered by an FAA-designated evaluator.

The Steps You’ll Need to Know to Become a Pilot

Learning to fly will be one of the most thrilling accomplishments of your life. If your dream is to become a pilot, there’s never been a better time to get started. Fortunately, the steps contained here can help.

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