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Escape Room Tips for First-Timers: What You Need to Know


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You don’t know how to depend on your instincts and problem-solving abilities until you visit an escape room. If you have never tried this fun outing for family and friends, you are in for a treat. They are also a great team-building idea for companies.

The concept of how to escape an escape room is to create a themed mystery that needs to be solved. The theme can be based on a movie, real-life event, or totally conceptualized by the ower of the facility.

If you pay attention to the escape room tips, you’ll make your way out. Plus, most locations have two to three themed rooms with different concepts.

A group of up to nine people (more depending on the room size) can play. Together they locate clues to progress through the rooms. The ultimate goal is to escape the locked room in a set amount of time.

Are you looking to experience your first escape room excursion? Keep reading for escape room tips and tricks every first-time visitor should know.

The Escape Room Tips Are Important

The only way you have a chance of escaping the escape room is if you follow the tips given to you. Before the door is closed and locked, a staff member will give your group tips on finding the clues. Pay close attention.

If your group gets off to a bad start, it is difficult to recover. You are given a set amount of time to escape. There is a timer displayed in the room but don’t spend too much time focusing on the seconds ticking down.

Escaping Requires Logical and Creative Thinking Skills

The clues are not that difficult but will require some logical and creative thinking skills. If you are good at solving riddles, you’ll be a great asset to your group.

When you get stumped on a question, don’t panic. Everyone should take a deep breath and then hand the question off to the team member best suited to figure out the current piece of the puzzle.

The other members can focus on nearby objects that can have relevance to that particular clue.

You Cannot Record or Take Photos Inside the Escape Rooms

We all love capturing great photos for the gram, but you will not get one inside the escape room, because photos and videos are prohibited. It will ruin the fun for others if you expose the escape room tactics used to play the game.

Your group will have the opportunity to pose for a picture after you exit the room. Some locations have cool backdrops for your group to pose in front of. Some let the world know if you escaped. Others announce your defeat.

It Can Become Claustrophobic

If you have a fear of small spaces, you may want to bypass the escape room experience. Most rooms are not that big and when you figure in the number of people that will be with you, it could pose a problem.

One way to avoid your anxiety is to play with a smaller group. If you become overwhelmed, you can always notify a staff member and someone will let you out.

You Can Ask For Clues

As you are going over the clues and figuring out how to escape an escape room, you and your team may simply get stumped. Don’t panic, you will have three opportunities to ask for additional clues.

Before doing so, remember there are numerous clues you’ll need to figure out, so only use your three calls for help if you absolutely need them.

Someone is Watching

Remember the escape room tips above about recording and becoming overwhelmed. Someone is watching the room at all times. There are various reasons beyond these two.

They have to ensure the safety of their guests. It is also important to protect the integrity of the game. The rooms have some really cute artifacts and sometimes people just want to have a little memento of the experience.

Follow the Clues in Order

Some teams believe it is easier to break into smaller silos to try and find clues quicker. That’s not how this works. You can try your own escape room tactics, but it will only eat up the clock and limit your chances of successfully escaping.

Follow the clues in order. Perform all tasks to get to the next clue. Resist the urge to get ahead of how the game is to be played.

Trying to do it your way could ruin the fun for other members of the party that want to play by the rules. In other words, it is a team effort and the best way to stay on task is to follow the escape room tips provided by the staff members.

Some People Will be Useless

It is a sad fact but one that cannot be overlooked. There will be members of your group that are just along for the ride. These people can be a downer if you let them. The goal is to have fun regardless of how anyone else is performing.

Sometimes people have the wrong expectations. Other times they just wanted a chance to do something different.

If you notice someone is not participating and looking or an exit, ignore them and gravitate towards those who are actively engaged in the challenge.

Escaping is Exhilarating


When you solve the final clue and open the escape room door, it is an exhilarating experience worth celebrating. For some people successfully getting out is a personal accomplishment. Allow people their moment to experience the win in their own special way.

Where Do You Want to Escape To?

Escape rooms are a lot of fun and the escape room tips are there to help you win the game. When planning an outing, choose people that are going to participate until the very end but most of all have fun.

We’d love to know how your experience went. Send us a message on social media and you might even get a shout-out.

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