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Construction Class: 5 of the Most Common Earth Moving Equipment


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Construction is a big part of the U.S. economy. Each year, the construction industry creates approximately $1.3 trillion in new structures.

If you enjoy watching something be built from scratch, you may enjoy learning about the machinery that makes it possible. Here are some of the most common earth moving equipment and what they can do.

1. Excavators

Excavators are used for demolition, river dredging, grading, landscaping, mining, excavating, heavy lifting, and cutting trees to name a few. These heavy machines have a long arm with a bucket attached along with a base cabin. The cabin where the operator sits can rotate 360 degrees to make it easier to see when operating.

Excavators can be used at large and small construction sites. You can find excavators in tracked form or wheeled form.

2. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are one of the most reliable and strongest heavy construction equipment. These powerful machines can move dirt. They have a flat, wide blade on the front that is operated by two hydraulic pistons to operate this blade.

In addition to pushing piles of dirt and grading, bulldozers can be used for removing rocks, crushing boulders, rough grading, and fine grading.

There are two types of dozers including wheel dozers and track dozers. Both types can do the same functions, but they navigate differently.

Wheel dozers have large tires that can move about three times fasters than the track dozer. For softer ground, track dozers spread their weight out more evenly in larger tracks to decrease the amount of pressure on the ground. It’s vital for the construction team to periodically inspect the undercarriage and replace undercarriage parts to keep the dozer moving and preventing a large repair.

3. Trenchers

Trenchers dig trenches for drainage, piping, and cabling. These earth moving machines are available in wheeled trenchers or chain trenchers.

Chain trenchers have a long, fixed arm around the digging chain. Wheeled trenches have a metal wheel and a digging tool around it. Wheel trenchers are better for hard soil layers.

4. Skid-Steer Loaders

These versatile machines are a little more nimble and small. They can turn in their own area similar to a tank. This equipment is ideal for smaller, confined spaces.

These machines have good traction in both mud and snow. Their wheels do not compact soil which limits damage to finished areas. These loaders have several types of attachments and can be used for drilling, digging, compacting, jack-hammering, and more.

5. Scrapers

Scrapers move dirt and can aggregate quickly on a site. They are used primarily for leveling large areas of land and digging.

Scrapers can be run at high speeds in open areas. There are different sizes scrapers including larger self-propelled scrapers and smaller scrapers that can be pulled behind another piece of equipment.

Looking for Earth Moving Equipment?

Whether you own a business or looking for construction areas, check out our site for local news about new construction and more. You can learn where new construction will begin to find some earth moving equipment and watch these powerful machines at work.

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