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How to Find the Best Value Mattress for Your Bed


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Your old mattress has seen better days. It’s lumpy, there are a few holes in it, and it has it’s gathered its fair share of stains from drink spills. It’s time to retire it and get a new one. The problem is that mattresses are expensive.

You know you’re not going to get out of the transaction without it taking a large chunk out of your bank account. What if we told you that there are ways for you to find the best value mattress that you’ll love as much as you did your old one?

We know all the coupons and tricks that you can try out. Keep reading for a complete buying guide.

1. Don’t Try to Price Match

A lot of stores that you go to will advertise that they will match any price that you find at another store. This sounds good on paper but it’s not so simple in practice. A store may have the same mattress as another for less but chances are it will be under a unique name.

Since it’s under a unique name it will be difficult to use it to price match. You’re better off negotiating for a lower price then trying to price match.

2. Negotiate

Mattresses are marked up by quite a bit. This being said, you can always negotiate the price down. Even if you go shopping when a sale is going on, it’s still worth it to try and lower down the deal even further.

This is where you should also do some research. You can look up a certain store to find out how much they typically go down by. This way, you know if the discount you’re asking for is reasonable or not.

3. Don’t Buy a Box Spring

The salesperson will try and push a box spring on you. If you already have one, you don’t need to buy another one. Unless the one you have has seen better days of course.

The line that’s typically used is that not getting a box spring will void the warranty on the mattress. Most of these warranties just say that the mattress needs a foundation.

If you already have a fine foundation then you don’t need to buy another. Some people put their mattress on the slats on their frame. That still counts as a foundation.

4. Google Search

If you tend to do all your shopping online then Google is your friend. You can get a ton of discounts on mattresses with a simple search. To do this you’ll need to do more than type in a mattress brand.

You need model numbers. Once you type that in and hit search you’ll pull up tons of hits. Some of these hits are going to be nice coupons on the mattress.

You’ll need to try them out on the retailer’s website but if they work you can get some great savings that you wouldn’t have gotten in store.

5. Sign Up for the Newsletter

Another pro online shopping tip is to sign up for the retailer’s newsletter. Sometimes you’ll get money off your purchase by doing it.

So, when the little message pops up on your screen asking you to sign up, do it. You may only save 50 dollars which isn’t much off when you’re buying a large item like a mattress. Every little bit helps though.

The only downside of this is after you sign up, your email inbox will get flooded with emails from them. If you’re tired of them filling up your inbox then unsubscribe after you get your mattress.

6. Wait for the Holidays

If your need for a new mattress isn’t urgent, try and wait it out until the next major holiday comes along. There are some awesome mattress sales that go on during Black Friday and Memorial Day.

On top of the sales that are going on you may also be able to find better coupons. You could even get a good price on bundles. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

7. More is Less

We know, you’re only going in for a mattress but hear us out. Bundles can actually save you money in the long run. A lot of retail providers will offer you better discounts the more you spend in the store.

So you may be able to save more if you buy a mattress and a bedframe vs only buying the mattress. Again, if you wait until the holidays there are great deals that go on involving bundles.

8. Try it Out

Always try it out before you buy it. An online store won’t ship you an entire mattress but they will send small fabric samples and such.

If the online store you’re going through doesn’t offer samples then you can head to Costco. They carry tons of brands so chances are they will have the one you’re looking at online. You can try it out there before buying it.

Keep in mind that Costco mattresses aren’t that expensive. You may be able to get a better deal with just buying it there rather than going through with your online purchase.

Finding the Best Value Mattress That Will Suit Your Needs

Mattresses aren’t cheap but that doesn’t mean you should have to empty your savings account to get a new one. There are ways that you can find the best value mattress around that you’ll love.

Try out some of the savings tips that you read here and toss out that old lumpy thing you’re sleeping on now.

Are you happy with your mattress purchase? Check out our blog daily for even more articles like this one.

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