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How Much Money Are Wrongful Death Damages? Your Guide


Wrongful Death

Do you know a loved one or someone close to you in some way that has died? If that person happened to die in a wrongful way, you can sue the one who caused the death of that person for compensation.

It isn’t greed to sue for wrongful death damages. It is rather a form of justice that the government permits you to apply for depending on the nature of the case.

In this article, we’ll show you how to go about applying for them and how much money you get from suing for these damages.

Sample Cases That Would Allow You to Sue for Wrongful Death Damages

The most obvious case is suing for wrongful death damages if the victim was intentionally killed. If you know for a fact your loved one was murdered and you can prove it in court, this what you want to go for.

This could rack up to a large amount of money depending on what the defendant can pay if he or she is proven guilty.

You can also sue for wrongful deaths if your loved ones die due to medical malpractice. This only works if the doctor was provably negligent or careless in his care of the victim.

There are many more such cases, but you have to understand the nature of the victim’s death if you want to be able to sue.

Understanding the Background

There are three kinds of situations that can end up in a person being liable for getting sued for wrongful death. This happens when the defendant is proven to have caused the death through either negligence, intention, or strict liability.

A case for negligence would be work if the defendant did something responsibly foolish or neglected a duty to cause the death of the victim.

A case for intention works if the defendant can be proved to have purposefully done something to cause the death of the individual.

A case for strict liability can only happen if the defendant is legally responsible for something that caused the victim’s death where the defendant himself did anything wrong or not.

An example of strict liability would be someone’s pitbull killed a child. The owner of the pitbull is responsible for wrongful death despite not having done anything wrong himself.

After you’ve figured it all out, you need to work on collecting evidence, you wrongful death lawyer ought to help you out with that. They will help you gather proof and brief you on wrongful damage claims in much more detail.


Items such as police reports, witness accounts, testimonials, corporate records will all help in providing your case with backbone.

You will need a lot of them and they need to be convincing. This is especially important if the lawsuit is charged against a big corporation since they can afford quality experts and lawyers that will collect evidence for their side as well.

The Money

You can get a lot of financial compensation off of wrongful death.

The costs recovered from wrongful death include but are not limited to pre-death suffering, funeral and burial costs, loss of the deceased individual’s income, loss of valuable services the departed individual provided, etc…

This can range from 100,000 USD to even millions.

Summing It Up

Figure out the background of the death, who is responsible for it and how they relate to the criteria need for a wrongful death damages lawsuit. Second, collect evidence, get your attorney to help you out and see what financial areas of compensation you’re looking for.

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